PSO2 Heads to Las Vegas in a New Field

Phantasy Star Online 2 is coming to America this August with the unveiling of Earth's second field: the City of Gold "Las Vegas!"

Cruise the Las Vegas strip day and night to the familiar sights of casinos and grand hotels. Hop aboard the Rideroid, a new mech capable of flight, and soar the skies high and low. Phantom clowns, carriages, and even the Statue of Liberty atop a sphinx are among the enemies that will seek to impede your progress.


This field features the new song “Neon Days,” performed by Runblebee. We'll have more details when it arrives in the future.


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    1. Because the game has too many licensing molehills to deal with at this point. Plus it's so wrapped up in Japanese culture that the appeal is going to be limited to the same crowd that watches subbed anime, which is not nearly as big a crowd as the general gaming market.

      Also, I want to slap the shit out of everyone who says things akin to "because censorship". You guys are obnoxious as hell. Please go away.

    2. I have no idea what, if any, censorship the SEA version – the sole actual "english pso2" – has, but by every single account I've seen that'd be the very least of the reasons to avoid that PoS.

    3. I agree, sure censorship would happen, but it would not matter at all, essentially a moot point, not ever worthy of being mentioned. Hell I remember SNES days when Nintendo took a PUZZLE out of Lufia 2 because on the map the room looked like a cross. Lmao. Again though that does not matter. What does matter is that PSO2 needs to come to the West, I don't even care at all when or honestly that much if this does ever happen, personally I guess. I just have many friends who will never play with me on the JP servers, and I understand why they won't, plenty of obvious reasons. Also I would love to finish all of Story mode with an official dub, maybe I am vastly in the minority of people who would enjoy that, but I'm trailing off more, doesn't matter.

      Vegas baby! I'm more optimistic then ever!
      Again don't care when, but until Sega japan or Sega America whatever comes out with a press release DEFINITIVELY STATING a possible release date or a guaranteed cancellation; either way. Pointless speculations can be fun, but let's avoid pointless redundant unnecessary drama along with it, please!

    4. I can tell you now 2 of my friends including me. Don't watch or like Anime. We love PSO and always had since DC. I can tell you for sure once people give the game a try it will grow on them. It does now with shitty translations as is.

    5. Nah, it's definitely because it'll never be profitable in the west. PSO2's biggest profit makers are collaboration scratches with anime and other games, and the licensing issues would be horribly tremendous to bring over to the west. That's also ignoring thew fact that Gachas and mobile game tactics to make money are hugely unpopular in western regions, there's no way they could get enough money from people to keep the game alive.

      Releasing the game in the west as F2P and not being able to make any money will kill it faster than how long it could take for anyone to complain about anything like costumes and such (which wouldn't matter anyways to be honest).

      Sega of America did so much for the anime licensed items Phantasy Star Portable 2, they tried to make sure the Vocaloid, Evangelion, and Fate items stayed in, and succeeded, but there's no way they can afford to do that for all the anime scratches in PSO2. Localizing the game without making it a giant obnoxious cash grab or just Pay to play is financial suicide.

    6. Incorrect. Gacha is insanely popular in the west, you've never heard of Candy Crush or Final Fantasy Record Keeper or Brave Frontier? Tell me none of those did well.

      Therein lies the issue, though. To asian devlopers, America is known as the "kiss of death" for your online game, because if you spend all the time and money developing and releasing your game there, only for it to crash and burn because it's not a WoW clone, guess who suffers? You do. So while yes it would not be profitable, the BIG problem is censorship (seriously, look at some of the outfits and cultural contexts) and while it may not matter to you personally, censorship kills interest in games for some people.

      Read: Bravely Defeault 2 and Fire Emblem censorship.

    7. So far games most of the crash and burns are the ones they felt like they needed to westernize it.. Make it Pay 2 win and ruin a ton of content.

    8. Yup, pretty much it. It's not necessarily censorship, it's just trying to hard to appeal to a different culture, or making it twice as cash hungry for little reason.

    9. Fire Emblem Fates still sold well and has a decent fan following of it's own despite censorship, and gachas being popular in the mobile gaming market is different from PC and console games.

