PSO2 JP SG Scratch: Mid-Summer! Support Item Selection

Mid-Summer Support Item Selection
(Until 07.29.2020)

Scratch Bonus

Play this SG Scratch a specific amount of times for exclusive bonus items!

SG Scratch
Frequency Rewards
10 times Ability Transfer Pass (x4)
20 times Add Ability [Mark Receptor]
30 times Ability Transfer Pass (x5)
40 times Add Ability [Divine Receptor]
50 times Ability Transfer Pass (x6)
60 times Ability Success Rate +60%

※Players can receive each item only once.
※All of these items are untradeable.

Scratch Lineup




  • 追加エクスキューブ+1 || Extra Cube +1
    • Increases the drop rate of [Excube] by 1.
  • EXPウェポン2箱 || EXP Weapon 2 Box
    • Contains [EXP Weapon2-NT] x2
  • EXPエッグ★14箱 || EXP Egg 14★ Carton
    • Contains [EXP Egg 14★] x4

19 thoughts to “PSO2 JP SG Scratch: Mid-Summer! Support Item Selection”

  1. yay! spent 4000k SG and 90% of them are Extra cube +1 the rest are 2.2m exp so useful!!!

    not even one receptor appear

    1. not to mention that the +60% affix boost got removed from this line up and put as a scratch reward after 60 draws, well played sega

  2. Reminder that affixing is a scam and if you ever burn your imaginary or real money on it, you deserve it.

  3. transfer ether, astral, mana and crack with mark for 15 pass and do it again with power/shoot/tech vi for 25 pass ez 1b. and getting all thos thing together is not that hard with protect 4s juz need some invesment and be smart. obviously not for lazy people or thos u dont want to use their brain

    1. Literally 95% of this Support Scratch are not useful at all. It's just the Receptors and Mark Joyo/Couragena

    2. "IT's PaY To WiN!!11!"

      Just get weapons off the market and affix them to your current one. You don't even have to touch a scratch to get affixes. God, the Bumped comment section is so dumb sometimes.

    1. It's not PayToWin at all.
      All I ever did was using Premium and I got allmost all of the affixes I wanted and in the end even the best build is useless if you cant play the game. Well you maybe get outdamaged, but it's okay. You can get every build for free … You can spend all the money you have, but it's no guarantee you get what you want. Either way, you can sell it. If you like the game you support it, if not you leave it. Spending real money for a 'chance' for a good affix is not PayToWin – I mean what do you even win? Is it PvP? I think it's more a huge loss, what the community is getting into. Because of Corona you're stressed? -this goes to everyone who says PayToWin, not exactly to you Toshi.

    2. Except that's not the ONLY method of getting power.

      Literally nothing in the game is specifically tied to paying real money for power outside of Premium Drink. If Grands were untradeable items, then it'd be an issue.

    3. Wow these EXP tickets and EXP eggs really out here getting you the W LOL

    4. These people are just too lazy to grind for meseta and SG then proceed to blame it on P2W.

    5. AC and SG scratches are not P2W. It is completely possible to win at PSO2 without spending any real money.

  4. people say is this game can be played without money,
    but what they really say is "im focus all my non financial resources to this game to don't pay for it"

    im just curious of seeing that "top tier set" of a free user who don't spend 2000 hours per year online.

    1. lol most stuff can be bought using meseta (including the 'p2w' mark/divine receptor) and if you know what you're doing you can get a lot of meseta with little to no effort.

  5. Funny how things goes, I sratched a bunch of times to get the 55% boost, expecting to get nothing but bad stuff and ended up getting a ton of add abilities including divine transfer 😮

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