PSO2 JP: Illusory Onslaught Update Part 1 (5/15/2013)

It's May 15th, time for today's update!

Class/Weapon Update

  • Mag Level Cap 175

Quest Update

  • 極限訓練:凍土と機甲
  • Extreme Training: Tundra and Mechs
  • 期間限定クエスト / アークスGP2013予選
  • Limited-time Quest / ARKS Grand Prix 2013 Preliminaries
  • 雨風とともに
  • With Rain and Wind (Emergency Quest Available until June 12th)

Two new Quest Types

  • エクストリームクエスト Extreme Quests
  • 期間限定クエスト Limited-time Quests

Client Order

  • New Client Orders
  • Xie will be available until June 12th

New Items

Bianco Parasol

ビアンコパラソーレ Bianco Parasol


BubRappy Gun

バブラッピーガン BubRappy Gun

These are only a portion of the items available within this update, however, these two items in particular are available until June 12th.

Emergency Quests

  • Several Emergency Quests can appear at the same time. For example, if the announcement is for Amduscia, the Volcanic Guerrillas and Chrome Dragon emergency quest will appear at the same time.

Interrupt Ranking

During a Time Attack Ranking, the targeted quest will have the following changes applied to all difficulties:

  • EXP from Enemies + 100%
  • Meseta Clear Reward increased 10 fold.

Enemy Attack Rankings will have the following bonuses applied:

  • Rare versions of the targeted enemy will also count towards the ranking.
  • Targeted enemies and rare enemies will have Rare Drop Boost + 400% and Boost Enemy Chance + 25% applied.

Haze Draahl and Chrome Dragon will no longer be elected for Enemy Attack Ranking.

New Latent Abilities

Shop Updates

  • New FUN Shop
  • Pyroxene Shop Update
  • Recycle Shop Update
  • My Room Shop Update

Team Features expanded

  • New Team Room
  • New Team Room NPCs

Grind Menu Update

  • Added a confirmation window when selecting +1 or higher grind items as materials for attribute grinding or adding special abilities. When adding special abilities, a confirmation window will appear when selecting 7 star or higher items as materials.

Other Notes

  • To celebrate the launch of Extreme Quests, players will receive 10 Extreme Passes エクストリームパス, and 1 ハーフドール Half Doll if they logged in between Feb 28th through May 8th.  You can pick them up at the Visiphone Campaign Item Pick-up menu.
  • To commemorate Phantasy Star Online 2 for winning the Famitsu and Dengeki Online Award, you can pick up a Tri-Boost+100% item at the Visiphone Campaign Item Pick-Up menu.
  • AC Scratch Campaign 4, and Fun Scratch Campaign 2 items were distributed.
  • In the PC version, pressing the tab key in the party settings screen will automatically move the cursor to the bottom to update your party.
  • An "Announcements" screen was added
  • A check-box in My Shop Search menu lets you search for items with latent abilities.
  • Prevented Dark Falz Elder in the Profound Darkness Emergency Quest from getting stunned. (2ch pointed out how Stun and Shock are two different things. This seems to be a countermeasure for Holy Ray.)
  • For some bosses and enemies in Advance Quests, limited the amount of times an enemy performs the action to "have enemies other than itself appear."
  • Shortened the spawn time for enemies who continuously spawn in Advance Quests.
  • Prevented players from defeating the Vol Dragon summoned by Goron Zoran
  • Reduced Symbol Art's load
  • Made the screens in the Title Counter display faster.
  • If your "Matching Settings" has disabled NPCs from appearing in a party, the Partner Character terminal in the camp ship will display a message about this setting.
  • Added a notification icon to the main menu when you receive new Mail, Team, and Friend List entries.  The communication sub-menu will display the number of new entries you've received.
  • You can now select several mail entries and mark them as "read."
  • The Compose Mail menu will now display information on how to perform a carriage return.
  • The item details window will display the item's equippable race and gender on one line while showing the required stats and class underneath them.
  • Added a half-doll item that when used, revives half of your maximum HP when incapacitated. Half-Dolls are distributed through campaigns.
  • When chatting with client order NPCs, the second option has changed to say (Client Order [Current:  min/Max])
  • When selecting client orders in the Team Menu, it will now say (Client Order [Current: min/Max])
  • The current limited-time event will be displayed in parentheses after Xie's name. For example "Xie (Rainy)" will accompany the "With Rain and Wind" limited-time Emergency Quest.
  • Changed some of Hans, Revelle, and Kressida's greetings.
  • A postscript message was added to error No.674
  • Eased the number of hits you receive from Quartz Dragon's Rush Attack


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