Delayed February Content Notice

Due to issues found when updating the Graphics Engine for PSO2, February content and events will be delayed to March. It will take some time to fix bugs related to the graphics engine update since the scope is pretty wide.

Content Delayed

  • Early March
    • AC Scratch [Oracle Renewed Collection]
    • 20th Anniversary Quest [Like a Phantasy]
    • Mission Pass Season 5
  • Mid March
    • AC Scratch [Gurhal Memorial Collection]
    • AC Scratch [Nova Memorial Collection]
    • SG Scratch [Snowmelt! SG Support Item Selection]
  • Late March
    • AC Scratch [Shining Collection]
    • AC Scratch [Oracle Renew Collection 2]

Events Delayed

  • Early March
    • All PSO2 20th Anniversary Web Panel and Events

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