PSO2 Station #16 Recap

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February 3rd Stream

Love Empe Rappy Mag Device

  • Love Empe Rappy Mag Device drops from Love Empe Rappy.

Pink Rappy Suit Mini

  • The drop rate is similar to Coat Edge's drop rate from the Special Training quest.
  • Can be purchased from My Shop

S-Class Abilities

  • New S-Class Abilities will also be added during the update.
    • Power increases when you connect different PA/Technics
    • PP Recovery Speed changes when sheathed or unsheathed.
  • Chocolate 2018 collection weapons support S-class abilities.

Salon Pass

  • The Salon Pass will switch over to charging Star Gems
  • Instead of costing 500 AC, it will cost 100 SG

Battle Arena (Virtual On Collab)

  • Ride Slasher: You can continue the attack by holding the PA button.
  • The stage will use Virtual On BGM

14 Star Drop Rates

  • In the future, they're going to re-examine the 14 star drop rate for Raid type content.

Candy Remover Rate

  • They're planning to relax the exchange rates for Candy Removers

Wand Photon Art

  • They're planning to add a PA for Wands.

New Technics

  • Three new Technics will be coming in the future.
  • They are compound techs but with different rules from other compound techs.

Atra Exchange Ranking

  • Around 20,000 or so have been exchanged.
  • 1st Place is Swords
  • 2nd Place is Gunslashes
  • Wand has been doing well recently due to Techers being in high demand for Atrum.

Kazuchi Bonus Quest

  • There should be 2 Izanes and 3 Tagamis.
  • Try this quest if your hunting for Meseta and Units.

Expert-Type Revision (Late March)

  • They plan to revise the Expert Player requirements.
  • A new requirement will be clearing a new Extreme Quest.

Dragon Atrum

  • Its initial clear rate was 60% which is actually lower than Gracia's.
  • While incapacitations can change your clear ranking, they have no effect on lowering the drop rate.

Nerfing Dragon Atrum

  • While some may have requested it, they have no plans to nerf Dragon Atrum at this time.

Redran Eggs

  • Redran eggs should be a bit easier to obtain around Easter time.

More to be added




January 16th Stream



Secret Phrase

  • Say the phrase 今年の恵方は南南東 in chat to receive
    • Perched Ehomaki
    • 2018 FUN Ticket
  • You have until January 31st maintenance to complete this task.
  • Items can be picked up at the Visiphone.


Emergency Quest Boost Poll

  • Crimson Castle Crusher
  • Enemy ATK +100% (XH)
  • +200% Rare Drop / EXP Boost
  • 1/16 @ 23:00 JST ( Quna Concert First)


Arks Battle Tournament Winners

  • Weapon Camos designed by the Arks Battle Tournament Winners
  • Items will appear as Web Panel Rewards
    • Astkroné (Katana, Sword, and Talis)
    • Sprite Plight (Dual Blades, Sword, and Partizan)
    • Lumière Foncé (Dual Blades, Sword, and Katana)
    • Hyper NINJA (Dual Blades, Sword, and Jet Boots)


Early February Update

  • Valentine Lobby (~2/20)
  • Valentine Bingo (~3/7)
  • Love Empe Rappy will appear. (+ Mag based off design)
  • Valentine themed Och and Phul will appear in the Lobby
    • Clear their Client Orders to get their Partner Cards and Camos
    • Clear ALL client orders for a special event in the future!?


Early February Update

  • Updated Xie Exchange Shop and Client Orders
    • Heavy Gatling R
    • Lobby Action: Norinori (high spirits)
  • New Limited Quest: The Menacing Castle
    • 8-Player Quest
    • Defeat demons first, then Darkers in the second half!
    • Omega Hunar can also appear!
    • Breakthrough the enemies and destroy the Devil Castle
    • Arm / Hangbode can drop (From the Weilabode series)


