PSO2 Is Celebrating It's 8th Anniversary

Happy PSO2 Anniversary!

July 8th, 2020


Special Training: Episode 6

Let's celebrate PSO2's 8th anniversary with a new Limited Quest! Taking place on VR Space, players will have to breakthrough two combat zones. The contents of the zones will be decided at random among several patterns. Xierra will also lend support based on the number of players in a zone.

In the second half of the quest, you must head towards the Photoner's cardinal ship and defeat the commander. Clearing the quest gives you the chance to receive the 4 player Trigger Quest version.


Quest drops include the new ★15 weapon series [Krisa], along with new *Coat Vesper and *Coat Glide camos.


8th Anniversary Event

The Web Panel Event [ARKS CONNECT MEMORIES] will take place from July 8th to August 5th. Returning from last anniversary is the [Individual Point Rewards] and [Ship Point Ranking]. In the Individual Point Rewards, players can obtain luxurious prizes such as an SG Scratch Exchange Ticket.

Along with those events will be the [8th Anniversary Lottery]! The Lottery will contain in-game items and real life goods. Players will be able to collect Lottery Tickets, collect multiple to increases your chance of winning!

Individual Point Rewards

  • Period 1: July 8th ~July 21st
  • Period 2: July 21st ~ August 5th

Ship Point Rankings

  • Period 1: July 18th @ 12:00 ~ July 19th @ 11:59 JST
  • Period 2: August 1st @ 12:00 ~ August 2nd @ 11:59 JST

8th Anniversary Lottery

  • Period 1: July 15th ~ July 21st
  • Period 2: July 29th ~ August 5th

More info on these events will be posted later on!


Xie (8th Anniversary) in her usual spot will be handing out Client Orders and hosting an exchange shop. You can obtain items such as the ★15 [Million] weapons and even a [Liberate Unlocker] by trading in 8th Anniversary Badges.


Winners Design 7 Side C (AC Scratch)

Another scratch filled to the brim with breathtaking player designed cosmetics hits the shelves. The scratch bonus contains the exclusive Color Change Choker [Ou]! It effectively lets your color matching accessories sync with the color of your "invisible" outfit.





Accessory Select & Mystery Bag G 2020 (Revival Scratch)

Available July 15th

Popular Accessories, Hairstyles, Voices, Lobby Actions, and more are back in the Accessory Select Scratch. Mystery Bag G will be filled with item sets of Layered Wear and Parts. Take this chance to grab the cosmetics you've missed last time!


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