PSO2 Station #16 Recap

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February 3rd Stream

Love Empe Rappy Mag Device

  • Love Empe Rappy Mag Device drops from Love Empe Rappy.

Pink Rappy Suit Mini

  • The drop rate is similar to Coat Edge's drop rate from the Special Training quest.
  • Can be purchased from My Shop

S-Class Abilities

  • New S-Class Abilities will also be added during the update.
    • Power increases when you connect different PA/Technics
    • PP Recovery Speed changes when sheathed or unsheathed.
  • Chocolate 2018 collection weapons support S-class abilities.

Salon Pass

  • The Salon Pass will switch over to charging Star Gems
  • Instead of costing 500 AC, it will cost 100 SG

Battle Arena (Virtual On Collab)

  • Ride Slasher: You can continue the attack by holding the PA button.
  • The stage will use Virtual On BGM

14 Star Drop Rates

  • In the future, they're going to re-examine the 14 star drop rate for Raid type content.

Candy Remover Rate

  • They're planning to relax the exchange rates for Candy Removers

Wand Photon Art

  • They're planning to add a PA for Wands.

New Technics

  • Three new Technics will be coming in the future.
  • They are compound techs but with different rules from other compound techs.

Atra Exchange Ranking

  • Around 20,000 or so have been exchanged.
  • 1st Place is Swords
  • 2nd Place is Gunslashes
  • Wand has been doing well recently due to Techers being in high demand for Atrum.

Kazuchi Bonus Quest

  • There should be 2 Izanes and 3 Tagamis.
  • Try this quest if your hunting for Meseta and Units.

Expert-Type Revision (Late March)

  • They plan to revise the Expert Player requirements.
  • A new requirement will be clearing a new Extreme Quest.

Dragon Atrum

  • Its initial clear rate was 60% which is actually lower than Gracia's.
  • While incapacitations can change your clear ranking, they have no effect on lowering the drop rate.

Nerfing Dragon Atrum

  • While some may have requested it, they have no plans to nerf Dragon Atrum at this time.

Redran Eggs

  • Redran eggs should be a bit easier to obtain around Easter time.

More to be added




January 16th Stream



Secret Phrase

  • Say the phrase 今年の恵方は南南東 in chat to receive
    • Perched Ehomaki
    • 2018 FUN Ticket
  • You have until January 31st maintenance to complete this task.
  • Items can be picked up at the Visiphone.


Emergency Quest Boost Poll

  • Crimson Castle Crusher
  • Enemy ATK +100% (XH)
  • +200% Rare Drop / EXP Boost
  • 1/16 @ 23:00 JST ( Quna Concert First)


Arks Battle Tournament Winners

  • Weapon Camos designed by the Arks Battle Tournament Winners
  • Items will appear as Web Panel Rewards
    • Astkroné (Katana, Sword, and Talis)
    • Sprite Plight (Dual Blades, Sword, and Partizan)
    • Lumière Foncé (Dual Blades, Sword, and Katana)
    • Hyper NINJA (Dual Blades, Sword, and Jet Boots)


Early February Update

  • Valentine Lobby (~2/20)
  • Valentine Bingo (~3/7)
  • Love Empe Rappy will appear. (+ Mag based off design)
  • Valentine themed Och and Phul will appear in the Lobby
    • Clear their Client Orders to get their Partner Cards and Camos
    • Clear ALL client orders for a special event in the future!?


Early February Update

  • Updated Xie Exchange Shop and Client Orders
    • Heavy Gatling R
    • Lobby Action: Norinori (high spirits)
  • New Limited Quest: The Menacing Castle
    • 8-Player Quest
    • Defeat demons first, then Darkers in the second half!
    • Omega Hunar can also appear!
    • Breakthrough the enemies and destroy the Devil Castle
    • Arm / Hangbode can drop (From the Weilabode series)


Early February Update

  • The Chocolate Way 2018 EQ (~3/7)
    • Chance for Love Empe Rappy / Izane to appear.
    • The quest is split into left and right paths.
    • ★13 Weapon Series, [Tactio], can drop. (Supports S-Class Abilities)
    • Pink Rappy Suit Mini can drop. (Supports Accessories)
    • Val weapons can also drop.
    • Betrothing Drago Deadlion will appear at the end
  • Chocolate 2018 Collection
    • Tactio Dual Blades, Rod, & Bullet Bow
    • Steady Parfait
    • Collection File Gauge rate will increase by each level.
      • [Normal Example] 0.0 > 0.18%
      • [Extra Hard Example] 0.0 > 1.32%


Early February Update

  • Melty Heart Chocolate (AC Scratch)
  • Valentine themed outfits of Och and Phul
  • Other Variations of Outer Coats
  • Lobby Actions: Dance 50 / Barbecue / Heart Maker


