PSO2 JP: December Tidbits; PSO2 Vita Collaboration

This post is updating live and will change as more information is gathered.

Aside from the long list of gameplay changes mentioned previously, a few new features are planned for the December update.

A new emergency quest where you fight Dark Falz. Dark Falz is planet sized and you'll battle against his many "Falz Arms." If enough of them are defeated in time, you move onto stage two to fight "Dark Falz Elder."


Weapon Potential Abilities:

  • Certain weapons have hidden special abilities.
  • It is unknown at this time if it applies to all weapons.
  • The current example they gave was for "Ardillou"
  • Ardillou has a hidden ability called "Instant Attack" which increases Just Attack Power by 3%
  • Upd: 8★ Rifle Fire Arms has a hidden ability called "Motionless Death God / Standing Death" which boosts Standing Snipe skill by 7%
  • Instant Attack Lv1 = JA 103%
  • Instant Attack Lv3 = JA 105%
  • Standing Death Lv1 = Standing Snipe 107%
  • Standing Death Lv3 = Standing Snipe 111%

Weapon Potential Abilities Procedure:

  • First grind the weapon to +10 because only weapons that reach +10 can unleash their potential ability.
  • A menu in the Item Lab will allow you to release its hidden ability.
  • When you unlock this ability, it resets the grind to +0
  • Upd: When you unlock the ability, it costs photon spheres and meseta.

Leveling up Potential Abilities:

  • Each potential ability has a LV attached.
  • To increase this level you must grind the weapon to +10
  • At the item lab you can increase the level of the potential ability which will then reset the grind back to +0
  • You can do this again and again, it is unknown at this time if there's a cap for how high your potential ability can go.

Ardillou +10 > Ability Unlocked LV1 > Ardillou +0 > Ardillou +10 > Ability Unlocked LV2

Playstation Vita Collaboration

  • Toro and Kuro, PlayStation mascots, will be joining the game
  • Toro and Kuro appear as party members
  • Upd: Toro and Kuro will be in the Shopping Area when logging in from the Vita version.
  • Upd:Players will receive their Partner Cards upon completing Toro's and Kuro's Client Orders. After that it will be possible to call them to join the party on both PC and Vita versions.
  • Upd: When the NPC affinity level is high enough, players will receive "Toro Mag" and "Kuro Mag" mag devices as a rewards.



The Christmas Lobby appears December 5th through the 26th. For a limited time, the Rappies will be transformed into the (Saint) Sent Rappy. The Naura Cake Sisters will be wearing their Santa Dresses in the new emergency quest "Merry Christmas on Ice!" This emergency quest is located in the Tundra area, the Cake Sisters will sell their Christmas Cake at the end.


Male Costumes

  • サンタスーツ Santa Suit + ヒゲ付サンタ帽 Santa Hat w/ Beard

Female Costumes

  • サンタドレス Santa Dress + サンタ帽 Santa Hat
  • シリングオーダー Shilling Order (Female Var. of Ranger Default)


Male Costumes

  • フリューネージュ Freux Neige
  • フリューヘッド Freux Head

Female Costumes

  • ファニトレイター Funny Traitor (Yedi-ish costume)
  • ファームイヤーマフ Firm Earmuffs

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