Early February Update

  • The Chocolate Way 2018 EQ (~3/7)
    • Chance for Love Empe Rappy / Izane to appear.
    • The quest is split into left and right paths.
    • ★13 Weapon Series, [Tactio], can drop. (Supports S-Class Abilities)
    • Pink Rappy Suit Mini can drop. (Supports Accessories)
    • Val weapons can also drop.
    • Betrothing Drago Deadlion will appear at the end
  • Chocolate 2018 Collection
    • Tactio Dual Blades, Rod, & Bullet Bow
    • Steady Parfait
    • Collection File Gauge rate will increase by each level.
      • [Normal Example] 0.0 > 0.18%
      • [Extra Hard Example] 0.0 > 1.32%


Early February Update

  • Melty Heart Chocolate (AC Scratch)
  • Valentine themed outfits of Och and Phul
  • Other Variations of Outer Coats
  • Lobby Actions: Dance 50 / Barbecue / Heart Maker


Late February Update

  • Yuki Yuna is a Hero Collaboration
  • Yuki Yuna and Togo Mimori Outfits (Male versions too)
  • Lobby Action: Hero System Activation
  • Togo Mimori Rifle (Weapon Camo)
  • Super Deformed-style mats


Late February Update

  • Blooming Courage (AC Scratch)
  • Snow Region-style outfits
  • Lillipan Suit Mini
  • Lobby Action: Waiting 7


Late February Update

  • Customize the colors of your Dark Blast
    • Change Main Color and Sub Color
  • Bonus Quest: Kazuchi Raid
    • Tagami and Izane will appear


Late February Update

  • Grinders and other "tool" items can be stored / paid for in the Material Storage.
  • Added The SG Shop to the Main Menu
  • The regular [Salon Pass] will charge Star Gems instead.
  • Support Partner cap raised from 5 to 7.
  • The 2018 New Year Carnival Exchange Shop will move to Nanon.


Late February Update

  • All balance adjustments announced here


Late February Update

  • A Certain Magical Virtual On Collaboration
  • Virtual On Lobby (~3/7)
  • Virtual On Battle Lobby (~3/7)
  • Limited-Time Battle Arena Result Rewards
    • Temjin 707G 1P
    • Raiden 502H 1P
    • Virtual On 3 Lobby Action
    • And More..


Late February Update

  • Virtual On Battle Arena Weapon Model Changes
  • Some Battle Swords can appear as Sleipnir
  • Some Battle Rifles can appear as Raiden Bazooka
  • Battle Sword PA: Ride Slasher
  • Battle Rifle PA: End Attract


Late March Update

  • [EP 1 ~ 3] mode will be removed from the game.
  • The Matter Board system will also be removed from the game.
  • You will no longer be able to obtain Rewards and Titles related to the Matter Board. Some Client Orders related to the Matter Board will also be removed.


Scalp D x PSO2

  • Set Price: 7,800 Yen
  • Release Date: February 14th, 2018
  • Scalp D will be selling shampoo and conditioner products inside a PSO2 branded box. Purchasers will receive Item Codes for PSO2.


Scalp D x PSO2

  • Oily-tan Repca M (Costume)
  • Oily-tan Repca F (Costume)
  • Oily-tan Hair (Hairstyle)
  • Oily-tan Headdress (Accessory)
  • 380 [Lather] (Lobby Action)


PSO2's 4th Drama CD – Xiera's Report

  • Pre-Sales at Comiket 93: 12/29 ~ 12/31
  • General Sale: January 10th, 2018
  • Item Code List:
    • Male – Enga Voice
    • Male – Pietoro Voice
    • Female – Kohri Voice
    • 370 Xiera Pose (Lobby Action)
    • CD Package Mat (Room Item)


PSO2 Celebration Campaign

  • The PS Vita version of PSO2 has exceeded 1.5 million downloads!
  • To celebrate, a campaign will be held at the end of January.
  • More details will come at a later date.


