PSO2 JP: Weekly Maintenance (8/15/12)

Every Wednesday, Phantasy Star Online 2 will undergo weekly maintenance regardless of whether there's an update or not. This week's maintenance is a little bit different in that they are going to address several major bugs that launched with the previous update.

Weekly Maintenance Times:

  • Every Wednesday from 11:00 ~ 17:00 JST
  • Every Tuesday from 10:00 PM ~ 4:00 AM EDT

Maintenance Contents (Not Finalized: Subject to Change)

  • Address the issue where the F. Continent drop rate is low.
  • Address the issue where the F. Continent enemy appearance rate is low.
  • Address the issue where the F. Continent's tornado lets characters get stuck in the air.
  • Address the issue where the Quartz Dragon's appears invisible.
  • Address the issue where despite it not appearing, the Fanji (Fungi) Code Rescue Emergency trial repeats over and over.
  • Address the issue where the NPC "Aki" cannot be found. (Though this occurs depending on your progress through the Matter Board)

They will correct the problems and make some adjustments in this week's maintenance. To all who cleared the floating continent quests once, they will examine some form of an apology. They will notify us later as soon as they decide upon the contents and time this apology will go into effect.

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