PSO2 JP: 3/13/2013 Update

Today's update!

New Advance Quests

  • 特務先遣調査:凍土 / Advance Mission : Tundra (Requires B Capsules)
  • 特務先遣調査:地下坑道 / Advance Mission : Mines (Requires A Capsules)
  • 特務先遣調査:浮遊大陸 / Advance Mission : F. Continent. (Requires C Capsules)

Lv. 45+ and Advance Capsules are required.

Dragon Slayer

ドラゴンスレイヤー Dragon Slayer



ゲキツナアタ Gekitsnata


Inferno Bazooka

インフェルノバズーカ / Inferno Bazooka



ガディアンナ / Gadianna


These are only a portion of the new weapons.

New Pyroxene Shop Items


  • Fixed bugs for Running Practice Naberius 1 and 2 where some enemies might not appear.
  • Fixed bugs on Vita/Vita Shared blocks for Running Practice Amduscia / Naberius 2 where you may not be able to progress.
  • Fixed bugs in the Vita version where certain extra voices may disrupt parts of the BGM within the White Day E.Quest and First Farewell Story Quest.


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