      Censorship can kill people's interest, totally, but at the end of the day, if they remove stuff like Yukatas for not being "american" enough, it doesn't hurt. It's stupid, and it would suck if they went beyond that, but a few cultural costumes being gone won't ruin the game, plus Sega knows a lot of modern Phantasy Star fans love those, why remove that? I can see holiday events being redesigned to match western holidays, but I see nothing they would consider completely removing.

      and again, licensing issues. Even if gachas are indeed popular, it's pointless without something to actually want, and if they can't secure rights to use various anime or even western media to make these Scratches, there's no profit. It's all in the money and licensing, censorship is an issue, but it's not what's stopping PSO2. I mean, Phantasy Star Portable 2 had a lot of the cultural and "sexy" costumes intact in the western versions, and PSU only didn't get some of those because we were lagging behind in updates by a lot.

    10. Meanwhile the Witcher series cheerfully indulges in tits, ass and sex… You'll have to excuse me if I'm a wee bit sceptical about that censorship claim. Might help the case if some examples were provided of what, exactly, the Professionally Offended are supposed to pounce on.


      Regarding gachas, take a look at eg. half the stuff in TERA's cash shop. About as much of a lottery as the PSO2 scratches from what I can see and the game is still afloat in both US and EU variants. And that's by far among the LESS egregious gacha imitations in MMOs I've seen (coughAeriacough)…

    11. Why do so many people keep saying PSO2 would not be profitable in the West? The only ways that would happen would be entirely SEGAs fault, [ie: not the demographics fault; which maybe I'm mistaken but it seems you have implied that. Does not matter regardless though…]. If they failed to make a return on such an insignificant investment. Even if they paid a 2nd or 3rd party Five Million U$D to translate EVERYTHING CURRENTLY AVAILABLE on the present 'original' server(s); and obviously including everything prior, they would undoubtedly make a return, albeit mayhaps a slow one that takes ~2~ years. Forget PSO and PSU, I beta tested on the Official SEGA NA Blue Burst Server in May 11 years ago… And while I can safely say I would never participate in a SEGA beta test ever again. I can also assure anyone who lacks /actual/ global fundamental macro economic sense that from a real business perspective it would not be difficult, all the anime and collaborations that have been accomplished would cost additional royalty fees to respective IP owners etc. Or possibly other methods depending on how they wanted to handle it, that's up to arbitrary meetings at shareholder meetings, which can just be ignored. As I already stated, if SEGA still has not learned their lesson, then maybe they just never will. Who care, but it will only be their fault.

      As for censorship, why are you still even talking about that.. Just don't. It's a total non issue, your opinions just do not matter, marketing statistics on demographics are always easily findable, and while yeah sure maybe even all the way into the 5 digit levels of people will avoid the game because of censorship that just does not matter. What is Sega's business model? I believe the common slang term is 'Freemium', while that is over simplified. PSO2 is certainly not pay to win it's only pay for fashion and convenience and laziness, (hmm that sounds like us Americans, eh?). What is the most played game bar none the last ~4-5~ years world wide regardless of genre? WoW? LOL FUCK NO It's League of Legends, by SO FAR. Riot did not become a billion dollar company almost overnight by doing everything perfect, but guess what they used a 'Freemium' business model essentially, again different game genre so don't waste your brain power trying to make a pointless direct comparison. I'm done trying to explain and or ranting if you want to be a hater. xD

      Peace out yall.

    12. Best comment in bumped so far. lol

      Btw if they release it on US, they'll probably make same mistakes like SEA …
      and less colaborations.

    13. exactly,and at this late on the game,nope,if possible just dont ip block like chinese game would be enough

    14. I feel people still clamoring about PSO2 coming to the west must not have spent much time playing on the JP servers. Because why start from scratch after spending thousands of hours on a character? And really, should we expect such a release to have a decent community? Sure, ship 2’s B1 crowd is obnoxious, but I’m not convinced a western release is going to give us anything much better. It’ll just go the way of casual faction vs. elitist faction bickering that always seems to happen in online Phantasy Star games, and many players will still only play MPAs in their own teams all the while complaining about PUGs. The only major difference I can see is that it’ll be multiple updates behind.

