PSO2 JP: Return to Ultimate Naberius on September 24th

Ultimate Naberius Revisited

Ult Naberius Enemy

The oft-neglected Ultimate Naberius quest beckons players to return, with new balance adjustments to enemy drops and behavior. Revisit this easier to play quest, and hunt for a variety of new ★12 and ★13 weapons.


Introducing the "Nemesis" series, brand new weapons that can be acquired through enemy drops or by trading in Galeru crystals at the God Crystal Exchange Shop.


ファイナルフェンダーFinal Fender
ファイナルフェンダー (Final Fender)

An assortment of ★12 weapons, both new and old, will also be added into the drops for Ultimate Naberius.


Ultimate Quest Client Orders

Hans Client Orders

Hans and Franca are delivering new client orders targeting Ultimate Quests on Lillipa and Naberius. Clear the objectives to receive a reward like a Yurlungur or Galeru crystal.


Mega Dimension Heroines (AC Scratch)

Sega Hard Girls Accessories

The upcoming Hyperdimension Neptunia VS Sega Hard Girls video game is collaborating with PSO2! Dress up with clothing, weapons, and hairstyles of Neptunia characters Purple Heart, IF, and Uranus Uzume. Draw a scratch for the chance to receive Sega Hard Girls figurines, either for furnishing your room or accessorizing your character.


Lost Purple
ロストパープル (Lost Purple)
Suspenders Suit F
サスペンドスーツF (Suspenders Suit F)
IF Brand F
アイエフブランドF (IF Brand F)
IF Brand M
アイエフブランドM (IF Brand M)
Suspenders Suit M
サスペンドスーツM (Suspenders Suit M)
Candy Neon
キャンディーネオン (Candy Neon)
Guardian Goddess's Long Sword
*守護女神ノ太刀 (Guardian Goddess's Long Sword)
Dream Megaphone
*ドリームメガホン (Dream Megaphone)


Tokyo Game Show Schedule

Sega's Tokyo Game Show livestream officially begins on September 17th! Below is a list of livestreams specifically focusing on the Phantasy Star series.

PSO2: PlayStation 4 Stream

  • Time: Sept 17th @ 14:00 ~ 14:45 JST
  • Topic: A PlayStation 4 presentation showing off PSO2's beautiful graphics.
  • Link: Nico Nico

PSO2: The Animation Stream

  • Time: Sept 19th @ 13:30 ~ 14:00 JST
  • Topic: Watch for information regarding the Anime.
  • Link: Nico Nico

PSO2 Live Broadcast #35

  • Time: Sept 20th @ 12:40 ~ 13:50 JST
  • Topics:
    • Episode 3 climax developments
    • Information regarding the PS4 version
    • Another collaboration announcement
    • New PSO 15th Anniversary Project
  • Link: Nico Nico


Illustration Contest Results

This year's illustration contest saw players submitting various artwork themed after Episode 3 in hopes of having them turned into in-game room items. The contest concluded in July, and the top ten illustrations have now been announced! Events from Episode 3 can be seen in these works, such as the addition of the Casino, fierce battles against Magatsu, and Quna's newest concert.

These items will be released when they are announced in a future update.


30 thoughts to “PSO2 JP: Return to Ultimate Naberius on September 24th”

  1. "easier to play"? How about you make it /harder/ to play since it's "Ultimate" and make the drop rate actually drop an item?

    1. How about we leave droprate of rares as it is, since it's "Rare" and make the quest actually populated with people.

    2. "rare" should not mean "grind for months with boosts and never get anything of note". a lot of items have drop rates like that, though. as it is, some people don't see these rares untill they're not even worth having anymore.

    3. And this is different from every other MMO with random drops… how exactly? 😐

      Also that's why you have all those pyroxenes, godstones and similar junk.

    4. I think you overstate just how helpful pyroxenes are. sega has deliberately made it so that all the top things involving them require enough grind that you may as well not bother. progressively more stones being needed per item, and progressively less element value so you have to grind out enough stones multiple times to get an actually worthwhile weapon…

      and ultimately (hah) we rumble into the question of "is it fun?".
      honestly, the way both UQs are set up…? it's not. I'd get more enjoyment running other quests, leveling stuff I don't have capped yet, etc.
      being blinded by flashy effects while being pinballed around constantly just ain't fun. nab UQ is especially guilty of this; sega's attempt to quiet down melee players about "wah wah ranged and tech characters don't have to get close!" just makes things more annoying for melee, to say nothing of the unlucky range or tech class that manages to draw aggro but only really deals good damage with things that leave them wide open for a while.

