PSO2: Fight to Save Earth in Episode 4's Final Chapter!

~ April 5th, 2017 ~


Episode 4: Chapter 8

Ardem's egocentric ambition to reconstruct Earth through forced evolution comes at a heavy price. To prevent the sacrifice of countless innocents, the ARKS must take action. The final chapter in the struggle for Earth's future is about to begin!


Hitsugi, Enga, & Kohri's Partner Card

The partner cards of Episode 4's main cast of characters will finally become available by progressing through the Story Board. Team up with Hitsugi, Kohri, and Enga, and trek across the galaxy to planets they've never seen before!


Avatar Weapon Camos

Clearing Chapter 8 of the Story Board will net you a [Phantom Emblem]. This item can be traded in to Zieg for an avatar weapon camo.


Phantasy Star Universe 10th Anniversary

~ April 12th 2017 ~


Laia Martinez and Lumia Waber of the Phantasy Star Universe series will be stopping by the ARKS Lobby for a limited time. Players who progress through their client orders will receive not only their partner cards, but also their signature ★13 weapons! These weapons can also be customized at the Item Lab with a photon color of your choice.


ライアアックス | Laia Axe
ヴィエディーマ | Viedima

You'll also gain an additional opportunity to nab these items when Lumia and Laia show up in Emergency Trials! Save This World Remix will play in the background as you fight alongside these fellow Guardians.


Gurhal Collection 3 (AC Scratch)

This time the Gurhal Collection is expanding into Beast territory. Unleash your wild side with layered wear clothing like [Boa Voir] and [Bil De Bonez]. Available from the Scratch Bonus are the new Male and Female [Beast Face-Type Variation], allowing characters to take on the visage of the highly requested Beast race.


Winners Design 4: SIDE A (AC Scratch)

三式拘束衣・丑寅M | Type-3 Straitjacket M

In-game recreations of the 4th annual Item Design Contest's winning designs will be showcased in a new scratch. Dress up your characters in new and exciting ways from the imaginative minds of your fellow players!


羅刹装威 | Rakshasa Garment
ルーナスティルナ | Luna Stilna
Aサディニアスーツ | ARKS Sadinian Suit
ゴシックカラー 紫 | Purple Gothic Collar
アスラアーム | Asura Arms
エンゼルウィングロング | Angel Wing Long
ふんわりボブヘアー | Fluffy Bob Hair
*ジャンボツインダー | Jumbo Twinder
*ラプソディアンラース | Rhapsodian Wrath
*クッキーバッグ | Cookie Bag




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