PSO2 Adds Super Hard Mode on October 9th!



Level 65 Is Here!


October 9th will unlock several new caps; the level cap will rise to level 65, subclasses will gain EXP up to level 45, and level 16 photon arts and technics will be released.

Combat Escape

In addition, two new class skills will be available for each class. For example:

Never Give Up (Hunter Skill)

  • During Iron Will, your striking power will increase for a certain amount of time.
  • You will gain invincibility for a limited time.

First Hit (Ranger Skill)

  • Bonus Damage is dealt to enemies with full HP.

Talis Tech Bonus (Force Skill) (NEW)

  • Bonus damage will be given to technics casted after throwing a Talis.
  • Talis Tech Bonus maximum power is now +20% and not +50% as published in some magazines.

Super Treatment (Techer Skill)

  • Restores HP to the target group of players (including yourself) when healing a status effect.  It will also increase the amount of PP recovered for a limited time.

Combat Escape (Braver)

  • You will be invincible while the Katana Combat skill is activated.


Super Hard Mode

Super Hard

Available: October 9th

Challenge harder enemies in the new Super Hard difficulty setting. On October 9th, Super Hard will be available for quests starting from Forest through Floating Continent. Not only will enemies be stronger, but their infection cores and attack behavior will change.


Big Varder

Gilnatch Cores can repair Big Varder's parts.

For example, enemies will now reach the player faster than ever before. Bosses will have increased speed and attacks.

Darker Core Plus

Boost enemies will be infected by strange cores that have a life of their own. These new cores can perform different actions such as HP absorption or counter attacks.

Falz Arm

Super Hard also adds the ability for Falz Arms to appear on each planet.


Tagamikazuchi (NEW)


By no means is this rare enemy another Mesetan, Tagamikazuchi is a formidable opponent with swift movements and electric-style attacks. Once you defeat him, not only will you gain vast amounts of EXP, but you'll also have a chance to receive a weapon camo too!


Defuse the Time Bomb!

Time Bomb

The Darkers have set up bombs in various locations. Cut the right power cord connected to the detonator to defuse the bomb before time runs out.


New Emergency Quest (New)

Brave Leader Cougar NX

At last, the subterranean tunnels will have its own Emergency Quest. Traverse the conveyer belt and head to the deepest area to battle the two Brave Cougar NX. They will even drop brand new Weapon Camos on Super Hard too!


 Ultimate Fighter Scratch

Black Rappy Suit

Available: October 9th, 2013

This AC Scratch includes new "Fighter" themed costumes like "Raids Feeder" and "Saphaigilias," with new cast parts like the "Wigner" and "Everett" series.


Hair Ultimate Fighter

アップスタイルポニー Up Style Pony


Ultimate Fighter 5

メタルウィング Metal Wing


Ultimate Fighter 4

レイドスフィーダ Raids Feeder


Ultimate Fighter 3

サファイギリアス Saphaigilias


Ultimate Fighter 2

ウィグナー・シリーズ Wigner Series


Ultimate Fighter 4

エヴァレット・シリーズ Everett Series


Other Changes (NEW)

  • Added Premium Drinks
  • A new setting in options will allow you to automatically pick up Meseta just as you approach it.
  • Some set bonus effects will be increased.
  • 11 star units will have increased defensive stats.
  • Relaxed the skill points needed to acquire Photon Flare, Photon Flare After Burst, Photon Flare Advance, Ice Mastery 2!
  • Summon characters from the Partner Terminal in Extreme Quests.
  • Issue Partner Battle Strategies: "Fight" or "Do Nothing." Battle strategies allow you to command whether or not a partner and their mag will attack enemies.  
  • Disks typically obtained through rare enemies/bosses will now have a low chance at dropping through their non-rare counterparts.  The highest level they will drop in this particular situation is Level 10. Furthermore, disks from rare enemies/bosses will drop at a higher rate.
  • Support Partners can now reach level 65!
  • Skies of Arcadia Music Discs will be added to the FUN Scratch.

PSE Burst Readjustments  (NEW)

  • Players have lamented over the recent changes made to PSE Bursts. This adjustment seemed to counteract the effects of a bug known as "Exit Bursting" but it appears this correction has affected regular PSE Bursts as well. Though they will continue to prevent the bug from occurring,  they have decided to shorten enemy respawn times under PSE Bursts. They will continue to watch the situation and make even more adjustments if necessary.

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