PSO2 JP: Character Creation Demo Ver.2 Coming Soon!

Character Creation Demo 2 Volcano

It was announced at the Dengeki event that we're getting a new Character Creation Demo! This time the demo takes place on Amduscia. (Unfortunately you won't be able to use the character you are currently playing, considering there's no option to save them at the Aesthetics Counter.)


Character Creation Demo 2 dragon altar

The demo will also include the new Dragon Altar field and boss coming in April.


Character Creation Demo 2

You may recall this scene in the Youtube Video.


Other April Adjustments and Changes

I'd like to be able to grind items in the item lab even while they are locked.

  • We'll add a feature that will allow you to do this.
  • We'll add the option to prevent locked items from appearing as materials when adding special abilities or performing attribute grinding.

I want you to ease the difficulty for Skill Point acquiring client orders

  • We will relax the difficulty for skill point client orders from Ouza, Marlu, and Lisa.

It's difficult to use Wired Lance PA "Grapple Charge"

  • We'll consider whether you'll perform the kicking animation even if you do not grab a hold of the enemy.

About Zonde's Balance Adjustments

  • We've received various opinions about the changes made to Zonde during the January 23rd maintenance. This unintentionally made Zonde's damage output too high affecting the game's balance. Unfortunately, we will have to reduce the damage modifiers due to zonde's height. Since we plan to make adjustments to the skill tree in April, we plan to distribute an all skill tree reset item as compensation.

These changes will be applied some time in April.


Scratch Rotation

The following items will be removed from Scratch on March 27th, 2013.

Lillipa Wonder Caravan Scratch and…

  • カジュアルロング Casual Long
  • マナフヘッドギア Manah Head Gear
  • ゴシックブリム Gothic Brim
  • メイドブリム  Maid Brim
  • 茶リスのしっぽ  Brown Squirrel Tail
  • 黄リスのしっぽ Yellow Squirrel Tail
  • ホワイトフォックステイル White Fox Tail
  • イエローフォックステイル Yellow Fox Tail
  • ブラウンフォックステイル Black Fox Tail
  • ファウンテン Fountain
  • ラディアンピラー Ladean Pillar
  • スイートシェルフ Sweet Shelf
  • スイートベッド Sweet Bed
  • パフェシェルフ Parfait Shelf
  • スイートテーブル Sweet Table
  • スイートソファ Sweet Sofa
  • スイートローテーブル Sweet Low Table
  • スイートチェア Sweet Chair
  • スイートラグ Sweet Rug
  • 怪盗Rのテーマ Rhythm Thief Theme
  • The way to Truth
  • Momentary love
  • スイーツ・テーマ Sweet Theme


Weapon Camos of Existing Weapons

Phantasy Star Expert guide

Shougai (Japanese PSO Fansite) had a chat with Sakai about Weapon Camos at the Dengeki event. "Not every existing weapon will be released as a weapon camo," he remarked, "But, attached in the guide book, are camos of previous weapons with some slight alterations."

Shougai found out two of the weapon camos in the Expert Guide are color variations based on Solid Straight and Blade Ball. Shougai believes that IF we send in enough requests at the official site, we could convince Sakai to create true camos of existing weapons. Of course you have to keep in mind that such a request will always come with a catch. But at least this idea will bring the weapon camo system closer to our expectations.

What we know:

  • Weapon Camos based on existing weapons will be released in the Expert Guide Book with some slight color variations.

What we don't know:

  • Was re-releasing joke and novelty weapons as "Weapon Camos" Sakai's plan all along?
  • If Sakai allows us to use existing weapons, what crazy process will we have to go through to get them (premium set required)?


A Casino

Earlier today, Sakai and Toshihiro Nagoshi (from the Yakuza Series) did a live PSO2 talk show answering various questions about the game. One question in particular asked if Sakai plans to implement a Casino. Well he'd like to try making it once they have the time, which seems to suggest that they have plans for it in a future update. Unfortunately this doesn't really confirm nor deny whether a casino is coming.

What we know:

  • Sakai would like to try making a Casino.

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