PSO2 Live Broadcast #30 Recap

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 Post Live Broadcast Updates

  • Split the scheduling of the updates in the Pioneer II video.
  • Added weapon and main class restrictions to Skills.


EQ and Boost April 5

Emergency Quest Poll

  • Viewers selected Magatsu for the Emergency Quest Boost
  • The EQ will appear after a live concert on April 5th @ 22:00 JST



Secret Phrase

  • Say the phrase だてたろう in chat sometime between now through April 15th's maintenance to receive the following items:
    • Carp Streamer Head Black
    • Carp Streamer Head Red
    • Carp Streamer Head Blue
    • 5 Casino Coin Passes
  • These items will be distributed some time in the future.





New PA Techs April

Late April Update

  • New PAs for Dual Blade, Twin Machine Guns, and Gunslashes.
  • Dual Blade: Immortal Dove
  • TMG: Grim Barrage
  • Gunslash: Strezwei* (Spelling  Suggestions Welcome)


New Pa Techs April 2

Late April Update

  • New Pas for Partisan, Double Saber, and a Fire+Dark Compound Technic
  • Partisan: Tears Grid
  • Double Saber: Hurricane Sender
  • Fire + Dark Tech: Fomelgion


PSO2 April Skills

Late April Update (Skills)

  • Hunter: Just Guard PP Gain (Main Class)
    • Recover PP by JG with Hunter Weapons
  • Ranger: Massive Bullet (Main Class)
    • Prevents the character from being blown away or launched when loading a special bullet.
  • Force: Talis Fast Throw (Main Class)
    • Speeds up Talises


April Skills 2

Late April Update

  • Fighter: Limit Break Photon Charge (Main Class)
    • Fully Recover PP when Limit Break Ends
  • Gunner: T Machine Gun Mastery (Main Class) (TMG Only)
    • Increases the amount of PP recovered.
    • Acquire a damage bonus with Criticals.
  • Techer: Wide Support (Main Class)
    • Expands the range of Shifta, Anti, Deband, and Resta


April Skill 3

Late April Update

  • Braver: Counter Bonus (Main Class)
    • Counter and Counter Edge recovers PP and Boosts Power.
  • Braver: Bullet Bow Charge Bonus (Main Class) (Bullet Bows Only)
    • Reduces PP consumption and Charge Times of Charged PAs
  • Bouncer: Jet Boots Escape (Main Class) (Jet Boots Only)
    • Adds invincibility frames with PA Shift Actions
  • Bouncer: Jet Boots Gear Boost (Main Class) (Jet Boots Only)
    • Increases how much the Gear rises with attacks when Shifta or Deband is active.


Craft Recipes a

Late April Update

  • Added [Weapon Extension] Recipes
  • Added [Timed Ability] Recipes that support Ultimate
  • Desynthesize up to 10 items at the same time.


Interface Improvements April

Late April: Interface Improvements

  • Added an icon that tells players that they are welcome to join the party.
  • Search for several Special Abilities at the same time in My Shop Search
  • Added a setting in options that prevents the mouse from operating the camera.
  • Symbol Art +500% Zoom while editing.


 Improvements 2 April

Late April: Mag / Party / Team Improvements

  • Easier Mag Raising
  • Mag Level Down Device (Get it at the Excube Exchange Shop)
  • (The Party Maker) Party Recruitment in Multi-Party Areas 
  • Have non-team members enter the Team Room.


 chronicle scratch

Late April Update

  • Warring Chronicle Scratch
  • Cool Parka and Armored Style Costumes.
  • Log Cabin Room and Golfing


Ultimate Lillipa

Late April Update

  • The Not-destroyed (?) Subterranean Tunnels.
  • Enemies triumphant in ranged attacks.
  • Anga Fundarge and Yuga Darkers will also appear.



 Late April's New Bosses

  • Zeta Granz (or "Guranz" as an alternate spelling.)
  • Falke Leone & Vlima Leopard


 Ultimate Lillipa Slide

 Late April's Ultimate Lillipa

  • New ★13 "Slave" Weapon series.
  • All enemies have a chance at dropping ★13 weapons.



Balance Adjustments April

Balance Adjustments

  • Ignite Parrying Adjustments
  • Sword PA Charge Times Reduced
    • (Rising Edge/Nova Strike/Ride Slasher/Guilty Break)
  • Double Saber PA Shift Action and Step Cancel Timing adjustments
  • Jet Boots PA Step Cancel Timing adjustments (Strike Gust, Gran Wave, Moment Gale)
  • Adjustments for Counter Edge's range, gear recovery amount, and collision detection.



