PSO2 JP: Interrupt Ranking and Super Falz Advance Notice

Boost Event

General Boost Event

  • 9/27: +50% Rare Drop Boost
  • 9/30: +200% Meseta
  • 10/1: +50% EXP

Interrupt Ranking Event

  • +100% Rare Enemy Chances during the scheduled Interrupt Rankings below.

Tokyo Game Award Prize

  • 9/25 ~ 10/2: +5% Success for Weapon/Unit Grinding and Special Ability Affixing

Spend AC Campaign

Spend AC Campaign

Everyone who uses 2,000 or 5,000 AC during the campaign period will receive special prizes.

Campaign Period

  • Sept 25th ~ October 16th, 2013

Campaign Qualifications

(1) Use 2,000+ AC during the campaign period to receive

  • +10% Grind Success (x2)
  • Grind Risk Reduction (-1) (x4)
  • Grinders (x50)

(2) Use 5,000+ AC during the campaign period to recieve

  • 1 Rappy Suit

You can qualify for this campaign in any of the following ways:

  • Playing AC Scratch
  • Purchasing the 11 Pack AC Scratch Ticket
  • Purchasing Items in the AC Shop.
  • Purchasing a Scape Doll
  • Using AC through the Makeover Counter.
  • Purchasing a new character with AC.
  • Adding or Resetting Skill Trees with AC.
  • Transferring your character to another ship.

Prize Distribution Date

  • Mid November at the Visiphone

Hans Client Order

Hans Client Order

Just complete these client orders from Hans during the campaign period to receive several presents.

Campaign Period

  • Sept 25th ~ October 2nd

Clear Hans Client Order 森林に潜む罠 Hidden Forest Traps to receive:

  • +50% EXP (x2) and Grind Risk Reduction (+1) (x2)

Clear Hans Client Order 闇に煌く死神の鎌 Gleaning Sickle of Death to receive:

  • +50% Rare Drop Boost (x2) and +10% Grind Success (x1)

Prize Distribution Date

  • October 9th at the Visiphone

Interrupt Ranking and Quna Concert Schedule

Emergency Quest Campaign

More Interrupt Ranking boosts are coming to you this week. See how many bosses you can defeat during their scheduled times! Interrupt Ranking events will have two bonuses applied; +400% rare drop boost, and +100% Rare enemy chances while the event is active.

Caterdra'nsa Attack Ranking

Org Blanc Attack Ranking

Bal Rodos Attack Ranking

Blu Ringahda Attack Ranking

Quna will summon the buffed up version of Dark Falz 30 minutes after her concert ends.

Quna Live Concert Japanese Standard Time

9/25 20:00
9/26 10:00 14:00 23:00
9/27 10:00 14:00 20:00
9/28 14:00 20:00
9/29 10:00 20:00
9/30 10:00 14:00 23:00
10/1 10:00 20:00 23:00

Quna Live Concert Eastern Daylight Time

9/25 7:00AM   9:00PM
9/26 1:00AM 10:00AM 9:00PM
9/27 1:00AM 7:00AM
9/28 1:00AM 7:00AM 9:00PM
9/29 7:00AM 9:00PM
9/30 1:00AM 10:00AM 9:00PM
10/1 7:00AM 10:00AM




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