PSO2 JP: Valorous Vanguard Gameplay Changes

Today's update!

Surprise, a new quest!

New Emergency Quest

  • Desert Guerrillas 砂漠遊撃戦 N: 0 H: 20 VH: 40

New Client Order

  • A new Jean client order "アークスカードの編集方法" Editing your Arks Card

System Update

Item Names

Matter Board

  • You can now search several matters at the same time.
  • The matter board's design has changed and now "Event Matters" have a distinct look.

Searching Parties in Other Blocks Expanded

  • After you transfer to the other block, you can directly join the party that shows up on the list.

Party Settings

  • Two new playstyles added "Laid Back" and "Lively"


  • When a branch appears in the story,  there will be an [!] exclamation point in the quest type selection screen.

Escape Quest

  • Added a drop item to the Falz Hunar that appears in the Escape Quest

Floating Continent

  • Added a backdrop to the starting areas of Floating Continent


  • You can choose the same makeup pattern for "Makeup Pattern 1" and "Makeup Pattern 2"

Premium Set Players

  • A certain number of premium users can enter into full blocks as long as there is "Premium Space" available.
  • Premium players can reuse the Aesthetics counter pass over the course of an hour; this time decreases while you are logged in. The time remaining will be shown as you enter the Aesthetics Counter.

Keyboard Double Tab Settings

Double Tap Settings

キャラクター移動キー2回押し(長間隔) Double Tap (Long Interval)
キャラクター移動キー2回押し(中間隔) Double Tap (Medium Interval)
キャラクター移動キー2回押し(短間隔) Double Tap (Short Interval)
回避アクションキーのみ(2回押し無効) Evasion Button only (Double Tap Disabled)


  • There is now a setting in options that will allow to change the double tapping intervals for Evasive Actions. You can set it for long, medium, short, or deactivate it.

Arks Card

  • The Arks Card design has changed. You can now edit it from the main menu. The option to change it from the Visiphone will be removed.

My Shop

  • Added a Keyword Matching Search Function. When you type in text to search for an item, a partial match of an item's name will show up.
  • When transitioning from item search results, if the item has sold and is no longer available, a message will be displayed.
  • When displaying "items from storage"  from the My Shop management menu, the game will now remember the previously selected storage box.


  • You can now blacklist from the search results of "Arks Search" at the Visiphone

Symbol Art

  • Made changes so that it saves the symbol art history that would have been deleted when you logged out or closed the client.

When it's your First Time Choosing A Ship

  • There is now a "Starting the game for the first time" option on the initial game startup.

Server Messages

  • When Emergency Quest are announced in advance, the message will now display the area of where the quest takes place.
  • Outbreak event announcements are not shown during an event.

Overhead Display

  • Added a setting to show the PSN Online ID /Player ID

Log Window

  • When a PA or Technic disk is picked up, the log window will display its level.

Target Information

  • During a quest,  it will now display in the upper left hand corner in the target area, the weapon or unit's special ability.


  • The accessory ticket icon will now be dark if you already used it.

Vita Block

  • Added PC/Vita shared Blocks

Hunter Balance Adjustments

  • Increase the amount of PP recovered during normal attacks with Swords, Partisans, and Wired Lances
  • Made the Just Attack Timing somewhat quicker for Swords and Wired Lances
  • Increase the amount the Gear Gauge fills for Wired Lance and Swords
  • You can guard to cancel the animation of the Wired Lance PA "Cerberus Dance"

Some Equipping Conditions Relaxed

  • Relaxed some of the equipping conditions for 2 ~ 3 star units.

