PSO2 Rings in the New Year With A Las Vegas Limited Quest

~ January 11th, 2017~


Las Vegas Limited Quest

Enemy forces from various locations have gone berserk in District C of Las Vegas! With the absence of the Ride Roids, the ARKS must utilize Dash Panels and Catapults to maneuver around the city.

The shorter your clear time, the higher the end of quest evaluation will be. Thus, players must find the briefest routes towards reaching enemy spawn points. Expect to see higher rates of boss encounters as you gain quest points. Falz Douril and Douran will appear at the end with prefixed names.


New Year's Xie

With the havoc in Las Vegas, the ARKS New Year's celebrations haven't gone quite as planned. Xie returns red-faced to offer players client orders to help mop up the mess.


Japanese Style ★13 Weapons

Xie will also be opening an exchange shop stocked with the new ”Japanese Style” series of ★13 weaponry. To trade for these items, you'll need to earn [Weapons Badge 2017] from the limited quest.


ARKS New Year Carnival 2017 Web Event

The ARKS New Year Carnival 2017 is a new Web Interlocking Event running through March 8th. Players can participate by collectively amassing enough points to unlock rewards presented by each panel. Earning points can be accomplished by obtaining Weapons Badge 2017.


Collection Sheet SG Slots

Gain up to two additional Collection Sheet slots by paying Star Gems! Paying for them in this manner gives you continued access to that slot.


New Gathering Spots

Gathering Spots will now appear in the Skyscape and Seabed fields. Aside from new Skill Rings and Gathering Recipes, players will now be able to sell cuisines in their player shops. 


New Skill Rings

L / Another Rod Shoot Mode

  • "Rod Shoot" projectiles will now detonate on impact, damaging enemies caught in the explosion.


L / Just Reversal B

  • Deals damage to surrounding enemies upon landing from a Just Reversal.


L / Step JA Combo

  • Provides an opportunity to Just Attack following a Step.


R / Quick Mate

  • Speeds up the time it takes to consume mate items.
  • Unavailable to the Braver class, whether main or sub.


R / Panic Guard

  • Provides resistance against Panic.


New Team Room

Embark on a lunar expedition with the [Moon's Surface] Team Room! This base features a balloon collection mini-game like the one in Tokyo. Grab them all as quickly as you can with the help of the moon's low gravity.


Easier Story Board Quests

Story Board quests are receiving a new difficulty. In "Easy" mode, the enemies are capped at a lower level, allowing you to enjoy the story in peace. Please keep in mind that you can only receive Titles from certain quests if they're cleared on "Normal" difficulty.


Temporarily Disable Boost Item Effects

A new feature introduced in this update will allow you to temporarily halt the effects of boost items. This feature can be accessed from the Drink Menu and toggled by ticking the checkbox at the top. Taking a drink while the box is marked will pause the boost item's effect and duration until the drink has expired.


Critical Damage Display Improvement

Critical damage numbers will now display more prominently than before.


Rare Item Notification

You can now toggle ON and OFF the display of Rare Item notifications of Party Members.


Collection Sheet Gauge Colors

Collection Sheet result gauges will begin displaying the rare drop boosting portion in yellow.


New Items in the Recycle Shop

[Evo. Device / Stealth] is heading to the Recycle Shop. This new form makes your Mag appear invisible.


The Recycle Shop will also include the [No Sticker] option, hiding the display of stickers from your outfit.


Weaponoid Potentials

New weaponoid potentials will be added for T-Yasminikov 2000H, God Hand-NT, Bio Beld, and Rentaunam-NT. You can unlock these potentials by collecting Weaponoid Boosters through PSO2es.


Other Additions and Adjustments

New Trigger Quest

  • [T: Annihilator's Apparition] has been added as a new Trigger Quest.

Tutorial Menu

  • Tutorials will now be categorized, making it easier to lookup specific tutorials.

Daily Boost Improvements

  • You can now achieve a maximum Daily Boost of +50%.
  • Daily Orders which raise the boost will now be set at +5%.

Turret Improvements

  • Turrets will receive an increase in attack power on Hard or higher difficulties. This will apply only to some types of turrets.

Gathering Improvements

  • Increased the animation speed for Fishing.

Star Gem Improvements

  • Increased the amount of Star Gems received from maxed attachment gauges.
  • Increased the amount of Star Gems received from Gold and Silver Magatsu Bonus Quests.


Star Ship Valkyrie (AC Scratch)

ヴァルザライズ[Ou・Ba・In] | Varza Rise

Suit up for the new year in dragon inspired layered wear and CAST parts! Other outfits include a military maiden uniform and work attire reminiscent of the Ol Blink costume.


ヴァルザレシオ[Ou・Ba・In] | Varza Ratio


ドラウリア | Draulia


ドラクレス | Dracless


タウリアラーグ | Taulia Larg


ソリッドオール[Ba・In]| Solid Ol




14 thoughts to “PSO2 Rings in the New Year With A Las Vegas Limited Quest”

    1. idk about him but I found no reason to complain about it, but the only thing I dislike is that it's a recycle shop purchase. I'm quite content that it's getting added atleast, I like to have a casual look to my clothing, so it bothers me that I have to have a lame sticker somewhere sometimes.

    2. Honestly speaking i never get bothered by sticker because on most of the outfit that i wear (sci-fi ones), the sticker is small enough that it blended nicely with the outfit. Heck sometimes i even want the sticker to be even more bigger/noticeable on some costumes. But yeah with a lot of casual themed layered wear being released lately i can see why people want a 'no sticker' option.
      As for recycle, recycle badge is around 100k each right now and sometime you can even find male costume/voice being sold at even lower.

    3. Because conformism breeds low quality products. No sticker option should have been there since the beginning.

    4. I think by "conform" you meant "literally next to nobody even thought about the damn sticker".

    5. Well no I have occasionally wondered why there wasn't a "no sticker" option similar to that one no-eyebrows one… Not exactly a big deal so that was always one of those "eh, whatever" things.

    6. If you want to complain you should direct it to sega instead of posting here, you know? Posting here won't change anything and maybe would just annoy some people. Sega actually listen to 'most' of player request if there's enough voice. Sure it might should be there from the start but when there's not enough people caring for it, it's fine to ignore it or put it to backlog.

    7. I'm using the comment section specifically for what it was designed – to comment thing. My commentary is that game should have had no sticker option from day one in one form or the other.

    8. I enjoy reading your comments. They're thoughtful, constructive, and pleasant to read over in a sea of this other stuff. 🙂

      Happy New Year & see you after maintenance!

    9. You should pay them back, fly to Japan and suicide bomb their headquarters. That will teach them how to intentionally postpone a no-sticker option for four years.

  1. i could care less about the sticker thing……
    what i more concern about is the skill ring quick mate that should be on the skill tree for all classes not as a ring

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