Official PSO2 Web Comic

  • Artist: ペケこ
  • Updated every Wednesday


Frame Arms Girl Stylet AIS Color

  • Price: 5,184 Yen
  • Release Date: January 15th, 2018
  • Size: Approx. 15cm


PSO2 The Animation Best Character Song CD Complete

  • Contains Character Songs from Vol.1 and Vol.2
  • 2 new songs added!
  • Early Release: March 24th, 2018 at Live Sympathy 2018
  • Release Date: April 4th, 2018
  • Price: 3,500 Yen


PSO2 x SEGASTYLE 2nd Release

  • Accepting Orders: January 16th ~ 30th
  • Delivery scheduled for mid-March
  • Quna's Emblem: 18,000 Yen
  • Wobbling Rappy: 13,000 Yen
    • Gold Edition: 15,000 Yen


PSO2es Update

  • New Linked Feature: Dark Blast Training
  • Amass Dark Blast EXP by giving chips to it.
  • You can do this for free up to 3 times a day.
  • You can give even more chips by spending AC.


PSO2es Update

  • Yasminikov 8000C (Weaponoid) (1/24)
  • Ares Sword (Weaponoid) (1/24)


PSO2es Update

  • Valentine Limited Scratch
    • Nasuyoteri [Valentine] (2/7)
    • Och [Valentine] (2/14)
  • Other Chips
    • Sukei Suzumi (1/24)
    • Pristine Lamp Launcher (1/31)


PSO2es Update

  • Rigshrayda's first XH EQ appearance (2/8)
    • Raete Schdyx weapon drop on XH
  • Eternal Tower Round 2 (1/31 ~ 2/7)
    • Agito (Chip) and new ★13 weapons.


~ Omega Falz Loser ~
~ Coming this Spring ~

51 thoughts to “PSO2 Station #16 Recap”

    1. Quite possibly, but let's be honest, if it is… it'll probably be more fun than a lot of recent bosses.

  1. "[EP 1 ~ 3] mode will be removed from the game."
    Fucking KMR!
    While matterboards were ultra clunky, omnibus lacks many quests and, most importantly, choices of those quests which made whole time-traveling mumbo jumbo really fun and immersive. And in march it'll be gone, fucking KMR just wants them gone so his shitty ep4+sHitsugi would look better.

    1. Also does that mean that players will be locked out of Tia&Patty friend partners (you cant choose them during omnibus end of episode competition) and possibly some others?

    2. Patty and Teia's Partner Cards are given to you during the Omnibus, though I don't remember after which event.

  2. >remove episode 1~3, all newbs must play ciela's fanfic version
    >meaning the loss of all npc partners that the omnibus crap forgets, most criminally costing people the ability to get patty&tia, the best daughterus
    >and therefore also making it harder for people who haven't already gotten all those titles to aim at the titles that reward the whitil 12* units
    for what fucking purpose, KMR?

  3. >meaning the loss of all npc partners that the omnibus crap forgets, most criminally costing people the ability to get patty&tia

    You DO unlock the COs to obtain those partner cards. For example, you unlock Patty and Tia COs after completing omnibus EP1, same with Alis. What's more, you unlock it on ALL CHARS

  4. Hahahahah Omega Loser "we take you for idiots and you want more".
    I do not see why some are surprised, Sega does a lot of recycling, which is normal when you only offer fast consumption content and when we see what will happen, it's the same story…

  5. People in 2017: hey luther raid is still the best after all these years, and Im so glad I never have to do matter boards again
    People in 2018: haha what a recolored scam, stop taking precious matter boards from us.

    1. I mean, while I don’t agree about the Matter board thingy I can see why people were upset about that. The game wisll practically make like 100+ titles unavailable for new players.

      Also when they Recycled Hunar they made him look drastically different. [Loser] looks completely identical.

    2. In regards to the hunar thing, they literally used the same design / colouring as Yuga aquatic darkers. It's no different with omega loser in regards to Yuga luda sorcerer.

    1. If there is Omega Hunar there is Omega versions of all darkers. This is PSO2's lazy-ass way of game design.

      Expect to see Omega apprentice, omega persona, omega double, I wouldn't be surprised if they found a way to tie in Omega Fundarge.

  6. I'm curious to know the reasoning behind the removal of Episode 1~3 mode from the game, if else the story is really the only thing I'm currently interested in, the game is pretty good and all that, but I find no further purpose to playing it once the story is completed, and removing such a chunk of it in one go, just feels bad for me.