GW Revival Scratch

May 1st Update

  • A Golden Week Revival Scratch will begin on May 1st.
  • This revival scratch lasts for 2 weeks.



Fate Stay Unlimited

Mid May Update

  • New Scratch: Imitate Phantasm
  • Fate Stay Unlimited Blade Works Collaboration Scratch.
    • Homurahara Academy Uniform
    • Rin Tohsaka's Academy Uniform
    • King of Knights Civilian clothes
    • King of Knights Formalwear
    • Gilgamesh Civilian Clothes
  • Weapon Camos and Room Items
    • Gae Bolg
    • Berserker's Axe-Sword
    • Kanshou and Bakuya Overedge


Rainy Event

Mid-May Update

  • Rainy 2015 Bingo (~6/10)
  • In the Driving Rain 3 (~6/10)
  • Nepto and Rheo appear.


Sonic Runners Collab

Sonic Runners Collaboration

  • Sonic Runners (Android/iOS Freemium Game)
  • Rappy, Mag, and Quna will appear as Companions during the Late April Update.



Mikagura School Suite

Future Collaboration

  • Mikagura School Suite's Costumes, Hairstyles, and Accessories.
  • Arriving around Summer



Famitsu Collaboration

  • Famitsu Magazine's mascot "Necky" will appear as a Mag Evo Device.
  • Buy the Weekly Famitsu going on sale 4/23.
    • (Should probably wait for issue number before jumping the gun.)



Masaki Asai

Masaki APSY (Asai) Plastic Model Cast Designs

  • Masaki APSY's Casts are going on sale in August.
    • Contains 8 bonus items, featuring costumes, accessories, weapons, and voice tickets.
  • Masaki APSY's Casts will appear within the game around May.
    • Client Orders
    • Partner Card
    • Emergency Trial


PSO2es April Update

PSO2es 1st Anniversary Update

  • ★8 Quest (Sub Tunnels)
    • Towards the climax of the story.
  • New Chip and System Improvements
    • New PA: Sphere Eraser
    • New Council of 6 Chips
    • Max Chips 250 > 350


My Shop Es

PSO2es 1 Year Anniversary Update

  • My Shop Functionality
  • Search, Purchase, Place, and Withdraw items from My Shop.
  • New Features: Simple Search and Search History
  • My Shop Restrictions
    • All linked players will be able to use the My Shop Search feature.
    • Premium Set is required for placing an item on the market, or buying an item.
      • Each of these actions require Rappy Medals or AC.




June Update

  • Wedding Lobby
  • Sonic Lobby with rings, spring pads, and Green Hill Zone palmtrees.
  • New Casino Game: Li~Li~Roulette

July Update

  • Pioneer II
  • Gal Gryphon












37 thoughts to “PSO2 Live Broadcast #30 Recap”

  1. oi, sega. just accept that talis sucks. it's a neat concept that's 90% without value in the game as you've molded it.
    but we're busy pretending gunner doesn't need any help after we overcompensated for the period where it was totally broken!

    1. …confound it. forgot that this thing always parses anglebrackets as html. have to use {} for IRC-esque "other person talking" derpiness. just throw a {sega} in front of "but" for that all to make sense. /swt

    2. Would 200% make their way back there, it wouldn't help. All it did was promoting lazy boring playstyle of ER/IF, but right now it won't be good enough even with that boost.
      The "problem" with any given weapon or class in question is that it takes more effort to use than any other, without any significant tradeoff. Why bother coping with gunner and chain trigger or throwing talis, when you spam rod anything or pbf cancel for the same if not greater result?

      But we can all agree that adding more abilities to weapons and class is bad and considered an attempt to make it suck less. After all, everyone has the exact same mentality.

    3. i desagree that tails is bad, i does better damage then the rod with the tree tails boost and the ability to zondeel groups and freeze them all is Invaluable in tower defence and helps alot if ultimate. Tails is better with some technics and rod is better with other technics

    4. All techs do more damage when casted from a thrown talis than their related rods, even if you take into account the t-atk difference.
      20% multiplicative is a lot.

      Koushousen > Bert Rodan
      Squier Ligier > Nepto Rod
      Seimei Kikami > Weddle Park
      13* Talis > 13* Rod
      and so on

      It's just some are harder to use over others (ex. Foie, Nafoie, Ilfoie) or can't be casted from a thrown talis (compound techs).

