PSO2 JP: Return to Ultimate Naberius on September 24th

Ultimate Naberius Revisited

Ult Naberius Enemy

The oft-neglected Ultimate Naberius quest beckons players to return, with new balance adjustments to enemy drops and behavior. Revisit this easier to play quest, and hunt for a variety of new ★12 and ★13 weapons.


Introducing the "Nemesis" series, brand new weapons that can be acquired through enemy drops or by trading in Galeru crystals at the God Crystal Exchange Shop.


ファイナルフェンダーFinal Fender
ファイナルフェンダー (Final Fender)

An assortment of ★12 weapons, both new and old, will also be added into the drops for Ultimate Naberius.


Ultimate Quest Client Orders

Hans Client Orders

Hans and Franca are delivering new client orders targeting Ultimate Quests on Lillipa and Naberius. Clear the objectives to receive a reward like a Yurlungur or Galeru crystal.


Mega Dimension Heroines (AC Scratch)

Sega Hard Girls Accessories

The upcoming Hyperdimension Neptunia VS Sega Hard Girls video game is collaborating with PSO2! Dress up with clothing, weapons, and hairstyles of Neptunia characters Purple Heart, IF, and Uranus Uzume. Draw a scratch for the chance to receive Sega Hard Girls figurines, either for furnishing your room or accessorizing your character.


Lost Purple
ロストパープル (Lost Purple)
Suspenders Suit F
サスペンドスーツF (Suspenders Suit F)
IF Brand F
アイエフブランドF (IF Brand F)
IF Brand M
アイエフブランドM (IF Brand M)
Suspenders Suit M
サスペンドスーツM (Suspenders Suit M)
Candy Neon
キャンディーネオン (Candy Neon)
Guardian Goddess's Long Sword
*守護女神ノ太刀 (Guardian Goddess's Long Sword)
Dream Megaphone
*ドリームメガホン (Dream Megaphone)


Tokyo Game Show Schedule

Sega's Tokyo Game Show livestream officially begins on September 17th! Below is a list of livestreams specifically focusing on the Phantasy Star series.

PSO2: PlayStation 4 Stream

  • Time: Sept 17th @ 14:00 ~ 14:45 JST
  • Topic: A PlayStation 4 presentation showing off PSO2's beautiful graphics.
  • Link: Nico Nico

PSO2: The Animation Stream

  • Time: Sept 19th @ 13:30 ~ 14:00 JST
  • Topic: Watch for information regarding the Anime.
  • Link: Nico Nico

PSO2 Live Broadcast #35

  • Time: Sept 20th @ 12:40 ~ 13:50 JST
  • Topics:
    • Episode 3 climax developments
    • Information regarding the PS4 version
    • Another collaboration announcement
    • New PSO 15th Anniversary Project
  • Link: Nico Nico


Illustration Contest Results

This year's illustration contest saw players submitting various artwork themed after Episode 3 in hopes of having them turned into in-game room items. The contest concluded in July, and the top ten illustrations have now been announced! Events from Episode 3 can be seen in these works, such as the addition of the Casino, fierce battles against Magatsu, and Quna's newest concert.

These items will be released when they are announced in a future update.


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