    1. Running fast into rings already made think of Sonic in Tokyo so why not… I agree with some NiGHTS spirit in there.

  1. vivaaaaaaa lost wages!
    vivaaaaaaa lost wages!
    vivaaaaaaa, vi- okay I'll stop.

    y'know what the casinos on th' strip have in common with the casino on the ARKS ship? they're both rigged. 😉

  2. And I though Train Ghidoran was a strange boss. Statue of Liberty riding a Sphinx…

    I remember there was something about a goddess boss for Earth that was data mined? Pretty much this since Liberty's name in Japanese is "Goddess of Liberty".

    Rare Liberty will probably be her original un-oxidized copper color.

    1. Yeah, I remember that thread too. About as soon as "phantom_goddess" and IIRC something about pyramids and such was found in the files people started speculating about Vegas.

      At least the Mother Cluster jackasses are thorough about exploring the weird shit you can do with "ether"…

    1. I wouldn't mind if it was like the Harkotan thing with "we don't actually have this language translated", and then after the first tab it goes into full translation.

    2. Well, story wise that would make sense since your using a translator to communicate. That's why we can communicate with the inhabitants of the other planets and why we couldn't initially communicate with the inhabitance of Harukotan until their language has been added to the database.

      As far as we know, they are speaking to us in English, but we are hearing Japanese from the Americans.

    3. communicate with the inhabitants of the other planets???
      I still can´t understand those damn lilipans.

    4. Liliiiii?! … Oh sorry. Take some lessons from Fourier: Their sentences depend on their expressions and movements! … Yeah that's really easy to understand… >_>

      /la salute


    5. Actually it was explained that the Dragonkin and Oceanids were morally dubious Arks experiments headed by Luther.

    6. I only remembered Chrome Dragon being created by Luther and only using the Dragonkin as a base. Oceanids yes, however remember that before we knew why, Echo was confused as to how we communicated with Cabracan without any sort of translation.

      Even Earth, it was a mystery as to how the language of Earth was already in the database. While Harukotan which was unknown to ARKS lacked any data and thus prevented communication.

    7. Recall that the ARKS already knew of Earth for an unknown time, and have had operatives on the ground for *at least* a year or so, before we get there…
      And I have NO idea how the logistics are supposed to have worked if it took two full years for the expedition detached from the main Fleet to get there.

      On another note, the idiosyncratic technology of the Oceanids you butt heads with in the Facility ought to be homegrown meaning they were sentient enough already. 'Course *that* lot doesn't seem interested in communicating; Cab & his ilk, who can and do apparently thanks to Luther's Playing With Syringes, conversely seem to be very much at the bottom of the local food chain…
      Guess they were like the resident monkey analog before getting uplifted or smth.

    8. Yea, far as I am aware, it's never really explained how much they actually knew about Earth before sending Aika down.

    9. Hardly the only piece of background info that AFAIK is never officially commented or elaborated on. Bellisario's Maxim ("don't think too hard about it") in full force I guess.

    10. As opposed to what, every Murrican war movie ever where the command language of the Red Army is English (*cough*enemyatthegates*cough*) and you're lucky if Ze Nazis are at least yelling in Commando Magazine levels ("Achtung! Aaargh!") of pig German?

  3. Since action goes to USA… Instead of Las Vegas, let's go to Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaytooooooonaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ♪

    … Sounds like things are going less and less "Phantasist"… I get used of Tokyo and admetted this had something interesting with this Train Ghidora… So now, scenarist, do your best to make a new miracle 'cause it's not won for now. ._.

  4. What happened to you, PSO2?

    Tokyo, Yamato, now Vegas? These have got to be the worst, most boring ideas I've ever heard, and they don't even make sense – rats in the Pacific? RIP PSO2.

    1. Dude, rats are *everywhere*. Like lice and fleas they are Man's faithful companions across the planet. (And yes, they're making good progress at eating the native wildlife to extinction in a fair few places.)

    2. I think it's crazy and ridiculous in the best ways. the moment the polar bear's heads split open to attack in the original tokyo teaser I was sold on Earth.

    3. This is honestly the best thing Sega has done with the game, the new fields are fun, the enemies are great, and the Yamato EQ was pretty exciting.

