PSO2 Livestream Recap #24

Post Stream Updates

  • Added costume tidbit
  • Added PSO2es info.
  • Sarah is not going to let herself be insulted by Klaris Krays.



Halloween 3

Late October

  • Halloween Lobby (until 11/5)
  • Bingo and Client Order Rewards included.


halloween Event 2014

Late October

  • Trick or Treat 3 EQ
  • Halloween Naura cake sisters will appear as well.
  • Defeat Nyau and something appears!?


Zeno outfit

Late October

  • AC Scratch: Unlimited Brave
  • Zeno themed costume and parts and Halloween costumes.
  • GH450 Costume.
  • Cast and Human swapped outfits.



Sara Klaris

Late October

  • Sarah and Klaris Krays connection revealed…!?
  • Sarah's Partner Card.


secret phrase

Secret Phrase

Say ぶたたろう in chat some time between now until October 1st maintenance to receive:

  • *ダブル・ハリセン Double Harisen (Dual Blade Camo)
  • Casino Coin Pass x5

The items will be released at a later time. 



November Update

  • Ultimate Quests (Challenge the World that fell into Darkness)
  • Anga Fandarge

December Update

  • New Boss: Magatsu (The Sealed Titan)


PSO2es List 

October PSO2es Update

  • Ruins Field
  • New Arks Quest.
  • Zeshrayda appears
  • Introducing the Chip Laboratory, a 'Library List' for your chips.
  • There's even bonuses based on the number of chips you collected.



PSO2es October Update

Emergency Quests: Even more wonderful rewards!

  • PSO2es limited special ability [Gift Receptor].
    • Has a fixed chance of transferring Lucky Rise, Meseta Fever, EXP Boost abilities.
  • PSO2es Exclusive Weapon Colors
    • Recycle the Emergency Quest Boss Chips.
  • Grinding assistance items in the rewards lineup.

Balance Adjustments

  • Reduced Active Chip CP costs
  • Increased the cap on ability levels for some chips.
  • Changed the ability contents, effects, and costs for some chips.
  • All sorts of balance adjustments to enemies, exp, etc.



50 thoughts to “PSO2 Livestream Recap #24”

    1. Elder = Coral&cone shell + Devas
      Loser = Owl + Bishop
      I'm guessing Apprentice's real body maybe a colossal Centipede

    2. Oh no, please Sega don't make it a centipede… I hope they don't, and I know there's people in Japan who really are phobic with centipedes…

    3. I'm pretty sure there's people everywhere in the world that really don't like Centipedes. In fact we need more giant bugs besides Ragne.

    4. yes! MUKADE! in 10 yrs seen one once in an ER – it crawled into a patient chair – ugh >_< Today seen some giant "aphids" on the side of a neighbors house urgh – things one notices when not inside playing PSO 😀

  1. Honestly, that new area looks nice and all with powerful mobs (and that Titan..!) but people will complain that's it's too OP because it does too much dmg and can't be one shotted.

    1. Well, they ARE ultimate quests. They're not intended for the average faceroll player/sat spammer/etc, so only the best of us will be having any success with them.

      People who only buy lobby actions and costumes instead of properly grinding your weapons and units need not apply.

    2. But this is SEGA we're taking about, and they will nerf ultimate quests to appeal the masses without hesitation.

    3. nice, right? All bosses after Dargon Ex patch are too easy(well, except Knight Gear). I wish they could build a boss training room so I can solo DX all day just for fun.

    4. Honestly, Weiss brings up a good pont. Maybe they ARE adjusting the game for people who will spend billions into lobby actions and costumes.

    5. no kidding! since hairstyles are insanely priced, SEGA should allow free hair color changes … be a nice compensation.

    6. That comment sounds awfully rude, Weiss. It's one thing to say that Ultimate quests will be hard for people who don't have the best of equipment, but it's another to write your posts as if people who don't spend all their resources grinding everything are inferior in some way. Even players with potential and fully grinded equipment will likely have issue, or the quests themselves will not be nearly as hard as you proclaim, so I suggest you actually wait until we see the quests ourselves to make such proclamations.

    7. Hence the name "ultimate", I'm assuming the mimimum level is 65+, so even if you are fully geared hulk hogan or the "I'm over leveled and I do really bad damage" you shouldn't even be soloing this without 4 people (sorry trying to stop what I started e.e)

    8. Please do not confuse rudeness with realist statements.

      But it is true that the majority of players forsake adequate proper gear management for vanity, and these are going to be the people that complain about difficulty. Even something so simple as capping your weapon element and getting to +10 is meager and easy to do, but there are those out there that refuse to do it as it is "a waste of meseta". Potentials are a perk to have, but not mandatory unless you're running Niren Kamui or Elysion.