    5. Well, sure. But the point is you're not *solely* dependent on the infamous whims of RNGesus to get stuff.

    6. No, it is exactly what its supposed to mean – rare items that you don't get on a whim. It is an incentive to attract players to a certain play mode. Its chances will go down alongside with relevance, until there will be a change in game mechanic to bring it back for whatever reason (new AQs, Falzes, etc). The amount of time average player spends on getting it will be just about long enough for a new weapon set or improvement material to show up and cover the purpose of another game mode.
      No one is going to give you what you want immediately, because you will stop play it.
      The pattern remains the same: minimal chances at launch, relieved requirements later, extra sources of materials or increased droprate some time after that. As long as you treat posession of "worth having" and "of note" items as competition, you're not going to win, in fact, you've already lost.
      Its even more hilarious in context of two fun facts. First, people still argue about utility of Nemesis, the same immature people that utter something like "Sega hates melee". Second, they do increase the droprate. But people didnt learn it during demonic fork era, and they didn't learn it today. They won't learn it during PD farm, 4th tower defence, or ever, really. They are damned and they will never be moved.

    7. it just need to be 'easier' for melee class though. almost all of them cant hit boss weak point efficiently except bouncer.
      and melee class is the most class type player choose to play though.

    8. You're forgetting Twin Daggers Fighter. I've been able to reach high weak points using it, and in some cases even with Katana Braver.

    9. sega doesn't do "hard". sega does "annoying". anything to make things less irritating is an improvement… assuming it's more than a token non-effort. most everything in the game can be bruteforced with sufficiently twinked gear, after all. but twinking should not be an absolute requirement.

      they only even call those quests "ultimate" to manipulate nostalgia-goggled PSO1 vets, anyway.

      meanwhile, in another franchise, "ultimate" mode meant it was the player who got to be overpowered…

    10. The sun isn't bright enough.
      No one is going to deny that enemy patterns of every next episode are more complex than ones in the previous, there is a difference between gwanada, varda soma and pajadoriri.
      But you know they are not planning to flay you in any new difficulty when they introduce more abilities and improvement systems. Those are supposed to counter the pressure provided by new enemy moves and combinations, not to present an impossible challenge that will start producing frustration instead of annoyance. Difficulty in this case serves to the gameplay variety, its not supposed to separate you from the casual sheeple or whatever mental imagery you have built up in your head. People are annoyed by the fact that they have to do something beside twinking. Crabs put up shields, toyhouse wants you to hit certain point, enemies are too tall, they have too much hp to be oneshot, weakpoints are whenever, annoying, annoying, annoying. Playing the game is annoying.

  2. Isnt this supposed toi be on the 23rd? pretty sure the 24th is thursday and i dont think we get updates on thrusdays its always maintenence tuesday night/wendsday morning then the update is live

  3. Is the hair recolouration portion of the video just there to show us it can be done for that style, or is there something more to it (like the ability to do it for free)?

    1. they're telling you that the scratch will have a version of kuna's ponytail style where you can properly have the same colorfade she has, like they did with her twintail styles. (and sukunahime's style, though I don't think they offered up a single color version of that first. memory may be hazy on that part tho)

  4. meh on nep VS seha scratch. proper nepnep scratch with stuff from all the goddesses/cadets plz. I want victory!vert's dress. and V!noire's outfit. and uni's dress. and-

  5. Well I know there is at least two things I can look forward to with this update when it happens. That Patty and Tea poster and The Phase 2 Magatsu poster.

  6. 90% of PSO2 gameplay is grinding for costumes.
    1% is story and overpowered gear from matterboard.
    9% is Dudu. And grinding more money for him.

    1. ,fashion grind is 40% mesta grind is 30% the other 30% Is casual players u gotta pay for/do everythin and explain egerything too.
      ill admit, part of psu's charm lied in not having a cohesive manual, but pso2 has so many things ppl STILL dont know about. Sega needs to make mechanics (And pas/techs) clear to the users. Had to ask like 15pl how fall nocturne works… why are the pas like this? and no, the descriprion doesnt tell ya lol

  7. Look Sega, I understand most of your playerbase is people playing as females, but did you really have to give males the middle finger with that suspender outfit? I get it's a joke outfit but come on

    1. How is it a middle finger when there's lots of Transexual MTF in the closet? I mean have you seen the amount of boys wanting to play girls just to "check" their booties when they actually wish they were females? 😉 SEGA is just pointing out the obvious.

    2. …and here I thought we they did it due to being sad basement-dwelling virgins. Has my whole life been a lie? ;_;

    3. I'm being captain obvious here, but it's really more to do with the subject matter than anything else – Neptunia just doesn't have very many recurring male characters…or male characters at all, much less ones with portraits. And the ones that do have portraits are either mechas or in suits.

      That, and crossdressing gag outfits like the ones in the scratch? That's just the kind of thing Neptunia would do.

      (Though with what I said about few male characters – come on Sega, do a second Neptunia scratch with an Anonydeath suit – you know you want to!)

    4. Actually, me and some of my friends are pretty happy that they're making a Male version of the suspender outfit. Sorry that you still live in the 1960's bro.

    5. I actually like the IF Brand M and Suspender Suit M more than most of the ugly/bulky male outfits they've been releasing.
      Finally something fanservicey for men. I'm sick of only girls getting sexy outfits.

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