PSO2 Plastic Model : Phantom Battleship Yamato

Come this August, plastic model aficionados can get their hands on Phantom Battleship Yamato—the premier raid boss of PSO2's Episode 4. Priced at 5,300 Yen, this package will include not only the battleship itself, but also a Type-15 Tank, Fighter Aircraft, and the iconic A.I.S! As an added bonus, purchasers will receive item codes for a new lobby action, voice ticket, and music disc.



  • Phantom Battleship Yamato (1/700 Scale)
  • ARKS Interception Silhouette (1/300), Type-15 Tank, and Fighter Aircraft

Phantasy Star Online 2 Item Codes

  • 310「ハギト・フェムト」 ║ 310 「Hagito Phemut」 (Lobby Action)
  • 男性共通ハギト・Fボイス ║ Male Voice – Hagito F (Voice Ticket)
  • Borderless Quest Ver. (Music Disc)



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