Matter Board Adjustments

  • Changed the target enemy level to 5 for Galf [E1] and Fangalf [A-5]
  • You no longer need to clear all of Xeno's client orders for Matterboard 8 C-7

Client Order Adjustments

Koffee's Client Orders have been adjusted as follows:

  • Changed some of the unlocking conditions
  • Better EXP Rewards
  • Relaxed some of the clear conditions
  • These changes affect all of her area/free-field unlocking and Mag License COs

Other CO changes

  • Relaxed some of the target enemy levels for Hans’ quests
  • Relaxed some of the target enemy levels for Revelle’s quest
  • Improved the rewards for Echo’s Client Orders
  • Relaxed the friendship rating needed for some of Franka's Client Orders to appear.
  • Relaxed some of the clear conditions for Xeno, Echo, Afin, Ouza, Lisa, Marlu, Hans, Lola's starting client orders.
  • Relaxed the clear conditions for Fighter, Techer, and Gunner client orders.

Story Quest

  • Made it easier to get a high rank for the Beginning of the End story quest.

Bosses and Enemies

  • Reduced the HP of enemies less than level 20
  • The Snow Banther and Caterdran AI will be adjusted on "Normal" to make it less difficult.
  • The Vol Dragon's stats will be adjusted on "Normal" to make it less difficult.
  • Wolgahda's AI has been adjusted on all difficulties making it less difficult.
  • Increased the rewards for the rare pattern of the Dark Falz Elder emergency trial.

Medical Drink

  • Premium Set users will have a higher chance at getting secondary effects of "Premium Effects"

Patch Notes

  • Not Finished. Still Updating..
  • Corrected a bug where it became difficult to mash buttons based on your max frame rate settings.
  • Corrected a bug where the "Bullet Squall" and "Reverse Tap" PAs would hit less based on your max frame rate settings.
  • Corrected a bug where Sa Zonde JA damage wasn't applied
  • Corrected a bug where the Photon Blast did not damage Big Vardha
  • Corrected a bug where mines discovered by Trap Search were sometimes indestructible.
  • Corrected a bug where boost enemy infection cores did not appear.
  • Corrected a bug where female casts would float while performing the Male Dance 1, Pose 1 + 2, lobby actions.
  • Corrected a bug where items would not drop for players in a party, while viewing an event tablet.
  • Corrected a bug that after clearing the Dark Falz Elder EQ, if you switched to another block, a blank announcement message would scroll by.
  • Corrected a bug where you could move inside the Arks Counter.
  • Corrected a bug where it was possible to accept the Approaching Dark Arms Emergency quest after it expired.
  • Corrected a bug for Echo's "Cute Mag" client order, where it asked for Mech Enemies, instead of specifically "Gardinan" parts.
  • Corrected a bug where the necktie for the "Heart Breaker" costume would float if the breasts were large.
  • Corrected a bug where it would add 2 symbol arts to "History" from My Shop Search results.
  • Corrected a bug where some titles you get from grinding your weapons would not show up at the Title Counter.
  • Corrected a bug where "Rear/Ribble Fray" would change sizes based on the character's pose.
  • Corrected a bug where the BGM did not transition into Battle.
  • Corrected a bug where it would play the normal lobby music even if there's a seasonal lobby BGM when an Emergency Quest is active.
  • Corrected a bug where the Radar Map and Area Map did not display properly
  • Corrected a bug where Big Vardha and Tranmizer did not show up on the Radar Map
  • Corrected a bug where clone ARKS did not show up on the Radar Map
  • Will now display a warning message for symbol arts that were created through unauthorized methods. Saved Symbol Arts that contain illegal data will be removed automatically.
  • To reduce the load on My Shop Searches, items will be moved and sent to special storage after 60 days have passed. This is based on the date from either the time you last logged in, or when the My Shop expires, whichever number of days is greater.
  • Presents for the Emergency Quest 4 and Change Password campaigns have been delivered.
  • Messiah Time's attacks will no longer register through the fence barrier.
  • Limited time Client Orders will no longer have their item drop within quests if the order has expired.
  • Event Tablets will no longer appear in Area 3 of "Polluter Destruction" ARKS Quest.
  • Added an introductory scene for the Quest Counter and Shop Area after clearing Chapter 0
  • Added "unit price" and "total amount" in the confirmation window, when putting items on display in My Shop.
  • Updated the credits at the login screen.
  • Added latent abilities to more weapons.


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