PSO2 JP: 12/7/12 Bugs Bugs Bugs

On 12/5 we had our first Where Darkness Gathers update, however this update introduced problems where on certain computers, the graphics pretty much broke apart, and the game would get stuck on the loading screen. By optimizing the game to provide support for the PlayStation Vita with an upgrade to the physics engine made for an update that had some serious issues on the entire game itself and its graphics. During testing they did confirm some bugs but they didn't occur frequently enough on all computer environments. They tried to minimize its effects by performing an emergency maintenance. However, graphical problems may still arise, so they ask you to send your reports in as soon as possible.

This maintenance corrected the following bugs:

  • Corrected the bug where the screen would abnormally shake when using some photon arts and technics
  • Corrected a bug where under certain circumstances, technics were less powerful.
  • Corrected a bug where a technic wouldn't hit its target if there was an obstacle in the way.
  • Corrected a bug where character's skin color would appear red tinged.
  • Placed measures so that the game doesn't get stuck at the loading screen.
  • Corrected a bug where based on certain PC environments, the character 's overall graphics broke apart.

Balance Changes

  • Parallel Areas will now have a higher chance of showing up in the Merry Christmas on Ice but only in the Single Party Area.
  • In other quests, they plan to make adjustments to the occurrence rate of Parallel Areas in the future.

They plan to fix the other bugs in the next scheduled maintenance. Bugs and issues that are sent in will show up in the support measures list once they confirm it. In the future, they plan to improve the update schedule and debugging system so as to not repeat such rudimentary mistakes.  For next week's maintenance they'll make an effort to produce a more stable environment while the king of darkness "Dark Falz" makes his debut. We'll look forward to having all ships cooperate against defeating Dark Falz.

As for PlayStation Vita testing, it appears there was a bug that allowed you to sign up for the Closed Beta Test on your PlayStation 3. This has now been corrected and you may register ONLY on your PlayStation Vita.


Anyway, this week, 4Gamer posted an interview regarding the last part of Where Darkness Gathers update. We learned that there will be a cloning system that will take "strong" players and make clones of them.

  • The Clones appear in an Emergency Trial (Emergency Trials can show up wherever they want, internally it is known as "Code: Clone" for now but not made official yet.)
  • Your character data is recorded when you complete the "Escape Quest" (The Escape Quest is when you are forcibly transported to the Darker's Nest area.)
  • You will more likely than not see a clone of your character.
  • The criteria on what they consider "excellent" or "elite" or "powerful" was not made clear yet. (It could be as simple as S ranking the Escape Quest.)

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