PSO2: Fight to Save Earth in Episode 4's Final Chapter!

~ April 5th, 2017 ~


Episode 4: Chapter 8

Ardem's egocentric ambition to reconstruct Earth through forced evolution comes at a heavy price. To prevent the sacrifice of countless innocents, the ARKS must take action. The final chapter in the struggle for Earth's future is about to begin!


Hitsugi, Enga, & Kohri's Partner Card

The partner cards of Episode 4's main cast of characters will finally become available by progressing through the Story Board. Team up with Hitsugi, Kohri, and Enga, and trek across the galaxy to planets they've never seen before!


Avatar Weapon Camos

Clearing Chapter 8 of the Story Board will net you a [Phantom Emblem]. This item can be traded in to Zieg for an avatar weapon camo.


Phantasy Star Universe 10th Anniversary

~ April 12th 2017 ~


Laia Martinez and Lumia Waber of the Phantasy Star Universe series will be stopping by the ARKS Lobby for a limited time. Players who progress through their client orders will receive not only their partner cards, but also their signature ★13 weapons! These weapons can also be customized at the Item Lab with a photon color of your choice.


ライアアックス | Laia Axe
ヴィエディーマ | Viedima

You'll also gain an additional opportunity to nab these items when Lumia and Laia show up in Emergency Trials! Save This World Remix will play in the background as you fight alongside these fellow Guardians.


Gurhal Collection 3 (AC Scratch)

This time the Gurhal Collection is expanding into Beast territory. Unleash your wild side with layered wear clothing like [Boa Voir] and [Bil De Bonez]. Available from the Scratch Bonus are the new Male and Female [Beast Face-Type Variation], allowing characters to take on the visage of the highly requested Beast race.


Winners Design 4: SIDE A (AC Scratch)

三式拘束衣・丑寅M | Type-3 Straitjacket M

In-game recreations of the 4th annual Item Design Contest's winning designs will be showcased in a new scratch. Dress up your characters in new and exciting ways from the imaginative minds of your fellow players!


羅刹装威 | Rakshasa Garment
ルーナスティルナ | Luna Stilna
Aサディニアスーツ | ARKS Sadinian Suit
ゴシックカラー 紫 | Purple Gothic Collar
アスラアーム | Asura Arms
エンゼルウィングロング | Angel Wing Long
ふんわりボブヘアー | Fluffy Bob Hair
*ジャンボツインダー | Jumbo Twinder
*ラプソディアンラース | Rhapsodian Wrath
*クッキーバッグ | Cookie Bag




34 thoughts to “PSO2: Fight to Save Earth in Episode 4's Final Chapter!”

  1. Wow, I hope we get Enga's combat armor as a base. Pause the video at 3:05, this is what I mean. Metal gear ^^

    1. War has changed… Photon using soldiers carry photon using weapons, use photon powered units. Photons inside their bodies enhance and regulate their abilities.

  2. Battle Arena:
    Fire Tech: pretty good
    Dark tech: Fucking Terrible Accuracy
    Lightning Tech: good but fucking terrible accuracy

    Rifles: [I have a key spam issue, laptop keeps beeping]
    One Bullet: not bad
    Rapid Fire: Fucking Great

    Both pa's are OP

    Seriously, the only problem i have is the fucking accuracy and lag :/

    1. "sword is OP" "megid has terrible accuracy"

      babbies first day in pvp I see

      protip: always manual aim megid and it becomes busted as all hell, aim it directly at the floor when players are close to you and it absolutely decimates anyone. zonde destroys targets hiding behind walls. foie against rifle and they won't be able to do a thing about it.

    2. No, sword still is effing OP. The lag based combat guarantees this. No other attack can just one shot, and when it doesn't, it might as well be as you have no chance to recover thanks to absolutely no just reversal. It's pretty much so broken that any team that runs around with nothing but swords without anyone using piercing to counter will win outside of volcano, where range is too good.

      Megid is also awful. If you need to spam it like an idiot to win, then you're clearly too bad at PVP. It's the game's newb tube.

    3. You're probably terrible in pvp. I can assume as much because of how you praise one weapon over others.

      Sword> Rod > Rifle > Sword. See how it comes full circle? Pick up a sword and think you're hot shit then watch me rape you with rifle's one point.

      Curious to see how well boots do against the other weapons for the next update.

    4. This isn't Fire Emblem. My god you people are awful. the point isn't to run at your enemies screaming Leeroy Jenkins. No wonder you people can't figure out what's common sense.

    5. Seeing the comment section, PvP clearly was a mistake. Instead of bitching about balance and calling each other noobs let's end this discussion and continue discussing the patch shall we?

      There are better games out there to call each other a noob on.

    6. Yeesh, alright I get it you guys, i just wasn't sure if I was the only one experiencing this. Seriously, you don't have to be at a point to call me names. I just wanted to know…o-o

      You guys can call me a baby in pvp all you like, but i'm at rank A5 so i've been playing this for a while, so don't put jump the gun on me already.

      When i mean by accuracy, i mean't the delay in making an attack. For example, during pvp, when i make a clean hit on my opponent 3 times using Sword, there was no damage and i saw my attacks hit them perfectly. But when that happens, that same opponent takes me down instead as if i just stood there.

