PSO2 JP AC Scratch: Sweet Memorial Collection

Sweet Memorial Collection
(Until 3.3.2021)


シュクルメルヘン[Ou] | Sucre Marchen [Ou]
シュクルメルヘン[Ba] | Sucre Marchen [Ba]


アーベントローゼA[Ou] | Abend Rose A [Ou]
アーベントローゼB[Ou] | Abend Rose B [Ou]
アーベントローゼ[Ba] | Abend Rose [Ba]
アーベントローゼ雪[Ba] | Abend Rose Snow [Ba]


ティエヌフルース[Ou] | Tienne Fluse [Ou]
ティエヌフルース[Ba] | Tienne Fluse [Ba]


ブラウニーカルン[Ou] | Brownie Carn [Ou]
ブラウニーカルン[Ba] | Brownie Carn [Ba]


スウィートショコラ[Ou] | Sweet Chocola [Ou]
スウィートショコラ空[Ba] | Sweet Chocola Sky [Ba]
スウィートショコラ空[In] | Sweet Chocola Sky [In]


ハートエプロンF[Ou] | Heart Apron F [Ou]
ハートエプロンM[Ou] | Heart Apron M [Ou]


ホットココアガール[Ba] | Hot Cocoa Girl [Ba]


ガナッシュフォンダ雪[Ba] | Ganache Fondant Snow [Ba]


オリエントグレース[Ba] | Orient Grace [Ba]


ハーツウィンプ影[Ba] | Hearts Wimp Shadow [Ba]


セクシーメイドドレス[Ba] | Sexy Maid Dress [Ba]


ワンショルワンピ[Ba] | One Shoulder Dress [Ba]


トルネオエスコート[Ou] | Torneo Escort [Ou]
トルネオエスコート[Ba] | Torneo Escort [Ba]


スーツジャケット[Ou] | Suit Jacket [Ou]
スーツスラックス影[Ba] | Suit Slacks Shadow [Ba]


プラリネフォンダ[Ba] | Praline Fondant [Ba]


ノーブルロングコート | Noble Long Coat
ノーブルロングコートF | Noble Long Coat F


小悪魔風メイドドレス | Devilish Maid Dress


スウィートメルト | Sweet Melt


ホワイトパティシエプロン | White Pastry Apron

セクシースタイル | Sexy Style


スーツオブグリザイユA | Suit of Grisaille A


ゴシックメイドドレスM | Gothic Maid Dress M



Lobby Actions
209「壁ドン」 209 "Wall Slam"
225「プレゼントボックス」 225 "Present Box"
359「待機中6」 359 "Waiting 6"
383「リズム」 383 "Rhythm"
484「バレンタイン」 484 "Valentine"
525「メリーゴーランド」 525 "Merry-go-round"
572「つんつん」 572 "Poke Poke"
586「ファンサ」 586 "Fanservice"



Scratch Bonus

Frequency Rewards
5 times Cook Turner
10 times Hug Hug Emper-Rappy
15 times Naura Room Goods Box
20 times Partner Card Box G
25 times Partner Card Box H
30 times Valentine Poster Box
35 times Bonus Key Tokyo [Rainbow]
40 times Ability Protection (7s or less)
45 times 218 "Jelly Drink"

※Players can receive each item only once.
※Items 4~8 are untradeable.

Naura Room Goods Box

  • Naura Sisters Mat
  • Nauras Cake Shop Cargo

Partner Card Box G

  • Och (Valentine)'s Partner Card
  • Phul (Valentine)'s Partner Card
  • Enga (White Day)'s Partner Card

Partner Card Box H

  • Euclyta (Valentine)'s Partner Card
  • Afin (White Day)'s Partner Card
  • Stratos (Valentine)'s Partner Card
  • Kyokuya (White Day)'s Partner Card

Valentine Poster Box

  • Matoi (Valentine) Poster
  • Lisa Poster B
  • Och (Valentine) Poster

17 thoughts to “PSO2 JP AC Scratch: Sweet Memorial Collection”

    1. No reason to keep pushing this anymore now that people are aware all of it is gonna look like garbage in the new game.

    2. What you mean "gave up"? The story has already ended. What more is there to do with PSO2 besides move on?

    1. wow most profound comment ever XD if you didnt realize they havent given a shit about casts in year's they clearly go for virgin otaku pleasers but that was obvious XD as a male cast player i want to slap whoever is in charge of the scratches and thats being kind, it sicks that the playerbase all decide to look the same and have zero imagination but you cant help it if people have no taste and think with their D's

    2. The struggle of cast players goes on. Meanwhile, in a dark corner nobody wants to acknowledge, I've been struggling to understand why robot boobs exist and if, in fact, they also–secretly, have vaginas.

    3. If refusal to partake in borderline illegal gambling mechanics makes me a simpleton, may it be so.

    4. Look on the bright side, no CAST items means you won't be tempted to gamble for cosmetic items that could potentially translate very poorly into the new game anyways

  1. Unless i am reading something wrong i Just wanted to note that cook turner camo and Naura Sisters Mat are actually tradeable

  2. I have seen cast mains also quit, and they were japanese realizing that the game only caters to people who want every lobby to be a parade of bleached animed girls.

  3. You really don't know anymore what to invent in order to complain. Is the next step whining about the color of the floor in the Lobby ? -_-'

    1. Complaining about no CAST parts for either gender being revived isn't a proper complaint? What counts as one to you?

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