PSO2 JP: Where Darkness Gathers Part 1 (12/05/2012)

Today's update.

Christmas Lobby

The Christmas Lobby will be available from December 5th to December 26th.

Field update

Parallel Areas

  • Parallel Areas, where rare enemies and rare bosses appear have been added. Players will be able to move to the Parallel Area using a special teleport which will appear randomly (low chance).

Limited time Emergency Quest

The Event NPC Shii (Xie) in a Santa Costume will be distributing Client Orders between December 5th to December 26th.

New Client Orders, Team Orders

  • New Client Orders and Team Orders have been added.

New Partner Cards
Partner Cards have been added for the following npcs:

  • Clotho
  • Jozseph
  • Revelle
  • Barbara

New items

フリーズ・ツナ Freeze Tuna (Sword)

グワナーダブル Gwanahdouble (Double Saber)

マイザーバレット Mizer Barett (Twin Machineguns)

ホワイトラッピーファン White Rappy Fan (Talis)

These are just a portion of the new weapons.

Fashion update

  • New FUN and AC Scratch items have been added. Post with the new rotation details will be published later.

System Update

Latent Ability System

  • Added the Latent Ability Systems for certain weapons grinded to +10. It has been explained here.

Recycle Shop

New items have been added to the Recycle Shop. In addition, all items with 10 star rarity are eligible for exchange for the following items:

  • 1x 10 star weapon: 1x Excube/1x Photon Sphere/30x Grinders
    5x 10 star unit: 1x Photon Sphere/30x Grinders

Net Cafe Counter

  • Excubes have been added to the lineup.

Premium Set

Following things were added/changed in the Premium Sets:

  • Client Order limit increased from 20 to 40.
  • Effects of the Buff Drinks have been strengthened.
  • Amount of received FUN points has been increased.

Changes to Class Skills involving "Status Conditions"

  • Until now, Class Skills which involved "Status Conditions" were working only with "Elemental Conditions", but this has been changed and those Skills now work with "Stun", "Injury" and "Bind" conditions as well.

Extension of the Team Features

  • The maximum Team Level has been raised and is now 4.
  • It's possible to increase the number of Team Storage slots to 200.
  • It's possible to level up various aspects of the Photon Tree up to level 6.

Time Attack Quests

  • Doing Time Attack quests alone has been made possible.

Change of the conditions for failing the "Gift from the Storm" (Mr. Umbrella)

  • Equipped Mags attacking Mr. Umbrella during this code won't make players fail it.

Matter Board Drop Change

  • Aside from getting the Matter Boards randomly after killing enemies, a system which makes those items certain drops after a set number of enemy kills has been added. Number of enemy kills necessary for the drop depends on the item.

Displaying list of of Parties in different Blocks

  • Feature allowing the display of parties doing selected quests in different blocks has been added. Upon selecting a party from this list, player is teleported to the front of the Quest Counter in the said block. Feature allowing player to join the selected party from a different Block will be added at a later date.

Blocking NPC Partners

  • If players selects sets the "Enter a room not allowing NPC Partners" option in the new Matching Settings (マッチング設定) sub menu in the Quest Counter to ON, room created upon departing for the quest won't allow NPC partners. Other players who select that room also won't be able to call NPCs.

Change of the Auto Follow feature

  • The Auto Follow feature has been changed so that it's only possible to auto follow members of one's own party. It's also not possible to follow someone who has us on his/her Black List.

Friend Partner changes

  • It's no longer possible to call Friend Partners of people who have been removed from player's Friend List.

Changes to throwing away items

  • When choosing the "Throw away" item option, the cursor will be set to "No" by default.
  • Upon confirming throwing away an item, one more window with an item list will appear for the final confirmation.

Changes to My Shop

  • A "Show similar items" (相場を見る) option has been added to the drop down menu when setting up items for sale. It searches for the said item and shows up to 50 results allowing for an easy price check.
  • Sort function like the one in the backpack has been added to the My Shop search results.
  • When putting up items for sale in my shop, the selected sorting method in the storage/backpack is being saved until the player returns to the "Manage My Shop" window.
  • Checkbox to show only the equippable items has been added to the My Shop search results.

Changes related to various interface sort options

  • The "Sort" options for various Client Order lists has been removed and a tab allowing to show Client Orders recommended for specific areas has been added.
  • Sorting by Rarity (High/Low first) has been added to the item pack etc.
  • The "Event items" are now sorted within corresponding groups.

New Chat Commands

The following new Chat Commands have been added:

  • The "<skill>" (or <sk>) Chat Command has been added. If entered into chat, it will show as the name of the last used Skill or Photon Burst.
  • A new Cut In Brightness feature has been added to the Chat Commands. The new command has to be put after the Cut In, for example "/ci 1", in a form of "t1" to "t5", with t5 being the brightest.

New Symbol Art Editor features

  • "Copy Color" and "Apply Color" options have been added to the "Other" category in the part drop down menu in the Symbol Art Editor.

New Screenshot features

  • Until now it was possible to select the "Show Interface" and "Hide Interface" settings for screenshots. A new "Hide Interface (Show Chat Bubbles)" option has been added. Moreover it's now possible to capture screenshots in on of those 3 modes by using a certain key combination. For "Interface on"/"Interface off"/"Interface off with chat bubbles" the default combinations are: "PrintScreen"/"Ctrl"+"PrintScreen"/"Ctrl"+"Shift"+"PrintScreen"

Collision system optimization

  • Collision system has been optimize to reduce the amount of processed data.
  • Because of this, the shape and range of collisions in the field can be different.
  • On some computers "a "PHYSX->CPU" indication might be displayed in the top-right corner of the screen. If that's the case, please turn off the "Show Physx Visual Indicator" setting in the Nvidia Control Panel.

Balance Adjustments

Photon Tree Balance Adjustments

  • Photon water won't be consumed if the player logs out while receiving an effect from the tree.

Adjustments of the elemental property of 7+ star rarity drops

  • Items with rarities 7 star and up will now always have an attribute attached at the time they drop.

Client Order Adjustments

  • For NPC Klotho’s Time Attack Client Orders changed the requirements you need to clear as long as you A rank the TA quest.

Reduction of meseta required for identifying untekked items.

  • The amount of meseta required for tekking has been reduced.

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