      I'm thinking its my laptop, probably can't handle PvP arena. But it's able to handle the game outside the arena. I'm not sure. thats all.

    7. it's incredible how often you're just straight wrong (and also salty) about so many things.

      There's very very little sword can do against someone using rifle properly.

    8. Yeah, go try to insult some one, point proven.

      Good way to show you know nothing about what you're talking about :U

    9. its made to be rock paper scissors, it's a pretty simple concept, it's not "elite" by any means.

      Complaining about lag, complaining about melee, it's every typical bad deathmatch game player ever. The man still ain't aware he doesn't live in Japan after all this time. It's also those type of people that'd name themselves "REALITY CHECK".

    10. to be fair, it's balanced

      what makes it imba is the team composition, how harsh RNG towards you, and lag.

      somehow i felt piercing bullet damage is % of remaining health instead (no way JA damage is weaker than non-JA)

    11. I am b1 in the pvp arena so I think I may be able to say somethings without sounding rude or whatnot. Just some things I've noticed in pvp. For the most part it is balanced. I did happen to notice some lag on hunter sword skills and the range of their hit boxes. Now the lag, I'm not sure if it comes from me or them. I'm running around 150mbps per second but I am also on a foreign server so Idk who is to blame on that one but YES there is lag, it sucks just stay away from the hunters. I leory jenkins sometimes with the hunter and I decimate people I know I can pick off. It's a game of rock paper scissors out there on the battle field. Just like Questington said its Sword> Rod > Rifle > Sword. Pick your preferred weapon or try others out. Trust me, you can 1 shot the hell out of some pesky hunters by charge spamming foie. One thing you also have to take into consideration is your team and how well they play. I've literally scored a crap ton of points in 1 mins then just stood there and my team still lost and I was number 1 without doing anything the rest of the match. It all comes down to what you enjoy. I have fun most of the time plus its an easy way for me to get lambdas. I actually got the +1 grind cap item yesterday!

    12. good for you
      im stuck in C2

      keep on getting matched in a team without synergy (pretty glad when the team got people who can steal kills properly while keeping you alive, as long as we can win)

      there are some fun moments in pvp, like you jump over a cover used by 4 rifle users together, then use nova. hope the new weapon addition has been tweaked properly by sega. i don't want imbalance

  3. Aaah, finally PSU AGAIN will be useful, I was hoping a PC from Lumia… But I wonder if they'll add Beasts someday, as Laia will give her PC too… Could be cool for their fans 🙂

    1. They won't.
      The face variant from the frequency bonus should be an obvious enough final nail in *that* coffin if any more were needed for some reason.

    2. i had hopes as well but the moment i saw the face variant , i was like foook..i guess that's a straight nope right in the "face" (puntended) so that's the end to that. unless they come up with some other class that's cooler ..which i doubt cause they haven't still come up with the "consume many tickets at once" option nor many other features that i've come across to believe useful even the tekker's multiple wep tekking am sure many players thought of it so far back in the days as i did.

    3. Considering the biggest request for a long time now has been the Beast race, it almost seems insulting for them to put this out as a BONUS SCRATCH of all things lol.

    4. Actually its the other way around. Since most players naturally spend tenthousands of yen every scratch, bonus scratch provides extra layer of exclusivity to them in comparison to meseta only secondhand goods society.

    5. In practical terms just be glad you even get the cosmetics, chances of the race proper were realistically always nil. They'd be literally impossible to fit into the fundamental framework of the plot (without some major rewrites, and no way in Hell is SEGA going to bother revisiting years-old content just for that) for starters.

      And putting the face behind the frequency bonus is merely a perfectly sensible and practical way for SEGA to milk the PSU nostalgiafaggotry for all it's worth…

    6. I mean they could just do the same type of deal they did with dewman, blah blah blah humans combined with native type monster DNA, throw it in as a minor story plot. Same thing thats been in the stories since Phantasy Star 2.

      But regarding the bonus scratch I suppose thats a good point. People only want the race for the cosmetics sooooo, faithful reward for those who throw down their monthly PSO2 bill.

    7. It's true the Characreator/Este salon parts are enough to simulate a Beast but maybe people want REAL Beasts? Not that I care but after all Dewman here are "remix" of original Dewman that don't look totally the same… Just imagine they make "new Beasts" to fit with that… …… Wait, no, just forget that, people would just not be happy > again < because it's not the real ones. (What, is that a troll that much?)

      But when you think of it, original Dewman are humans that survived SEED infection and transformed. Beasts were genetic mutations created by humans to do things for them… It's still possible they're introduced in newt EP "like if nothing was"… (and don't tell me it's SO hard to create new Race level stats and skills, just long…)

    8. Did you even do the ep 1-3 plot? Dewmans here are the direct result of Luther & Co. Playing With Syringes already *before* the plot gets going, and ultimately a byproduct of the Chrome Dragon project. As such they have a vaguely internally plausible and plot-coherent explanation going.

      And you can probably tell I REALLY could care less about any PSU grognards whining about, quote, REAL Beasts, unquote…
      Doesn't help that they look legit dumb.

    9. Looking dumb has never stopped you, why would it stop something people actually want?

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