PSO2 JP: Emergency Maintenance (2/13/2020)

Sega has announced an Emergency Maintenance at the following time:

  • 2/13/2020 @ 13:00 ~ 18:30 JST
  • 2/12/2020 @ 11:00 PM ~ 4:30 AM EST

Maintenance Contents

  • To correct the lag issues

Maintenance is expected to finish at 18:30 JST. However, depending on the situation, it could end earlier or later than scheduled. They are sorry for the inconvenience this has caused and will consider some form of compensation. Details will be provided in the future.



21 thoughts to “PSO2 JP: Emergency Maintenance (2/13/2020)”

    1. Well…even japanese players told me yesterday they had lags..glad it took them little time to fix it 🙂

  1. Something important i read on the tweaker…
    WTF!? REALLY??
    I'm not installing that malware for a single game!!!

    1. only ending support for Windows 7,
      i think i can still play pso2 with win7 till now and maybe Xp / Linux too.

    2. People need to differentiate between a bad operating system and a malware. Windows 10 is a bad operating system due to its faulty development cycle of pushing new features instead of fixing bugs, but certainly not malware. A malware is defined by its deliberate design to harm the system it's on.

    3. @RAYDIC
      I hope but i dont think so. Microsoft policy for games on the xbone is to be sincronised to the win10. But if linux is still aviable i would make a partition just for it

      Well spyware if you want to be picky. Its like buying a house and youre not allowed to use it unless you give your contractor the rights to record everything you do there. Its stupid and intrusive
      And beyond that. Microsoft is pushing their crap so hard because WINDOWS AS A SERVICE you wont event own it. You will rent your OS

    4. @Ekam
      The one that you described is closer to the definition of "software as service", but not spyware. These are very different definition and should not be confused. Please don't mix them.

    5. to OP: Well…maybe there's a way you can find win8/8.1 somewhere to purchase and turn off auto-update?
      to PERSEONN: Yeah win10 is a cancer for PC…yesterday my bro's PC was restarting for like 30 minutes downloading updates/installing/downloading/installing…

    6. @Arkanpher
      The idea itself isn't bad, case in point: Microsoft does well selling Office as a service. However, that they somehow prioritize new feature over fixes is beyond me. Not helping also they falsely mandated Win10 on device with newer processor, latest Adobe suite, and latest Office suite. These moves are downright despicable.

    7. @PERSEONN

      Yesterday's malware is today's Windows 10 Telemetry. Amusing how people were conditioned to accepting stuff like these. Had no choice but to use it and just minimize the risk with ShutUp10 software.

    8. @Anonymous
      If you want to consider it like that, be my guest, but I do wonder why you "have no choice" but to keep using it. It also baffles me how people are conditioned to use 3rd party software without sandboxing, but to each their own.

  2. Aw wrong timing for faming and grinding, well yesterday the game was totally lagging so bad, let's see and wait if the maintenance will be finish earlier than expected on what they stated.

  3. I Fail to understand why you guys are so god dang adamant on stay on a platform that isn't providing any security updates any longer lacking in the feature dept such as DX 12 and so on HDR, and driver support with newer hardware I can keep going on with reasons on why to upgrade i understand the privacy issues it has with 10 but there are vids out there will help rectify these issues with privacy and your not restricted to just windows defender there are options out there. and i do agree with people being upset with the end user being the test subject for an update instead of have a department for doing debugging n whatnot. Renting your os uhhh ok what ever thats supposed to mean there are oem keys that big bigness's have out there for less than Microsoft's listed price due to them buying these keys in bulk and no longer have a use for.

    1. Because Windows 10 "security" is a joke, and vanilla unupdated Win 7 is ironically safer than the latest most up to date Win 10.
      Not to mention Win 10 is trash security or not.

    2. @Guilty
      I personally don't migrate to 10 because as of now 10 isn't really built for multiple monitors:
      ※ It doesn't have options to setup where the notifications bar pops. If you have a single monitor, all felt peachy. However, with multiple monitor you'll want this notification bar to pop where you want to. On most use case, probably one where your main taskbar is on.
      ※ The virtual desktop applies to all monitors. You cannot set which monitor to be excluded, making it undesirable for multi monitor users.
      ※ You have no way to summon the start menu/screen on monitors without the taskbar

      While that may be true, "security" should not be the main concern for common users like us. You should pick OS based on how fit it is to your working environment.

  4. Meanwhile.. I don't see any different between the lag or normal period since I was already playing it with bad connection all the time xD

  5. I thought something was up, that crap made Falz Arms lag badly enough that they didn't appear for a couple of minutes and got dc'ed while in a party for some FQ grinding.

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