7th Anniversary Arks Survey Report

Player Report

Data was collected from logged in players during the Period (April 1st 2019 ~ April 30th 2019)


Class Popularity Graph

Race Ratio for Each Class

Popular Subclasses

Main Class 1st Most Sub 2nd Most Sub 3rd Most Sub
Hunter Fighter – 26% Braver – 11% Bouncer – 4%
Fighter Hunter – 69% Bouncer – 4% Braver – 4%
Ranger Hunter – 38% Gunner – 11% Braver – 5%
Gunner Hunter – 34% Ranger – 23% Fighter – 21%
Force Techer – 60% Hunter – 3% Phantom – 2%
Techer Force – 30% Hunter – 29% Summoner – 7%
Braver Hunter – 44% Ranger – 5% Bouncer – 4%
Bouncer Hunter – 41% Braver – 5% Fighter – 5%
Summoner Fighter – 25% Techer – 8% Braver – 7%

Lobby Actions

Popular Victory Poses

Rank Male Female
1st Salute Pose 2
2nd Show Fighting Spirit Pose 7
3rd Laconium Sword Pose Salute
4th Provoke Bow
5th Pose 2 Provoke

Popular Victory Expressions

Rank Male Female
1st Smile Smile
2nd Normal Wink
3rd Wink Smile 2

Popular Dark Blast Triggers

Rank Male Female
1st Ichika & Tetra Pose Pose 2
2nd Yui & Shaku 2 Yui & Shaku 2
3rd Pose 2 Pose 11
4th Pose 17 Pose 7
5th Pose 10 Gravure Pose 2

Quest Report

Data was collected during the Period (May 1st 2018 ~ April 30th 2019)

Boosters used in the Past Year

Booster Amount Used
Meseta Boosters 3,775,884
Experience Boosters 34,875,518
Rare Drop Boosters 45,356,224
Tri Boosters 30,229,021
EX Boosters 8,004,120

Arks Kill Count


Rank Boss Arks Kills
1st Devil Castle・Misil Ghasud 4,872,857
2nd Omega Hunar 4,256,795
3rd Omega Masquerade 3,861,819
4th Omega Angel 3,667,016
5th Omega Apprezina 3,664,293
6th Omega Durumble 3,126,039
7th Apostolo Dragon 2,101,027
8th Dark Falz Persona 1,094,245
9th Devil Castle・Lanzer Valace 874,020
10th Omega Falz Apprentice 543,682

Mini Bosses

Rank Boss Arks Kills
1st Golem Bomber 13,082,333
2nd Rock Golem 9,444,247
3rd Resta Golem 8,954,782
4th Flame Diamos 7,725,566
5th Omega Cockatrice 2,875,074


Rank Boss Arks Kills
1st Goblin Bomber 99,086,644
2nd Omega Goblin 97,086,644
3rd Orc Bomber 96,533,208
4th Skull Archer 76,094,670
5th Orc Cavalier 74,989,470

Arks Death Count


Rank Boss Arks Deaths
1st Omega Masquerade 922,200
2nd Omega Hunar 732,197
3rd Dark Falz Persona 475,148
4th Omega Angel 423,037
5th Apostolo Dragon 355,784
6th Omega Apprezina 355,398
7th Omega Falz Loser 328,559
8th Omega Durumble 323,895
9th Devil Castle・Lanzer Valace 264,411
10th Devil Castle・Misil Ghasud 166,971

Mini Bosses

Rank Boss Arks Deaths
1st Flame Diamos 437,191
2nd Rock Golem 143,055
3rd Bomber Golem 142,857
4th Omega Cockatrice 97,071
5th Resta Golem 53,498


Rank Boss Arks Deaths
1st Orc Bomber 258,121
2nd Minotaurgus 248,748
3rd Omega Salamander 178,063
4th Orc Cavalier 142,037
5th Omega Orc 98,284

Experience Acquired from (Bonus Key Tokyo [Gold]) over a Year

30,973,050,985,610 EXP

EXP High Scores from (Bonus Key Tokyo [Gold])

Rank High Score
1st 16,346,749 EXP
2nd 15,650,739 EXP
3rd 15,349,127 EXP
4th 13,156,301 EXP
5th 13,111,572 EXP

8 thoughts to “7th Anniversary Arks Survey Report”

    1. Read the top title Class Popularity Graph
      Data was collected from logged in players during the Period April 1st 2019 ~ April 30th 2019, the day that phantom just updated few days ago.

  1. Most popular Techer Subclass is Force…
    This is exactly why Sega can't balance this class. 1/3rd of all playerbase play literally the second worst subclass for Te. Granted most of these are probably just leveling Te sub for Fo but in that case it's just useless data clouding what would be useful data. And there are still more than enough people running this combo unironically.

  2. I wonder who has the more accurate numbers, Sega or a couple of gaijins, most likely playing off japanese prime time…?

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