PSO2 JP: March 27th, 2013 Update

Lobby Update

  • Sakura Lobby until April 10th, 2013.

Field Update

  • 暴走龍の怨嗟 Grudge of the Runaway Dragon (EQ)

Rare Enemy

  • Haze Draal

New Items


Hitogata ヒトガタ「瑚式」



Lambda Regalia ラムダレガリア

These are only a portion of the new weapons that appear during this update.

Weapon Camouflage System

Wand Weapon Camo

*DG Aries*ディー・ジ・アリエス
(Wand Type Weapon Camo)
Weapon Camos have asterisk prefixes.
(Weapon Camouflage is SEGA's official term.)

Team Functions

  • Team Level 5
  • Hold 300 items in Team Storage
  • Photon Tree Level 7*
  • Change Team Room Base
  • Change Team Room BGM

*Sega's mistake.

EX Cube Shop

  • EX Cube Shop Update

Latent Abilities

  • Added New Latent Abilities. Added Latent Abilities to some existing weapons.

Premium Set

  • You can exchange for a 10 star Weapon Purchase Pass or 10 Star Unit Purchase Pass in Recycle Shop
  • You can obtain them by trading in a 10 star weapon or 10 star unit, but not all 10 star weapons/units are eligible for this pass.
  • The pass is required when purchasing a 10 star weapon or unit at My Shop.

Added Chat Commands

  • Regardless of the chat channel the log window is currently set under, you may now use new chat shortcuts to speak in a specific channel. For example type "/a hello" to speak in public chat.
  • You can also use this command for autowords/shortcuts.
  • /a = Area Chat
  • /p = Party Chat
  • /t = Team Chat

NPC Partners will continue to speak in Party Chat regardless.

Parallel Areas

  • Added to Boss Arenas

They appear rarely upon clearing the quest.

Grind Title Changes

  • Stopped adding new titles for grinding specific weapons to +10
  • Establish titles by counting the number of times you grind 7 star and higher weapons to +10
  • Establish rewards when grinding weapons to +10 individually.

Grind Risk Changes

  • "Grind Risk -3" will not occur when grinding 7 to 9 star weapons.
  • "Grind Risk -3" will not occur during the +0 to +7th grind for 10 star weapons. Relaxed the chances for grind risk to occur for the +8th to +9th grind for 10 star weapons.

Ranger Changes

  • Prior to its activation, Capture traps can be destroyed by attacking it once if it was discovered by Trap Search

Techer Changes

  • Extended the duration of Wand Gear's "Explosive Damage"  effect.

 Medical Center Drink

  • Adjusted the sub effect for "Hate Accumulation Down"






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