      Plus it makes plenty of sense, a fleet of ships that travels throughout the universe, but never encounters Earth? Nah they'd find the Earth eventually.

    4. Uh. I don't think you quite understand how LITERALLY astronomical the number of stars that might have Earthlike "garden" planets is in our galaxy (AKA "Milky Way") alone. Running into this particular one by mere random searching might well take millions of years…

      And if the intro roll is to be taken at a face value the Oracle Fleet's area of operations covers *several* galaxies which, particularly when combined with the rather short post-Photoner history, would imply some vertiginously fast superluminal travel indeed… For all we know the reason it took so long for the expedition to reach Earth was that they had to make an *intergalactic* journey.

    5. Well, if they originated from the humans, newmans and casts who went to Ragol and this actually WAS a true sequel that probably would explain quite a bit in that regard.

      Either way it's not that difficult to believe that they've had put in quite a bit of distance since their operations first started. Unless I am remembering wrong here, Xion basically powered the fleet and she was nigh omnipotent. She wasn't actually fully omnipotent though because was killed or her power was siphoned which weakened her (I don't clearly recall how exactly it went) and it shouldn't have weakened her if she were truly omnipotent.

      However, the important thing that came of those events is that she did apparently leave Xiao behind to take her place or something like that. While it's true we don't really know the full extent of Xiao's powers(not that I can recall anyway), it can easily be assumed he is just as powerful if not slightly less so. We do know he can help the player character manipulate destiny in the same way she did though, even to the point of changing the past to create a casual loop that ultimately spiraled into what I'd call a casual spiral, similar to the mobius double reacharound paradox. Time travel sure can be confusing.

      Plus as far as I am aware, again, we don't know how they found earth.

    6. Recall that the Photoners were doing some serious space travel long before they encountered Xion – woulda been hard to find her in the first place otherwise, obviously. And when they effectively handed everything over to their successor species all their star charts and exploration databases oughta been included – not like the ARKS could very well carry on the fight against PD without that stuff, anyway.

    7. I thought she WAS a Photoneer? Just one that managed to get a ton of power somehow?

      That said, I HAD overlooked her omniscience. Even with the star charts, it still seems kind of odd that they would go to earth unless they were chasing Apprentice there.

    8. …do you even story bro, Xion (and by extension Xiao, who's apparently "her" alternate version from another timeline *somehow* ported over into this one) is a *sentient planet*. Or rather a planetary ecosystem, but same difference. The Mothership(s) was built around it to let it move around.

      It should be reasonable to assume that the ARKS have a large number of "listening posts" throughout the space known to them keeping an eye on planets deemed to be of interest (eg. Earthlike conditions, sentient life…), and can further be speculated that there may well be any number of other expeditions out shooting trouble falling under the organisation's agenda among those.

      IIRC the Earth expedition would have started its journey already about a year before the events of the anime so it would appear *something* around Earth was deemed to merit sending some serious reinforcements. Presumably something to do with the natives starting to mess around with what they call "ether" (just good old photons really it seems); Google Translating some of the related NPC dialogue suggests that coincided with Profound Darkness waking up…

    9. Didn't they find the other because, Earth found THEM? Like PSO2 as a game was literally making people appear on the ARKS ships out of nowhere, and they used that to find earth form the connections or something? At least that's what I got from the beginning of Episode 4…

    10. The start of the anime proceeds the start of the game's Episode 4. Apparently the ending of the anime happened at some point during the game's Episode 4 though. Not quite sure how much time passed over the course of the anime though…

    11. The anime happened about a year before Ep 4 starts AFAIK. I know Matoi's currently stuck in a freezer dissipating serious concentrations of Darker energy she absorbed from [Apprentice] during the finale thereof – this gets mentioned in a Storyboard recap.

