PSO2 Emergency Maintenance

Sega has announced an Emergency Maintenance at the following time:

  • April 13th @ 08:00 ~ 14:00 JST (Completed)
  • β€»Click the above link to convert to your timezone.
  • PSO2es will also be offline during the maintenance.

Maintenance Contents

  • To correct a bug in which a low amount of drops appear after clearing [Incarnation of Knowledge]

Maintenance is expected to finish at 14:00 JST. However, depending on the situation, it could end earlier or later than scheduled. They are sorry for the inconvenience this has caused and will consider some form of compensation. Details will be provided in the future.

In addition, they apologize for not informing you in advance that the [Crimson Castle Crusher] scheduled at 7:00 JST was cancelled.

Rescheduled Emergency Quests

  • Crimson Castle Crusher -> April 14th, 9:00 JST / April 13th, 8PM EDT
  • Incarnation of Knowledge -> April 15th, 9:00 JST / April 14th, 8PM EDT
  • Magisterial Onslaught -> April 16th, 15:00 JST / April 16th, 2AM EDT

Added Emergency Quests

  • Incarnation of Knowledge -> April 13th, 15:00 JST / April 13th, 2AM EDT
  • Incarnation of Knowledge -> April 13th, 19:00 JST / April 13th, 6PM EDT
  • Incarnation of Knowledge -> April 14th, 18:00 JST / April 14th, 5PM EDT
  • Incarnation of Knowledge -> April 16th, 2:00 JST / April 15th, 1PM EDT


20 thoughts to “PSO2 Emergency Maintenance

  1. Despite reduced amount of drop which don't even get affected by RDR [same 9-10 rares and 10 trashes with 410% RDR and 50% RDR] in just 2 days people got 130-140 newly added 14* weapons [TD 42,DB 30+,Tal 30+,Lch 30+].

    I've checked Dragon [Eritron] around a week ago – it's drop-list showed ~100-120 per weapon and it's been more than 3 months already since Red Dragon EQ release.

    How those numbers gonna change after the maintenance and fix I wonder. Will they divide 14* drop chance to new amount of drop cores or every new core will have same drop chance as pre-fix [in 3 months those numbers would be 1k+…probably].

    1. YESORNO, those are before the drop rate buff to 14*s. Red dragon now drops on average 250 14* per week due to how often the EQ is, atrum about 330 of each and 60-80 demonia of each type and 20 stones. It's likely for the first week loser might hit 400-500 of each 14* due to how often the EQ is this week.

    1. I think this problem happened specifically because of old Loser.

      If you don't hit 100% on the Apostle phase of the Loser EQ, you get a fake Loser, who drops basically nothing.

      Omega Loser seems to have inherited that behaviour, but with no actual Apostle phase, there's no way to hit 100%, so you just ALWAYS drop basically nothing.

  2. Hey guys ! Ah the first emergency incarnation of knowledge i have drop atra Sword ans i'm dead une Time during the quest. Il have only use 250 RDR TRI 100 and 75 Exp.

    You don't need using a lot of boost for dropping multicolor boxe. That depend or thΓ© number players in the party what classe they use and PA, and of course for you too, and for finish that depending who break the heart at thΓ© end and whith what weapon. There are some method for drop.

    I have some video who show method on my youtube Channel. Right "Maxwell Li" in youtube if you'r interested.

    Good game guys.

    1. "hey guys is not math, its just an alignment of convoluted and hard to notice things"

      Thats not how it works…

    2. I got 14* TMG playing as SuFI breaking the red core on Magisterial…so it has nothing to do with what you've described…as well as my friend got 14* Takt without single summoner in his MPA [not to mention that he'd NEVER played summoner or had one in party] πŸ™‚

      3rd day [statistics at the moment when 1 minute left before EQ period ended]
      80-100 14* drops from Luther per weapon type.

      As for RDR,,,seems like it's still not taking boosters into account.from dragon with just RDR 250%+BaseTRI 50%+PartyTRI 40%+TRI 50% (Total RDR 390%) I get all items rare quality…sometimes 2-3 grinders…
      Done 2 Luthers today with 430% RDR got 11-13 non rares (yeah I waste time on such things like counting them :D).

      Will go luther without party and boosters from tickets and check if I get more non rares or same amount to check my theory.

      Happy Firday the 13th evening πŸ˜‰

  3. AARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!! Despite the maintenance being over, I cannot log in because I got a message saying: It was disconnected due to a system failure. Please wait.
    What am I to do?

  4. Taking back my words about RDR being ineffective…tried without any boosters got 5 rares at S Rank XH [everything else is trash].
    Weird tho…Other EQs drop much more rares anyway πŸ™‚

    10 minutes before last luther ended [when I finished my XH] – 180~200 14* drops per weapon πŸ™‚

  5. The drop rate is still bad. I had exp 100%, rdr 250% triboost 150%, daily 50%, party 100%, and team 7% on and I only got a small increase in drops but nothing that justified wasting my boosters. Everything all the jewels were smashed and almost no one died on the run. I have no idea what is going on but it is really frustrating that I am getting loot that doesn't seem worth it.

    Also am I the only one that feels like Omega Loser should be hitting harder? Currently, he is just overly tanky without much of a bite. Boosted Loser felt more worth it.

    1. U mean party 40% πŸ˜›

      Luther's stop-time blades anyway kills 50% of the party 2 times per match πŸ˜€

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