PSO2 JP: White Day 2015 + Item Design Contest Winners (Part 1)

The White Day event returns on February 25th, adorning the lobby with blue hearts!


Xie (White Day) will appear for a limited time with brand new client orders! Players will receive a White Day 2015 bingo card with rewards such as booster items and a ★9 wand.


More Emergency Quests on Extra Hard

 [A Boisterous White Day 3] emergency quest will now support Extra Hard difficulty. NPCs will appear in pairs to assist you in battle during the quest's emergency trials. Head to the deepest area and protect the Naura Sisters' cargo to buy their White Day Chocolates!


Ebon-Winged Vanguard, Paragon of Deceit, and Beckoning Darkness will support Extra Hard, sporting these new ★11 and ★12 weapon drops.

HP Adjustments

  • Adjusted the HP for Apos Dorios and Dark Falz [Loser] on Super Hard. 
  • Adjusted the HP for Dark Falz [Loser] on Very Hard.


Arks Ship Competition: United Festival Cup

Arkumami Katana

The Arks Ship Competition is back with a brand new host, Arkmami! Like Arkuma, this color swapped host will have items themed in their image like the *Arkmami Katana, Arkmami Balloon, and Arkmami Pochette. It's Red vs Blue this time around! Join in on the action when the competition begins from March 1st through March 8th, 2015.



AC Scratch: Winners Design 2 [Side A]

ラパンキャップLapin Coat
ラパンコート (Lapin Coat)

Last year, several artist submitted their designs in a contest during the Phantasy Star Festa 2014. The winners of these works had their designs converted into actual in-game items, consisting of costumes, weapon camos, mags, and accessories. Not only will this scratch contain those items, but also a costume from PSU's Project CUTE!


ヴァリアントヴィクセンValiant Vixen
ヴァリアントヴィクセン (Valiant Vixen)
リィンピッチナー (Lean Picchner)
ハナユイオウギ Hanayui Ougi
ハナユイオウギ (Hanayui Ougi)
メカラッピースーツMecha Rappy Suit
メカラッピースーツ (Mecha Rappy Suit)
*ストリクス (Strix)
*鬼哭破軍 Kikoku Hagun
*鬼哭破軍 (Kikoku Hagun)
*晶花クリスブリューテ (Sparkling Krisblüte)
マリンセーラーハット (Marine Sailor Hat)
マリンセーラーハット (Marine Sailor Hat)
ネコ耳スカーフ Cat-Ear Scarf
ネコ耳スカーフ Cat-Ear Scarf
進化デバイス/ホヌホヌ Evo Device / Honu-Honu
進化デバイス/ホヌホヌ (Evo Device / Honu-Honu)
Heartwarming Cord
ハートウォーミングコーデ (Heartwarming Cord)
かみぶくろ (Paper Bag)


 *Item name suggestions in German are welcome.

M25SE Missouri / Licht


There's been a bit of buzz surrounding this weapon, but unfortunately, it's quite pointless to enter its campaign outside of Japan. However, you can try snagging it from Player Shops by paying a hefty price.

Item Details

  • Weapon: M25SEミズーリ/リヒト  (M25SE Missouri / Licht)
  • Element: 30% Ice
  • Special Ability: Another History / Freeze IV
  • Native PA: Impact Slider
  • Potential: Isolated Presence

34 thoughts to “PSO2 JP: White Day 2015 + Item Design Contest Winners (Part 1)”

  1. Going to be a little pissed if part 2 has more female costumes as well. I get it most people play a female character, I have two females and two males, but this just seems messed up if it all ends up being just female costumes.

    1. I still wanted that high-concept female cast part set that looked like it could pass for an EVA Angel :<

    2. There are two male costumes in part 2. Actually the information on them is easily accessible on the official site, you can check it anytime instead of accumulating the piss.

    3. I know how you feel, but I do think the Hanayui Ougi is for males, or their body looks male to me.
      I really like it, I always feel like males needed more unique or sexy costumes than the standard "blazer with long pants" or "clunky robot" look.

