PSO2 JP: 11/28 Special Maintenance

11/28 Special Maintenance

  • November 28th @ 12:00 ~ 17:00 JST
  • November 27th @ 10:00 PM ~ 3:00 AM EST

Maintenance Contents

  • To provide countermeasures against a bug where under certain conditions, all users are disconnected from the block.

They plan to distribute the following items in the future as compensation for this maintenance.

  • +100% Tribooster (x1)

They plan to adjust the boost event schedule in the following ways:

  • The Rare Enemy Boost Day occurring on 11/28th will be extended into 11/29 until 17:00 JST.
  • The Raging Dark Arms scheduled for 11/28th at 14:00 JST will be moved to 11/30th at 14:00 JST.
  • These changes will be reflected in the Google Calendar shortly.


21 thoughts to “PSO2 JP: 11/28 Special Maintenance”

  1. So Sega just rolled back to previous setting blocking us from connecting without proxy to prevent this DC bug i guess, and hope

    1. Anyone know if the DLC costumes will ever come to PSO2? that's the best male costume sega has made ever since the first 2 costumes lol

    1. I dont say its not on Yahoo.JP fault. I just blame sega for it. Sega choose them, not the other way around

    2. >blaming one company for what another does with their equipment

      *slowclap* I'm… not gonna bother futher trying to explain to you why that's idiotic because I'd rather enjoy me dinner instead of sit here being irritated at someone being a fool.

    3. well at that point, it's SEGA's choice to make the servers stable in expense of everyone else outside japan. their game, their choice of sacrifices. we should always remember that we aren't supposed to be playing in this server in the first place. lets not act so privileged.

    4. The only one I see acting privaleged is KEL. The only thing -Z- is saying is that it's not Sega's fault for Yahoo! Japan's issues.

    5. the thing is, even if SEGA already knows that we outside japan are having problems, they arent doing anything to fix it, and just leaves it to if you look at it at that angle, it's clearly SEGA's call if we're "welcome" or not. it's clear by ToS that we're not. we have to own it up and remember that this game service is not for us even if we desire it so badly. hence, Arks-Layer exists. we shouldnt even be surprised that we lose connection to the game at all anytime.

    6. I REALY REALLY REALLY don't know why you're posting that again when it's supposed to be aimed at ZEL who's complainig, not us. I already know that. -Z- already knows that too. That's why his first post was aimed at people who think it's Sega's fault like ZEL's first post.

      Why do you keep posting this when none of his or my posts imply we're "taking the game for granted".

    1. It's not talking about a website you use in order to get the tools you need to get online. It's referring to a bug where it disconnects all players of a block when certain things happen and the players here are saying it seems they're rolling back the connection settings for connecting to the servers to where you need a VPN or proxy again.

      Unless you're referring to the use of the proxy form the tweaker, you're mistaken on what this means. You would still need a proxy or VPN to connect with the tweaker if you're blocked directly from SEGA to access the servers.

    2. At the very least I can still connect to fine when I couldn't before a week ago or when people started saying some of the ISPs were able to connect again.

    1. Yes, this maintenance forever banned every account from ever playing again. I posted it here in the comments so it must be true.

  2. If anyone has Comcast try connecting without VPN or Pso2Proxy im able to connect without them just fine now i'm sorry if it doesn't work in some areas but it's up and running for me as of right now.

    1. PSO2 has been playable since 2012 if that's what you're asking. You might need the PSO2 proxy to play if you can't connect to the server.

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