PSO2 Livestream Recap #24

Post Stream Updates

  • Added costume tidbit
  • Added PSO2es info.
  • Sarah is not going to let herself be insulted by Klaris Krays.



Halloween 3

Late October

  • Halloween Lobby (until 11/5)
  • Bingo and Client Order Rewards included.


halloween Event 2014

Late October

  • Trick or Treat 3 EQ
  • Halloween Naura cake sisters will appear as well.
  • Defeat Nyau and something appears!?


Zeno outfit

Late October

  • AC Scratch: Unlimited Brave
  • Zeno themed costume and parts and Halloween costumes.
  • GH450 Costume.
  • Cast and Human swapped outfits.



Sara Klaris

Late October

  • Sarah and Klaris Krays connection revealed…!?
  • Sarah's Partner Card.


secret phrase

Secret Phrase

Say ぶたたろう in chat some time between now until October 1st maintenance to receive:

  • *ダブル・ハリセン Double Harisen (Dual Blade Camo)
  • Casino Coin Pass x5

The items will be released at a later time. 



November Update

  • Ultimate Quests (Challenge the World that fell into Darkness)
  • Anga Fandarge

December Update

  • New Boss: Magatsu (The Sealed Titan)


PSO2es List 

October PSO2es Update

  • Ruins Field
  • New Arks Quest.
  • Zeshrayda appears
  • Introducing the Chip Laboratory, a 'Library List' for your chips.
  • There's even bonuses based on the number of chips you collected.



PSO2es October Update

Emergency Quests: Even more wonderful rewards!

  • PSO2es limited special ability [Gift Receptor].
    • Has a fixed chance of transferring Lucky Rise, Meseta Fever, EXP Boost abilities.
  • PSO2es Exclusive Weapon Colors
    • Recycle the Emergency Quest Boss Chips.
  • Grinding assistance items in the rewards lineup.

Balance Adjustments

  • Reduced Active Chip CP costs
  • Increased the cap on ability levels for some chips.
  • Changed the ability contents, effects, and costs for some chips.
  • All sorts of balance adjustments to enemies, exp, etc.



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