    I guess I could finish all matter boards up to Episode 3 before they remove it from the game, all the way in march, but it still feels wrong to remove it.

    1. The story of Ep1-3 will stay in game in the form of Omnibus Quests, but this removal means Ep4 is the earliest you can start at chronologically, and removes a few small but enjoyable story quests that omnibus doesn't include. The actual "story" parts fo those quests are there, but just running through a field from point A to B will be gone. It doesn't seem like much but those quests were actually very enjoyable with how the preset maps for them were made.

  7. So, the entire Dr. Aki redemption subplot is just going to disappear, huh? I'm sure there are other things they cut out that I can't remember right now but at some point I'm going to want to go back and watch them, and then not be able to.

    All for… what? What good reason is there for this? Given this is Sega, I strongly suspect there isn't one.

    1. I think it might be tied to the Cloud version/not wanting to port it. They already confirmed the Challenge mode being unavaliable on the cloud, so I wouldnt be surprised if they dumped that too.

    2. There's probably follow up later on this matter. Rather than thinking about baseless stuff you might want to check their latest interview with famitsu etc. In there they explained their reason for introducing Hr & stuffs and their plan for the future of Ep5.

    3. Is there a translation/link to text I can feed guguru? Interested in their reason for Hr and ep5 Hr-centric reasoning.
      As for future I bet it'll be other recolored falz like on good old SEGA MEGA DRIVE games and new dork blast forms.

    4. To the person who said I should look at their reasoning in interviews and stuff:
      1). I don't read Japanese.
      2). Google translate is not remotely accurate enough to bother.
      3). What I have seen of Sega logic ever since Episode 4 (when someone bothers to translate their dev-speak) suggests that their explanations will probably only make me angry, because they frequently do.

      To the person who said the event chronicle is still a thing: Have they actually said that will still be available? Because if they did, I missed that, and having a source for that would actually make me feel a little bit better about it. Short of that, though, I'm assuming that removing the matter boards means removing the matter board scenes entirely.

    5. @Kyaa~st
      Unforunately i don't save the link, it's an online article published around December last year IIRC. I remember PSO2's twitter account tweeted it so maybe you can search there. I'd say their logic behind it is kinda right but the result itself is…well, you know the answer :/

    6. @Stormwalker this is their reasoning.


  8. I hope that removing Episode 1-3 don't lock Kuna's partner card. Sadly her matterboard is PS4/PSV exclusive.

    1. IIRC the only PS exclusive is Shiro and Kuro partner card and it isn't tied to a matter board. Also, if you do the omnibus you do get Quna partner card.

      Last week we have a campaign that reward SG just by clearing omnibus to a certaint point and somehow i see a lot of people that didn't know you can still get Quna and Patty & Tea partner card…

    2. There aren't any console exclusive Matterboards. Also you get Quna's partner card after Omnibus anyway.

    3. @hikomr
      I, for one, didn't know about partner cards omnibus thing because I completed 1-3 before omnibus, might be the same for others.

    4. Omnibus Style Partner Cards
      Quna's Partner Card (End Episode 1 Omnibus)
      Patty & Tea CO's (End Episode 1 Omnibus) and Partner Card (Complete CO's)

    5. @Kyaa~st
      Well, surprise, I also already completed Ep1-3 before Ep4 hit the road. The reason i even did omnibus is, well, the SG reward. Tho i gotta say i kinda glad i did the omnibus now. Alma is cute and some of her dialogue do fill some hole or clarify things in the story. If you already finished ep1-3 then you can safely skip most scenes and save a lot of time.

    6. Remember when they said ep 3 omni won't unlock persona to copy our appearance in PD? (and said it's MB exclusive)
      then when it's out it unlocked it. That's where it started.

  9. Omega Loser is nothing like yuga darkers, if you paid any attention to Yugda sorcerers in ultimate dragon land you will notice they are white/red/with dark red feathers. blades are white not golden. omega hunar is the closest to any yuga darker but also is not the same color in some respects.

