PSNova DLC: Star Ocean 4 + Version 1.01

Star Ocean 4 DLC

「SO4:Reimi」 Set

  • SRFプロテクター [SRF Protector]
  • レイミリボン [Reimi Ribbon] (Accessory)


 「SO4:Edge」 Set

  • SRFアーマー [SRF Armor]
  • SRFブレード [SRF Blade] (Sword)


Cold Sleep Passwords

3Z 103 PSNova
pw: mitsutomitakao


デスマスク Death Mask pw: SummonDaemon
Death Mask
pw: SummonDaemon



Sega Eigyo Man pw: NOVATAIKENKAI
Sega Eigyo Man

Sega Eigyo Man's Shop Effects:

  • Item Shop: 2★ material costs lowered.
  • Costume Shop: 5★ material costs lowered.
  • Restaurant: 1★ material costs lowered.


Dengeki Erena
Dengeki Erena

Dengeki Erena's Shop Effects:

  • Restaurant: 1★ and 2★ material costs lowered.


Version 1.01 Update

New Menu

Added a new entry to the Stockroom menu that sends materials and cores to the storage box.


Basic Settings Update

Added two new options to [Basic Settings] that automatically sends materials and cores to the Storage Box.

  • 入手した材料を自動的に倉庫に送る (Auto Send Materials to Storage)
  • 入手したコアを自動的に倉庫に送る (Auto Send Cores to Storage)
    • 手動: Manual
    • 自動: Automatic


  • Extended the player's interaction range, making it easier to interact with NPCs and facilities.
  • Performed bug fixes, stat corrections, and fixed typos.


Upcoming Cold Sleep Passwords

Dengeki Bazooko

 Dengeki will be releasing a few more Cold Sleep characters later this month. The first up is [Dengeki Bazooko], whose password can be obtained in the upcoming [Dengeki Bazooka: 2/2015] issue going on sale December 20th.


Elder Sister Dengeki

The second character, [Dengeki's Sister], can be obtained from [Dengeki Playstation Vol. 582] going on sale December 25th, 2014. However there seems to be a discrepancy between the issue number and the sales date, so we'll correct this information as details emerge.

In addition, Dengeki's Sister password has already been leaked , so you can add it now instead of waiting for the issue to release.

[via kimagurena blog]




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    I demand they give us Reimi's outfit on PSO2. :c

  2. I am surprised after sega sue'd Square over star ocean 4 for having characters that look to much like PSO characters, that they collaborated together to get their outfits in this game?O.o

    1. You mean Tri-ace. Isn't it logical to outsource Phantasy Star game to a company that makes their games strikingly similar to Phantasy star?

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