      I remember seeing in the contest results they did have some more male ones, but they weren't really good-looking imo… Well, we will see, maybe I missed something.

      The good thing is, we don't have to shell out millions for clothing male characters, at least. XD Except for unisex accessories/hair.

    4. If that Hanayui is for males I'll make sure to steer clear of it men in high heels just sounds wrong to me.

    5. It is. At least, the person in the image looks like a male to me, by their body structure.
      I think it looks stylish, assuming the guys who wear it aren't too manly/big. Gives men a chance to feel the pain women do. XD Even though it's not real.
      I'm sure some people who made "trap" characters would appreciate it too, since there's not many feminine outfits for males.

      I wonder if it's just one color.

    6. You do realise a fair few of the male outfits have rather high heels in their footwear right? Gettemjerk's being particularly conspicious.

      Also several hundred years' worth of cavalrymen demand satisfaction and inquire whether you would prefer swords or pistols…

    7. That is one of the reasons why my newman male character doesn't wear a good number of outfits. Just like there is a good number of CAST legs my male CAST doesn't wear because of the high heels.

    8. But high heals were ORIGINALLY a male's shoe
      just like purses were originally a male's accessory xD

    9. Don't forget eyeliner. XD
      At least, my beauty instructor told us it was for men, in Egypt.
      Supposedly it helped keep insects out of their eyes?

    10. Crying too… I think it was either ancient Rome or Greece, that it was considered manly to cry after a tragic event.

      …Okay, I will stop now.

    11. wigs, powder makeup, hosiery… so many things that were originally men-only that westerners now associate with females enough to fly into "must defend my masculinity!" fits over the idea of wearing them. it is very silly.

    12. Nah I just don't wear them because the outfit looks like crap imo. They usually look good with the outfit but not good with the character I created.

      My male Cast hasn't changed parts in about a year now because I don't like any of the new parts that have come out and my other male is a newman and besides the Judgment Coat there are few outfits I like that have a green variation or i can turn it green and the color scheme will still work.

    13. I've always wanted Right's costume for female since I don't have male character. If i have male char. i'd use his costume as my main outfit. Is it on your list too? 😀

    1. …and it's the most awesome male costume that I've seen yet. Can it be worn by CASTs, I wonder?

    2. I hope so. With how they're making previously non-cast costumes for casts now, I hope they eventually just make everything all-races or have a cast/non-cast version of everything.

  2. That M25SE Missouri / Licht, I read that it's impossible to acquire from outside of Japan, but, how's to get that in Japan? o.o

    It's really cool.

    1. Buy certain intel parts from a select participating retailer in Japan, then entering a serial code provided.

    1. I think they meant the black weapon with purple magic circles, like 蛇腹グリゴロス a 12* Wired Lance( nick name: the handsome viper lol)

    2. Sega is too much in love with db bouncers, every update has at least one new set of dbs or a camo for them.

    3. Probably to catch up on all those camos the other weapon types have already. It's a new weapon. :L

    4. 11 for dual blades counting the one from the panel, jet boots has 4 and its also a "new weapon", rifle has 8 wich 2 of them are handguns that look realy weird with rifle animations and are designed for twinmags, just sayin numbers scaled pretty quickly on dbs while others got left behind.

    5. I think Katana needs more… At least, more that are affordable or free from events.
      It seems most of them(the ones I like, at least) are super expensive from being in AC scratches and RL events and such.

  3. True dat – I spent 8 mill on my Soul Blade Yukihime katana camo – but was worth not having to look at my ugly normal katana anymore. Think it's up to 10 mill now – least on ship 02 – anyways – just run Klotto's TACO and Extreme Quest orders as well as the 200,000+ meseta Bal Rodos Daily when it shows up and you'll have that 8-10 mill for it yourself within a couple weeks.

  4. Name Suggestion
    The designer of リィンピッチナー(Lean Pitchner) says "ネーミングは「ぴっちりインナー」のアナグラムです" (The name is Hiragana/Katakana anagram of ぴっちりインナー(tight inner)), so the tranlation name could also be anagram of "Tight Inner".

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