    12. New field we'll then be France, then China, then Russia… Heeeh?

      Well, sure it makes sense if you think Algol is a real star system but it's not a reason to go so far. I personnaly am the kind of fan who often like a lot of new things in this game but I have hard times with EP4, to tell the truth. Still hope and think it will be better for sure, 'cause the scenario looks a little better these last Storyboards (The SB system is just really boring if you ask me anyway)

    13. Algol IS a real star system made of three stars. Phantasy Star Classic is only based on it, with three planets instead of stars. Same with Gurral (which is a Japanese anagram of "alghul", derived from Ra's Al Ghul, which is the Arabic phrase the real star system of Algol is named after (it's also where its title of "demon star" comes from))

    14. Curio detail: AFAIK the original ghouls of Arabic folklore are actually a type of minor djinn (and individual ones could duly have some rather weird powers). That lot sure came in great variety…

      They were also originally wilderness bogeymen that ambushed travelers, the "crypt-dwelling necrophage" version developed later when the locus of Arabic culture moved to the more heavily urbanised parts of the Middle East post-conquest.

    15. I must have expressed incorrectly. I know Algol is a real star system. It's just that: "It's a real thing so if you take it like the real thing it is, it's making sense".

      For the rest I ignored it anyway. I learned something, it's nice.

  5. It's such a SEGA thing to do these days – release a USA expansion for a game which they refuse to release in the USA! Irony thy name is SEGA!

    Don't get me wrong though – I'm perfectly happy on the Japanese servers and at this point in no way do I ever want this game to get a crappy watered down USA release. 🙂

    1. They don't "refuse" to release it in the west, there's a tons of things stopping them (mostly financial and licensing issues).

    2. SEGA does indeed refuse to release it in the west – just go to their USA website where they have been promising to do so for 3 years now. But look – I'm not trying to fight with you over corporate BS – look, I'm glad it's not coming here – I enjoy playing on the Japanese servers. But has SEGA totally screwed over MOST western fans of the Phantasy Star series by announcing this game 3 years ago and then refusing not only to release it, but to even update them on the status? You better believe it buddy. Releasing PSO2 The Animation and a playable USA area in PSO2 is just another slap in the face to USA fans of the game – and that's the way SEGA has decided to play it – but make no mistake – they chose to do it like this.

    3. The worst is still releasing the Animation everywhere when the game won't get out of JP… But you know, it's not the only Game they don't release outsinde. In fact, I think they only release outside when they're sure people we'll know and play (Example Sonic and All-Stars Racing/Transformed).. That's such a shame when you think they were the ones who gave "everything" (At the contrary of Nintendo) in the 80's/first mid-90's. But they don't wanna take risks,… Guess we can't blame them not to want to risk a new crash.

    1. That explains why he looks like one of those japanese hollywood director caricatures like Mister Movien from Yo-Kai Watch or sometimes when Meowth dresses up as a director.

  6. This looks absolutely amazing, I honestly hope it lives up to the expectations this teaser set, because this field looks like it'll be a tremendous blast.

    I'd love it if the free field works like it does in the Tokyo area, just so I can ignore the fighting for a bit to have fun on the little air scooter hovercraft thing!

  7. I kind of liked stuff like Seven Rings in Hand and Sonic Speed Riders and the BGMs he did for Secret Rings, but IMO this BGM is even worse than the other ones for Earth thus far and those were only really bad IMO because of the vocals…

    Then again I'm not really a huge fan of rap and I'm not really fond of "it has come to this." either but I think I like this one even less.

    Still, fighting a Statue of Liberty riding a Sphinx is gloriously ridiculous.

    1. Not quite seeing where this has meaningfully more substance than What Some Bloke On Forums Claimed… Also having some trouble seeing A) what this purported Chinese company would stand to benefit from such a clause to begin with B) why SEGA and their contract lawyers would agree to straitjacketing *their own damn product* in the manner claimed for God knows how long but likely past any feasible Western release window.

      'Sides, they could distribute it just fine outside Steam if they wanted to – that's exactly what they're already doing after all. And certainly most MMOs I play, or at least keep an eye on, either aren't on that service at all or only bothered getting a slot years after launch.

      Short form: does not compute.

    2. some bloke that works for sega jpn and the guy who works at us sega 😛 i mean really,both a and b were on each countries sega website 😛 not some guys forum 😛 ask yourself howcome insurance doesnt always pay out 😛

    3. From what I've heard of it SEGA's Euro and NA branches are little more than fully subordinate mouthpieces for the HQ back in Japan. Just as likely that guy was told to make some suitably face-saving noises over what by every indication looks like a rather abruptly and embarassingly axed localisation project.