    1. Since this is obviously posted to me.
      White is sort of pushing it when it comes to colour calling, it's more of a colour in between silver and gold since I just went to the story quest with some in it and checked myself, it's honestly a similar colour to Omega loser's arm crests / parts of his head wings, but due to the potato quality of the video and partially lighting it's hard to say with 100% certainty. The rest I'll give you though such as wings on yuga luda being blood red whilst loser having a purpleish hue. Guess we'll really see if this is the trend or not with Bug darkers whenever that is.

  10. Candy Remover Rate – This one is long overdue. Trying different Candies is discouraged so much that it makes the affix system look amazing in comparison.

    Wand Photon Art – Thank god Techtors are finally getting the promised buff. Now tell me when and how they're gonna look like. This Buff should've literally happened back in EP3 when they made Wands 2.0 with Jet Boots.

    Atra Exchange Ranking @ Wands – Yeah having a Mini Lavis Canon is really nice. Who would've thought that the "to fix Techtor just give everyone a Lavis" Meme is bearing some truth to it.

    Expert Player revision – This is long overdue as well. It doesn't require Skill nowadays to become an Expert Player, especially with Hero around.

    Nerfing Dragon Atrum – Please don't nerf him like you done with Deus. He's already struggling to kill me as Te/Hu since I can take 2 Hits without dying. I'd probably be able to take more if I wasn't lazy about affixing my units. The large amount of requests for a nerf are probably players who waste all their Meseta on Costumes instead of putting the least amount of effort in their gear.

  11. Removing content is not alright.
    Why do they want to remove ep1~3 mode and everything associated to it? To reduce costs? To free up space?
    One of the most successful online games in Japan can't afford to have all of its content available anymore?

    1. Meanwhile highest player-base in Japan is using mobile phones [Mobile>Consoles>PC].
      MMORPG by amount of players in Japan:
      #1. Dragon Quest X [subscriptio]
      #2. Final Fantasy XIV [subscription]
      #3. Monster Hunter Frontier [IP block + subscription]
      PSO2 is taking 4rd or even 5th place in that top [I've actually asked Japanese players so that's not just a quess].
      If you add MMO FPS into that top PSO2 might drop even lower.

      They're removing Ep1-3 mode bcuz people don't play through old content that much now [especially making 2nd,3rd characters]. And they've made Omnibus quests that also grant titles and moreover SG rewards if completed on Normal Difficulty. Besides you have more than enough time to finish matter boards till end of the March [took me 1 week of playing 2-3h/day to complete Ep1 (without Ch.11) + Ep2 full for Creator's Emblems]..Doing Normal mode with non-HR would take much more time than that :D.
      About today's recap.What requires a change is not making Rematch Dragon weaker but making 2 death per player at least [not combined death]..I've played it for a while and haven't won even once [sometimes I fail to dodge and die like insane/sometimes I play perfectly and some1 else can't dodge anything]. But anyway 3 death combined in 4 men match isn't that fair…
      it means that winning condition is 2 dudes playing with insane dodge timing and 2 other dudes are offered to die twice [despite the fact that dragon starts dealing 1k+ dmg after flight phase].

      P.S. On top of that there's also some sort of bug when U dodge and still get hit by attack [how I know I dodged you might ask. Answer is simple: I go as HR and his dodge has a sound when successful. So I dodge, my HR time gauge rises and I receive dmg after that anyway…might be lags on the other hand but why does it make sound of dodge then if server don't receive that data in time]. Time 2 call Scooby Doo and Mystery machine 😀

    2. It's still one of most successful games in Japan and is profitable, and this has little to do with removing all content which could be but wasn't added to omnibus.

  12. >They’re planning to add a PA for Wands.
    Best part. I thought i need to wait for the next advanced class in ep6 for that to happen.

    1. the only unbalanced thing in arena atm are talises [especially when whole enemy team manages to get them]…
      Place it and spam RMB untill some1 will target enemy in other direction and then dodge into it by accident 🙁 literally no need for emblems to collect 'cuz opposing team will just keep losing their emblems upon death.

      I liked previous weapon set more…wonder how this slider gonna fit into arena [other sword PAs were unplayable for me for some reason]

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