PSO2 JP: Take A Spin Around the Corruption Course

~ July 24th, 2019 ~


Corruption Course: Excluder

Enter a VR recreation of Amduscia's corrupted caverns. This Limited Quest will be crawling with Demons, Phantoms, and even Ultralized enemies. Descente Draal may even appear on Ultra Hard, giving you plenty of time to hunt for drops without relying on a specific schedule.


Participating in the quest will give players a chance to obtain new ★15 Weapons, ★12 Awake Units, and a Weapon Camo!

Partial List of S-Class Abilities
S2 S3 S4
S2: Rupturing Excess S3: Brilliant Ruin S4: Raising Pursuit


7th Anniversary Event – Second Half

The 7th Anniversary event continues with updated listing in the 7th Anniversary Shop, along with new [Individual Point Reward] and [Ship-Wide Ranking] events.

※Individual Point Reward 2 will run from July 24th to August 7th
※Ship-Wide Ranking 2 will run from July 31st to August 7th


Ultra Hard Profound Darkness

Ultra Hard is finally coming to the EQ [Perennial Apocalypse], its quest trigger [T: Perennial Apocalypse], and the solo trigger [T: Endless Darkness]. Participating in this difficulty offers you the chance to receive Austere-NT and even the Novel Series!


Fearful Tempest (AC Scratch)

Bedeck your characters in new Devil-style layering wear and CAST parts. Additionally, gothic dresses will also be attainable.


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