      The first article merely vaguely cites "a source" and then proceeds to outline a scenario of utter contractual insanity.

    4. do you know how online games work 😛 you sell it, you sell the rights or whatever, they do their own advertising etc and you get royalties and free advertising etc. i mean gee, what would iran gain from nukes xD and why must the rest of the world want to stop them when they have them themselves :p

    5. And prithee explain why, exactly, SEGA Japan would allow a mere local distributor dictate how they can and cannot farm out *their own game* in completely unrelated regions? And for that matter what possible reason said licensee would have even trying something so nonsensical in the first place?

      Also that utter idiocy about nuclear proliferation and strategy was physically painful to read. Kindly refrain from inducing my brain cells to commit suicide with such garbage in the future – to speak nothing of it having absolutely nothing to do with the topic by even the remotest analogy.

    6. "Steam is Sega’s primary means of commerce in the PC arena"

      I don't believe that PSO2 is non-steam and World End Eclipse's PC version is browser based and Sega was doing just fine on PC before Steam came along, especially where Sonic was involved. They even once had Sonic game cds as a Taco Bell kids' meal toy including Sonic 3&Knuckles and Sonic CD.

    7. the only thing that makes more money then pc games is their slot machines… steam is a well used client , just look at origin and uplay. i doubt both combined make more sales then steam. doing fine and going over expectation of profits is different

    8. Steam may be a good distribution channel, but it's hardly the end-all be-all of selling games. And something like Origin, which is more or less EA's private sales/distribution/DRM program, is hardly comparable in the first place. PWI, incidentally, distributes its MMOs through both a roughly analogous service ("Arc") AND Steam…
      And the last I checked Wargaming was making big bucks out of their "World of" games without touching Valve's vapors with a 10' pole (though some of their older games can be found there)…

      Many other MMO distributors simply don't use Steam and seem to get by well enough anyway.

      Summa summarum – even if SEGA *was* by some improbable piece of contractual lunacy prohibited from putting the game on Steam for some arbitrary length of time that would at most be a temporary inconvenience. They could easily enough localise it *outside* that particular service and then simply list it there once such obstacles expired; delaying release for years instead makes no sense at all.

      Time for Occam's Razor: the likeliest reason is simply that the company's analysts ran their projections and crunched their numbers and concluded the localisation just wouldn't be (sufficiently) profitable. If tortuous wrangling with Japanese licensing agreements over the collab stuff would be involved then doubly so.

    1. its highly possible they can censor. 2 examples the witcher (for maure you would think they didnt censor anything) fallout (med-x was a forced name) so likely all the game referenced costumes could also be gone xD most censors are mainly because of US and Canada then—> eu <— they not that bad yet

    2. …and how many people *exactly* have two shits, or have even heard about that? (Also some kind of source would be nice by this point, as you've kinda sunk your bona fides.) Though if the Witchers have been I can only wonder just what the original iterations were like given what's left in…

      I mean, they're a lot more l00d (and better scripted IMHO) than Sapkowski's books where one of Geralt's annoying Gary Stu traits was his Irresistible Magick Dick(tm) but actual lurid details were largely avoided…

    3. "Burden of proof" and all that. Also technically still What Some Bloke(s) On A Forum Said, but whatever. (Also lolmerica kek)

      Now, PSO2 A) is an MMO not a single-player game B) doesn't exactly have graphic sex and nudity in the first place so the problem would be where exactly?

    4. like i said buddy xD go to Germany and watch a shooting movie, you wont see blood at all xD anything could be censored. IF its not your job, you shouldn't assume things. did you honestly thing wakdonalds or whatever in anime is for humor. well if you didn't know both of those statements were made from people who work at sega… if thats what happens, thats what happened. haha can i just say did you believe blade and soul wasnt cencored in the west? even archeage and tera were censored in western version buddy

    5. I sincerely fail to see how German legislative hang-ups are at all relevant to the topic. And the "WacDonald's" similar and similar Bland Name Products are also routinely used in Western games to avoid copyright issues and whatever, most often and conspicuously in gun names for some reason from what I've seen.