    5. majority prefer to be easy OP rather than doing complicated stuff like properly positioning a talis. these are the people who really just want to stand and cast.

    6. Gunner doesn't need any help at all, it's fine how it is now. It's equally as strong as before if you know how to use it. But hey that takes effort, which, if you're still crying over the jroll being 10% instead of 200% because you can't be a lazy ER spamming useless Gu/Hu anymore then gunner probably isn't the class for you in the first place.

  2. Just a quick note: I think it is meant to be spelt Zeta Garanz like how it was spelt in the original PSO. Thanks for the update, Ricardo!

    1. That is so weird! Haha. Though it makes sense all things considered because they've done it with other similar enemy names that share common ancestry from those of PSO1 (the exception to the rule being Rappies, of course).

      Thanks for the clarification, Kenneth! 🙂

    2. not to be *that perron* but that looks nore like *glance* since thats a so oon end. but i might just be fuzzy eyed and not seeing particle

  3. is the JB escape for adding "longer" inv. frame to Shift action? JB already has split second inv. frame on Shift attack.

    1. If your talking about the spin you do with JBs after pressing shift then yes, JBs do give invincibility there. However, JBs as of now do not grant invincibility when using shift actions during a PA with the exception of Gran Wave. The JB escape will grant invincibility for all the other PAs when using shift action. I for one never use that spin to evade and have been waiting for a skill like this to come around.

    2. thanks, so basically this skill works the same way as P.Blade escape.
      btw that post was before the word PA was added to the translated description though.

    1. Well, there is a "new lobby system" planned to come in summer. But its unknown if its related to Pioneer II or not.

  4. i feel like the "zeta guranz" looks more like someone mashed garanz and episode 2 epsilon together

  5. The cheering when they reveal 10 items breakdown or multiple affix search is hilarious. It's sad stuff that should be there from the start is only done now but better late than never. You can feel the players there being freed from that despair.

    1. Yea, that 60+ disk desynthsize took forever to do after every EQ.

  6. So wait, the new ranger skill is only when "loading"? Or when you have one loaded? cause loading animation its not lenghty and if thats the case no point getting it if you have a hu sub with massive hunter.

    1. When you're blown away during loading, you lose the bullet, but the cooldown starts anyway. This is very annoying and likely to be happening more often in Ultimate, therefore this skill. Skills accompanying ultimate fields seem to be assisting ult mode.

    2. If you load during massive Hunter you dont get blown away, hence my question of how unuseful it seems from a Ra/Hu point of view.

    3. Looks like massive bullet is a one point passive ability. IIRC massive hunter was a timed ability, so that might be the appeal.

    4. 5/5 MH is 45 sec and 90 sec CD, and 25% damage mitigation as a bonus.

      If nothing else MB gives similar if more conditional, but "always on", functionality for less points and without having to sub Hu should that matter?

  7. シュトレシヴァイ
    could be an error form sega:
    (if the PA art name is german again like some other Gunslash ones)
    maybe they used "Streß Zwei" but the ß got not translated so it became StreZwei
    (Streß = stress, Zwei = Two)

  8. Yay for faster Talis throw. Does it mean that the follow up JA circle for the tech will be faster?

  9. I'm guessing they'll be adding the Central Control Area as well since that is the place you go to before Gal Gryphon.

    Hope they keep its boss theme too.

  10. Finally! I've been waiting for them to add the option of searching multiple affixes/abilities at once! This pleases me. It will also give players a better idea of how to price homemade fodder or just good fodder that drops with multiple slots and multiple abilities that work well with each other for their player shops (I'm looking at you 5+ slot S/R/T-Attack/HP/PP 'Insert Soul name here' UNITS!! Why you so 'spensive?!).

    Of course, the best thing about this is going to be the ease of finding the fodder you need with the exact abilities that you want quickly and efficiently.

    On the other hand, just because you've found the right fodder, doesn't necessarily mean that Monica or Dudu won't shut you down and piss in your cereal when you go to apply them. (Stock up up +20-30% affix success rate up items! Cause we ain't getting another boost week for awhile. :3 )

    Either way, I'm happy they are finally adding the option. Good job, Sega.

  11. I do also agree with most people, that the option to search multiple affixes for fodder should have been there from the start. This is coming from someone who has been playing since the Closed BETA.

    Doesn't make me any less happy that they finally added it though. :3

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