PSO2 JP: Update (1/15/2014)

New Pre-Scheduled Emergency Quest

  • 平穏を引き裂く混沌 Chaotic Disrupting Tranquility (Temporary Name)

New Parallel Area Added

New Client Orders

Arks Road Expanded

Crafting System Implemented

  • Equipment Extend: Overwrites the stats of weapons / units
  • Technic Customize: Alters the effects of techs by changing its power/speed, hit number/range, etc.
  • Crafting Level Cap 30. Cap will increase in future updates.

Latent Abilities

  • Added new latents
  • Added latents to some pre-existing weapons.
  • Choose your one favorite latent ability out of a list of choices.

AC Shop Update

  • リリパリウム(極大)(1個)1x Liliparium (Max) = 150 AC
  • リリパリウム(極大)(5個)5x Liliparium (Max) = 600 AC
  • リリパリウム(極大)(10個) 10x Liliparium (Max) = 1,100 AC
  • クラフトライン追加 Additional Craft Line = 300 AC. [Though this is purchased through the Craft-line interface.]

Recycle Shop

  • 装備条件緩和+20% (Equipment Conditions Relief +20%)
  • メリット値+20% (Merit Values +20%)
  • デメリット値-20% (Demerit Values -20%)

Craft Materials Exchange Shop

  • アイロニア Aironia
  • アイロデスト Airodest
  • アイログリモ Airogrimo
  • アイロリアス Airorears
  • アイロアムス Airoarms
  • アイロレグス Airolegs
  • スティニア Stinia
  • スティデスト Stidest
  • スティグリモ Stigrimo
  • スティリアス Stirears
  • スティアムス Stiarms
  • スティレグス Stilegs
  • サファード Saphard
  • プロメチット Promechit

Choose クラフト素材交換ショップ at the Recycle Shop.

Excube Exchange Shop Update

  • クラフトエクスビルダー2 (Craft Ex Builder 2)
  • クラフトテックビルダー2 (Craft Tech Builder 2)

FUN Shop (Room Items)

  • イアイマスター Iai Master (3000FUN)
  • フォトガチャン Photon Gacha (5000FUN)
  • クラフトコンソール Craft Console (2000FUN)
  • クラフトエクスビルダーCraft Ex Builder (2000FUN)
  • クラフトテックビルダー Craft Tech Builder (2000FUN)
  • クラフトボード Craft Board (2000FUN)

My Room Shop Update

Other Changes

  • Reduced common blocks, and increased the number of people connecting to My Rooms.
  • Adjusted Zondeel so that its visual effects are not too overbearing.
  • Drinks effects would normally expire after a quest was over, but now they will expire when you return to the campship after finishing the quest.
  • The "Destroy the infected aircraft" Emergency Trial in Cradle of Darkness will not fail when its participants are gone.
  • Matterboard items will no longer drop in story quests, due to certain actions in story quests preventing them from dropping. 
  • You can hold 999 of certain items.

Wand Lovers Changes

  • Wand Lovers effective times extended; Recast timing adjusted
  • PP Penalty effect removed.
  • Increased "Striking Damage" (Normal Attacks / Tech Explosion power increased)
  • Instead of "Mirage Escape," the "Step" evasive action is applied while Wand Lovers is in effect. Step Attack is also available.
  • An all skill tree reset pass will be distributed.

Braver Changes

  • Katana's Step and Step Attack animation speed has increased.
  • Asagiri-rendan's step cancel timings have been adjusted.
  • Increased the amount of PP gained through normal attacks with the Katana.

Quest Changes

  • For the Egg and Rare Mineral Code: Collect trials, the operator will relay the item's whereabouts in short intervals. The item's display range has been adjusted.
  • For Insect Fossil Code: Collect trials, the operator will relay the item's whereabouts in short intervals.
  • In Mining Base Defense, リリパリウム(極小) Liliparium (Minimum) has been added as a reward during the results of a wave.
  • Relaxed the number of capsules needed for Advance Quests. Made it harder for enemy levels to rise from its Advance Risk, which relaxes said difficulty of the quest.

More Changes

  • Hunter's "Just Guard" and Katana's "Counter" effects will occur even if they receive several attacks at the same time.
  • Increased Partner Character's HP
  • Hans Client Orders: Dreaded Planet, Vivid Demons, Pack Beasts, Armored Baptism, Hidden Forest Traps unlocking conditions adjusted.
  • Relaxed the clear conditions for some client orders from Lola, Azanami, and Jean.

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