      Also, vague noises from people low on the totem pole and very much not making the policy decisions in the company don't amount to shit. And where exactly does your claim that the unnamed "source who spoke to TSSZ" even was a SEGA employee come from? The article itself makes no such claims in the first place, and attaches strong conditionals to the whole contract story which you apparently completely missed…

      And I'm familiar with the trivial levels of censorship TERA's Western editions were subjected to, thanks, I've parsed the game's modding forums enough for that. Somehow I doubt anyone cares very much about a few square centimeters more coverage on some female costumes or some Elin outfits having an exposed belly retextured into cloth…
      Dunno 'bout Boobs & asS, but given that unapologetic fetish wear like the Temptress outfits are still in… to speak nothing of conspicuous amounts of bare skin visible all around. (And nobody gives a toss about Archeage anyway.)
      So, yeah. Big deal.

      And I've yet to hear what, exactly, would be oh so terribly objectionable in PSO2, nevermind now merit a level of censorship people would even notice.

    6. Can and will are two very different things. I'm using an example from their OWN company. If they won't censor Bayonetta (hell even Nintendo barely did anything to Bayonetta 2 (though they DID have to maintain Smash Bros.' T rating) or No More Heroes (though that one was censored in Europe) and believe it or not, CoD games are developed for Nintendo consoles as part of the whole multiplatform thing).

      You know, it's very rare that Random and I ever agree on things. Make of that what you will.

    7. well things work in certain ways xD bigger example in some games you cant use the player name or id of SEGA. well if countries favour a specific company ofcoarse they will get more leeway. try release manhunt in germany you wont get in the door

    8. Germany has notoriously prudish laws regarding some stuff, but I fail to see how that is at all relevant… and "well things work in certain ways XD" mostly reads as "I have no idea what I'm talking about and don't actually have any arguments to support my claims but trust my say-so anyway k?"

    9. The hell does Germany have to do with the US? I'm not talking about a UK release. They'd have to have an American one before they even consider a UK one.

  8. Seriously, it's actually getting a little stupid. Tokyo was already pretty out of place, but this is getting very retarded and not "PSO" at all. Even when they try to force a story around it again….

    1. I mean PSO wasn't "Phantasy Star" in the same way PSO2 isn't PSO. I've been playing since the classic series, and the game shave changed tremendously between each "sub-series".

      Actually, I think this direction it's going with Episode 4 is at least unique, and makes PSO2 stand out a bit from PSO/PSU. EPisodes 1-3 kind of felt like they wanted to make it like PSO, and PSU at the same time, which felt weird to me. I actually prefer the fun, silly uniqueness, it's what made me love Sega as a whole beyond Phantasy Star in the first place.

    1. Paris has more iconic landmarks per square kilometer to mess with, though. AND it doesn't rain all the damn time there! :v

    2. I said: France, China, then Russia. That's all. 8D (Well, don't really care so don't take it seriously…)

  9. Still don't undestand why people hope and want a Eur/US version so much. Because these people will complain FOR SURE if it happens… Because they'll loose their hundred or thousands of hours, meseta and AC spent on JP servers. Because this version will, maybe, totally cut from scenario (Yeaaah SEA version is on Ep2 I believe! Want to be stuck on Ep2 when Ep4 is on the road?), thousands of costumes and hairstyles will be… Huh… 15 each? Not really sure about the success of all of that…

    1. Only reason I'd want to play on a server closer to home is much lower latency. Noticed when I was visiting the US that homing emission worked as intended, picking up targets as you moused over them, compared to at home where you'd be lucky to pick up two before having to roll or release. Enemies ignoring you and acting erratically, general positioning delay/snaps (Magatsu is the biggest offender, getting up from ice bridge bind twice almost every run) and these are only the easily quantifiable downsides of living 6000 miles from Glorious Imperial Server.

      Yeah, my main account would still be on JP where all the fashion is, but I'd give a local server a fair shot if they were equally fair with us in return.

    2. Well… Yes. The main thing why I'm not fond of the idea with new servers is that we'll lost everything and be totally retarded content forever. If it was near Jp version, why not after all. But people wanting these servers as hard as Laconia (… Ahem) don't necessarily think of this, maybe.

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