      Long story short, UQs are designed for those that hone their skills and armaments and should not be nerfed because you wanted to get your Panis Wings and Yukihime instead of completing your weapon.

      Again, not being rude, just realistic.

    9. And regarding what Trevaughn said, I'm one of those "hulk hogans" and I'm going to be really disappointed if UQs are even remotely soloable without major effort. Teamwork in this game is fun, and all of the solo-minded people make it hard to find a good posse to run with.

    10. It's not the 'realist statements' that I call rude, but your tone. I do not think UQ or anything should be nerfed from an adequate level of difficulty, but people shouldn't be looked down upon because they wanted to buy a cosmetic item, which always have fluctuating prices, over upgrading an item which can be done at any time for a static price. I would not fault anybody for going for a cheap accessory that might shoot up in price to put off grinding an item, as with patience they can have both. Just because someone prioritizes getting accessories does not mean that they don't focus on getting good gear or trying to be ready for the strongest challenges the games have.

      Also, there is nothing wrong with solo players. Teamwork is good when it's done well, but it's an unreliable thing and I'd rather have to carry some extra weight on my own than deal with somebody like a B20 denizen who knows nothing of what they're doing. Also, you seem to not remember Ultimate Mode in PSO, which is what these new quests basically are. Which presented itself as being hard, but was truly laughably easy.

    11. Actually, they SHOULD be locked down from progressing in UQs with meager gear without the level of skill to settle the balance.

      Why? A pretty corpse is still a corpse. You can get mad, throw insults, say "he's wude QQ" etc, but the majority of people that will be hammering out UQs for progression won't want to carry around someone with the output and survivability of an average Lv50.

      tl;dr play the game how you like, but when the going gets tough, either gear up or bow out.

      I'm not even being elitist. I've just seen this crap way too much in TD3 and XQs.

    12. Agree.

      Also blindly spending money on top tier weapon isn't enough. Choosing the right skill tree and weapon potential to fit it makes the different, and it's the reason why peeps ask me like "how the f did your 1050 meseta 9*bow nuke 600K per PA and my 11*/10503 can't even pass 300K!?"(it was actually higher than 2M dmg in total of 3 PA though). And more? I spent less than 3M meseta on that bow, Monica's allowance and crafting fee included.

      Same as why 7* Wired Lance can help Fi/Hu in doing 400K damage Holding Current while 11* ones can't.

    13. Claus has it right. Skill accompanying proper gear, utilizing things to their potential, and such.

      When I said meager, I was referring to ill-chosen, incomplete items like the Amun-Ra +6 with Ice 28 this 70 Fo/Te came into XQs with and just spammed dark molesty hand nonstop. Those are the kinds of people that will flunk at UQs.

    14. if i understand it then, UQ is for the minority who just wants "gameplay" on a game where "vanity" is top list in the target audience.

      in my opinion it'll get nerfed due to money powers.

    15. That's true, it's a persons' own choice what to spend their money in, and if they wanna buy some clothes, that's their choice, and doesn't necessarily mean they will suck.
      Some people know how to balance the costs of grinding and vanity, and some have good enough skill that they don't need to grind that much to survive.
      Part of the game being online is for the social aspect, and vanity items are part of that.

    16. but.. but… I buy Lobby Actions + Costumes AND grind my weapons all the time and others to sell ;_;

    17. There might be more to it if those glowing orbs above enemy heads are some sort of new mechanic.

      Either way, UQ will come through 12p emergency at first, so people shouldn't be worried about anything.

    18. I'm afraid the screen around the boss'll be flooded with SFX from Bo's Heal+Buffs spam which makes players around fail to dodge attacks.

    19. PS: I also think the buffs are a bit too loud compared to other SFX, but maybe that's just me from AFKing in campships with NPCs too long.

    20. I know, but I just can't stand playing muted either. >.< I really like hearing things like the hit sounds and voices and such… Well, it isn't that bad, especially in MPAs where everything else is loud enough. xD

    21. easy thing to do
      Render setting > Simple
      can make your PC run smoother too but Graphic loosing some fancy Light effect to the point of meeeeh~~~

  2. *munches popcorn*
    I rather like that one. "*says some elitist crap* I'M NOT BEING ELITIST!"

    if nothing else, hypercompetetive types are good for a laugh.

