Phul And Och Stop By For A PSO2 Valentine!

~ February 7th, 2018 ~


New Limited Quest

The second half of the ARKS New Year Carnival kicks off with a new limited quest! Return to the grassy plains of Cuent to defeat Misil Ghasud and the demon horde. Unlike Buster Quests, there's no pesky towers to defend. Crush the encroaching Darker and Demon forces swiftly to secure a high rank in the quest evaluations.

As an added bonus, those who partake in this Limited Quest will have the chance to receive the ★12 [ Arm / Hangbode ] unit.


New Year Carnival Xie & Exchange Shop

Now that the ruckus of the Enchanted Forest has subsided, Xie advances with her preparations for the carnival. Apart from new client orders, her shop will also sell some new inventory. These items can be acquired by trading in Weapons Badge 2018.


Valentine Lobby

Love is in the air of the Valentine Lobby! Open up one of the many boxes scattered about the Shop Area and delight at the sight of the scrumptious chocolates and Love Rappies that burst out!


The Chocolate Way 2018

Take to the molten depths for the [Chocolate Way 2018] Emergency Quest! Various ARKS ladies will join the fray during trials throughout the quest. This edition of the quest is basically the same as last year's with some differences to the spawning enemies.

Lucky bachelors and bachelorettes may receive some Valentine's gifts, such as the [Pink Rappy Suit Mini] costume, stat-boosting chocolates, or even a piece from the Tactio series of ★13 weapons.


Valentine 2018 Bingo

進化D/フェリチェマクス | Evolution Device / Felice Max

Clear spaces on the Valentine 2018 Bingo card by completing the seasonal Emergency Quest and client orders for all manner of rewards!

Rows Front Side Reverse Side
1 ウェポンズバッヂ2018
Weapons Badge 2018 (x5)
Weapons Badge 2018 (x15)

+50% Tribooster

+250% Rare Drop Booster
3 カジノコインパス
Casino Coin Pass (x5)
Free Salon Pass
4 *ダイアヴォルフ
*Dire Wolf
Evolution D / Felice Max

Great Success Grind +30%

+100% Tribooster
8 ハーフドール
Half Doll

Ability Affixer Success +40%

Complete SG20獲得チケット
20 SG Ticket
50 SG Ticket


Valentine Och & Phul

Episode 4's Och and Phul have boarded the ARKS Ship just in time for the Valentine's Day fun! Help the pair out with their client orders for some special holiday items.


Love Empe Rappy

The adorably plump Love Empe Rappy will appear during quests for a limited time!


Chocolate 2018 Collection

Pick up the Chocolate 2018 Collection sheets from Pudding and earn the Tactio series Dual Blades, Bullet Bow, and Rod! An additional sheet will be available for the Steady Parfait candy.


Melty Heart Chocolate (AC Scratch)

Collect loads of lovely Valentine apparel, including the outfits of Och and Phul, in the latest AC Scratch! Gear up for the cold weather in stylish new trench and flared coats.


ショコラフェリチェ[Ba] | Chocolat Felice
ホットココアガール[Ba] | Hot Cocoa Girl
トレンチコートM[Ou] | Trench Coat M
上なしラフジーンズ[Ba] | Topless Jeans
リボンフレアコート[Ou] | Ribbon Flare Coat
トレンチコートF[Ou] | Trench Coat F
エリュトロンウィング | Erythron Wings

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    1. It will probably count only towards 'Defeat: missile ghasud' quest.
      So if U're gonna get reward for doing buster quest 1,3,5 wins quests U still have to defend those pesky towers 😛

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