PSO2 Plastic Model : Phantom Battleship Yamato

Come this August, plastic model aficionados can get their hands on Phantom Battleship Yamato—the premier raid boss of PSO2's Episode 4. Priced at 5,300 Yen, this package will include not only the battleship itself, but also a Type-15 Tank, Fighter Aircraft, and the iconic A.I.S! As an added bonus, purchasers will receive item codes for a new lobby action, voice ticket, and music disc.



  • Phantom Battleship Yamato (1/700 Scale)
  • ARKS Interception Silhouette (1/300), Type-15 Tank, and Fighter Aircraft

Phantasy Star Online 2 Item Codes

  • 310「ハギト・フェムト」 ║ 310 「Hagito Phemut」 (Lobby Action)
  • 男性共通ハギト・Fボイス ║ Male Voice – Hagito F (Voice Ticket)
  • Borderless Quest Ver. (Music Disc)



10 thoughts to “PSO2 Plastic Model : Phantom Battleship Yamato”

  1. I suppose the AIS tank and plane added to it is pretty nice, but the ship is pretty underwhelming, It just looks like a regular Yamato Battleship model but with some small additions to it like the crystal things and the decal painted on it. When I saw that you could get the battleship, I figured it would have it opened up like it does in the EQ.

    1. Everyone will love this bonus Yamato model that will come with this 5,300 yen mini AIS with tank and plane.

      It's like MGS2 Demo all over again.

      Also, who would seriously want part of a single theme? Even the item codes suck. The full AIS model will sell out with stores having to throw this crap in the dumpster I swear.

  2. Gotta keep that cost down or nobody would buy it for the codes. Could have gone for quality, but that would have been $250~350 just for the ship and $50~100 for each of the extras. Though, I haven't looked at what they're already overcharging so w/e.

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