    1. One does not need to be hypercompetitive to succeed. I'm actually pretty laid back and mellow, but I do refuse to carry dead weight. I have a couple friends that I refused to pull through XQs because of certain reasons stated prior. Did I truncate them? No. I gave them meseta to get some decently-equipped units, a solid and reliable weapon, and showed them some new tricks. All without being a douche.

      Do familiarize yourself with this article before mislabelling others. If you're nice, willing to learn, and have a desire to try (thats all I ask for), I'll help you. But I won't cull you or call you inferior for wanting to play dress-up. But when we go grind for high-level weapons and frags/ores, I do expect everybody to pull their weight. And my friends understood that. Why? Because I'm not a twat.

    2. "Elitist" is just a consensual word used for stuck up players like yourself, good sir.
      True elitism or not, you try too hard and forget to have fun. You play games to have a good time instead of going all obsessive over it.
      Don't want to carry scrubs? there are plenty of efficient play styled teams and hardcore players to pick. Also, don't grab randoms, because why risk it? You're a pro player and deserve other pro players pulling their own weight alongside you. Useless pugs be damned, because you're the master race who is benevolent enough to throw a morsel to the undergeared noobs. You are a saint. *Salutes*

      Have a good life.

    3. I've played with Weiss. He's about as un-stuck-up as it gets. The dude is always helping people with tacos and stuff, even if he's done his for the week.

      You know nothing and would do well to keep your defamation to yourself.

    4. I figured hitting reply would have shown which comment i replied to but as it didn't i was referring to HELVETICA+STANDARD's comment.

  3. the only rule is ; if your having fun,your doing something right. games are meant to be fun, thats the whole point lol x3 same as xqs, irdc how bad my partty is, generally it dont matter,xqs are a breeze since lv 70. i expect uq to be no differnt,and likely easier since there arent floor to floor rules to *success* they just seem like harder free explore maps,, akin to shaqs. and id also expect some sort of passes required for entry too. that alone will thin out the herds of so called *vanity players* myself, i have 6 chars,and i woont even use them untill they have the right accessories,hair,outift,etc. thats what makes the game fun to me: customized chars. this doesnt mean i dont ALSO get adequate gear…i have 6 char for reason haha :p weekly tacos/xq orders and mesteta dailies make t pretty eeasy to bangout whats needed for any item i want, and i even help friends make money too so they can do same. and doontsay u never spent millions on a wep or unit only to see its been eclipsed in terms of power by a newer,shinier weapon/unit/etx. it happens,and by that poiint reslae is garbage. i know my outfits will usually gaiin value as tim/e goes on (same goes for fun scratch La's,ac scratch,etc) i found the game was more fun when i just ignored all the ppl claiming. a unit or wep with no less then 4 or 5 affixes is "crap" well. have fun throwin money at mon-chan or dudu till u get that eextra 30 points of attack stat (lol) thts neever fun. and the pahyoff is laughably miniscule…eh i just dont see the point. 2 affixes,maybe 3..and i always just buy them pre made. alot less headache. my advice is raise char #2 or maybe buy a 3rd and raise em up for tacos and xqs and dailies(lets. not forget daily craft orders ie; tech frags) and then even bingos,things like that add up fassst when u run multiple chars. and then u cn just save up and buy what u want lols. :3

    1. Yeah I agree with this.

      I mean, if you really wanted to avoid people without good gears and such, you could just gather up your own team of people to do stuff with them only.
      You can do Emergency quests like the Dark Falz and TD quests this way too. Actually, I think the only TD3 I have ever succeeded in was the one organized by my team(All 12 players were from the team). Mostly because they all are very skilled(AND fashionable) and had very good leadership/strategy.

    2. The only ones that tell you "less than 4-5 affixes is crap" are the spastic pso-worlders. Some of the best players I know run with 3 affixes. I know an amazing braver that pretty much solo's his XQs with a Zeshuu+10/Vol/Burn IV/Power IV. Theres a belief out there that unless you have 1300HP/150PP, you're useless. And that's simple untrue. If you are playing and succeeding, that's all that matters.

  4. When it comes to XQs all i care about is the other player doesn't go AFK during each stage. There is one person i played with who keept afking after each round, making 40stages take 2 hours. in the end i DC and never came back.

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