Late February Update

  • Yuki Yuna is a Hero Collaboration
  • Yuki Yuna and Togo Mimori Outfits (Male versions too)
  • Lobby Action: Hero System Activation
  • Togo Mimori Rifle (Weapon Camo)
  • Super Deformed-style mats


Late February Update

  • Blooming Courage (AC Scratch)
  • Snow Region-style outfits
  • Lillipan Suit Mini
  • Lobby Action: Waiting 7


Late February Update

  • Customize the colors of your Dark Blast
    • Change Main Color and Sub Color
  • Bonus Quest: Kazuchi Raid
    • Tagami and Izane will appear


Late February Update

  • Grinders and other "tool" items can be stored / paid for in the Material Storage.
  • Added The SG Shop to the Main Menu
  • The regular [Salon Pass] will charge Star Gems instead.
  • Support Partner cap raised from 5 to 7.
  • The 2018 New Year Carnival Exchange Shop will move to Nanon.


Late February Update

  • All balance adjustments announced here


Late February Update

  • A Certain Magical Virtual On Collaboration
  • Virtual On Lobby (~3/7)
  • Virtual On Battle Lobby (~3/7)
  • Limited-Time Battle Arena Result Rewards
    • Temjin 707G 1P
    • Raiden 502H 1P
    • Virtual On 3 Lobby Action
    • And More..


Late February Update

  • Virtual On Battle Arena Weapon Model Changes
  • Some Battle Swords can appear as Sleipnir
  • Some Battle Rifles can appear as Raiden Bazooka
  • Battle Sword PA: Ride Slasher
  • Battle Rifle PA: End Attract


Late March Update

  • [EP 1 ~ 3] mode will be removed from the game.
  • The Matter Board system will also be removed from the game.
  • You will no longer be able to obtain Rewards and Titles related to the Matter Board. Some Client Orders related to the Matter Board will also be removed.


Scalp D x PSO2

  • Set Price: 7,800 Yen
  • Release Date: February 14th, 2018
  • Scalp D will be selling shampoo and conditioner products inside a PSO2 branded box. Purchasers will receive Item Codes for PSO2.


Scalp D x PSO2

  • Oily-tan Repca M (Costume)
  • Oily-tan Repca F (Costume)
  • Oily-tan Hair (Hairstyle)
  • Oily-tan Headdress (Accessory)
  • 380 [Lather] (Lobby Action)


PSO2's 4th Drama CD – Xiera's Report

  • Pre-Sales at Comiket 93: 12/29 ~ 12/31
  • General Sale: January 10th, 2018
  • Item Code List:
    • Male – Enga Voice
    • Male – Pietoro Voice
    • Female – Kohri Voice
    • 370 Xiera Pose (Lobby Action)
    • CD Package Mat (Room Item)


PSO2 Celebration Campaign

  • The PS Vita version of PSO2 has exceeded 1.5 million downloads!
  • To celebrate, a campaign will be held at the end of January.
  • More details will come at a later date.


Official PSO2 Web Comic

  • Artist: ペケこ
  • Updated every Wednesday


Frame Arms Girl Stylet AIS Color

  • Price: 5,184 Yen
  • Release Date: January 15th, 2018
  • Size: Approx. 15cm


PSO2 The Animation Best Character Song CD Complete

  • Contains Character Songs from Vol.1 and Vol.2
  • 2 new songs added!
  • Early Release: March 24th, 2018 at Live Sympathy 2018
  • Release Date: April 4th, 2018
  • Price: 3,500 Yen


PSO2 x SEGASTYLE 2nd Release

  • Accepting Orders: January 16th ~ 30th
  • Delivery scheduled for mid-March
  • Quna's Emblem: 18,000 Yen
  • Wobbling Rappy: 13,000 Yen
    • Gold Edition: 15,000 Yen


PSO2es Update

  • New Linked Feature: Dark Blast Training
  • Amass Dark Blast EXP by giving chips to it.
  • You can do this for free up to 3 times a day.
  • You can give even more chips by spending AC.


PSO2es Update

  • Yasminikov 8000C (Weaponoid) (1/24)
  • Ares Sword (Weaponoid) (1/24)


PSO2es Update

  • Valentine Limited Scratch
    • Nasuyoteri [Valentine] (2/7)
    • Och [Valentine] (2/14)
  • Other Chips
    • Sukei Suzumi (1/24)
    • Pristine Lamp Launcher (1/31)


PSO2es Update

  • Rigshrayda's first XH EQ appearance (2/8)
    • Raete Schdyx weapon drop on XH
  • Eternal Tower Round 2 (1/31 ~ 2/7)
    • Agito (Chip) and new ★13 weapons.


~ Omega Falz Loser ~
~ Coming this Spring ~

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