PSO2 Station! Plus #4 Recap

Warning! This post is updating in real time!
Please take note as the information below is subject to change.

Emergency Quest Boost Poll

  • The Chocolate Way
    • +250% Rare Drop Boost / +100% EXP Boost
    • Attend the Quna Concert for a +25% Live Boost.
    • In addition to the +100% (Anime) & +150% (Web Panel) Boost
    • Feb 18th @ 23:00 JST (Concert First)


PSO2 Secret Phrase

  • Say the secret phrase below to receive several prizes.
  • EP6デラックスパッケージ発売決定
  • Prizes include "Bitten Macaron" in three flavors, and Chocoloate 2020 Trigger
  • You have until Feb 26th's Maintenance to complete this task.


Premium Set Campaign

  • The current Premium Set Campaign is giving out that Clock Lobby Action.
  • You need to purchase the 90 Day Premium Set to receive it.


PSO2 Pachislot Game

  • PSO2 finally has a Pachislot game!
  • Releasing Feb 25th And Onward


PSO2 Early March Update

  • White Day Lobby, Lovey Rappies, and Lovey Empe Rappy (~3/25)
  • Kyokuya wears his White Day Outfit in the Lobby!
  • You can do his COs and receive his White Day Partner Card
  • New Evo Device and Camo


PSO2 Early March Update

  • Slightly Sugar AC Scratch
  • Two variation of Kyokuya's White Day Outfit
  • Cardigan and Gothic Maid Outfits


PSO2 Early March Update

  • Slightly Sugar AC Scratch
  • A Female Outfit with Pants!! and a Sexy Nurse outfit.
  • Backpack Outerwear
  • LA: Wired Lance Pose and Office Chair


PSO2 Early March Update

  • A Boisterous White Day 2020
  • White Day 20 Weapon and Egg Collection


PSO2 Early March Update

  • A Boisterous White Day 2020
  • Ultralized Boss: Dragon Ignissimo!
    • Folgore Weben 15★ Weapon
    • Pot: Deploys a field that raises your strength after performing a specific PA.
    • The PAs are Nova Strike (Hu) and Brightness End (Hr)


PSO2 Mid March Update

  • Arks Battlewear Selection (SG Scratch)
  • A Revival SG Scratch


Late March Update

  • Spring Lobby, Sakura Nyau, (~4/8)
  • Khorshid and Gene appear in the lobby. They both have client orders.
  • Khorshid's Exchange Shop (~5/13)
    • Khorshid's Panel, Poster, and Body Pillow
    • Gram Weapon Camos


Late March Update

  • Earnest Desire (AC Scatch)
  • Gene Bunny, Gene Chaos, and Khorshid outfits
  • Akhtar hairstyle and accessories
  • Darknix weapon camo
  • Khorshid and Akhtar Lobby Action
  • Gene Pose Lobby Action


Late March Update

  • Cowboy Outfits from Phantasy Star Nova
  • Body Pillow and Cowboy Gunslinger Lobby Actions


Various Improvements and Adjustments

  • Braver Adjustment
    • Adjusted Bravers so that their normal state is equal to the current released state.
    • During release, revised the gear accumulation and duration.
  • Fighter Adjustment
    • The disadvantages of Limit Break Insurance was too heavy.
    • After you finish Limit Break, it will now reset the recast time that was extended from [LB Insurance]
  • Hero Adjustment
    • Hero Boost will be initially maxed at the start of the quest.
  • Drink Effects
    • Improved the effects of Shifta / Guts drink
  • Zieg Crest Update
    • You can obtain limited items with Crests, like the Liberate Unlocker
    • Added more weapons in Sage Crest exchange, like Dyne Hespera, Serpen Plenzer, Clarte Dolce, Hard Cross Bullet and more!


Two New Complex PAs

  • Complex Knuckles PA: Fatal Knockout (Stock Consumed: 3)
    • If you guard an enemy's attack while you're in stance, it will immediately attack right back.
  • Complex Twin Machine Gun PA: Calamity Bullet (Stock Consumed: 2)
    • Plus 50 Chain with All Bullets Hitting


Late March Update

  • Battle Arena Update
    • Added new rewards after Ranked Matches
    • Removed Emblem Fevers
    • Revamped the appearing weapons on all maps.
    • Revised the behavior and adjusted the balance of all weapons.
    • Increased the minimum ATK of weapons.
    • Adjusted the usage count and effect contents of three kinds of skills.
    • Improved the Matchmaking of Ranked Matches.
    • Added the [*Warrior] series weapon camos to Ranked Match rewards.
    • Added 6 [*Battle] series weapon camos to Battle Coin shop


Late March Update

  • New Quest: Divide Quest
  • Divide Quest: Adverse Training: Photoner Assault
    • This is a VR Quest hypothesizing what if the Photoners attacked each planet.
  • Each quest consists of [Five Steps]
  • Steps 1 ~ 4 have different objectives.
    • Appearing at Random:
    • Extermination / Subjugation / Replenishment / Construction
  • You can choose which route you want to follow.
  • The quest fails when the Life count reaches zero!
    • So choose whether you want Points or Lives!


Late March Update

  • Divide Medal Exchange Shop
    • Trade in Divide Medals (along with a plethora of other items if it's a weapon).
    • Shop consists of Weapons, S5 Capsules, Cobalt Medal, Gold Prize Medal
      • 1 Gráinne Crystal = 500 Divide Medals
      • 1 Emer Fragment = 10 Divide Medals
  • Zieg Exchange Shop
    • Added the ★15 [Puras] weapon series. Supports S1, S2, S3, and S5
    • Gen Puras (Example)
      • Oblisana Wuft +35
      • Dyne Hespera +35
      • Dim Sword +35
      • Gráinne Crystal x2
      • Emer Fragment x200
      • Pure Photon x200
      • Ultimate Booster x20
    • With a Puras Weapon you can upgrade to the [Stil] series.
    • Gen Stil (Example)
      • Gen Puras +35
      • Emer Fragment x500
      • Gráinne Crystal x6
      • Module / Varuna x25
      • Module / Mitra x25
      • Module / Execour x50
  • Back to the Divide Medal Exchange Shop
    • Megalis Glaive (Example)
      • Gráinne Crystal x3
      • Emer Fragment x100
      • Module / Execour x100
      • Module / Varuna x100
      • Module / Mitra x100
      • Divide Medal x100
    • Megalis Rod
    • Bonds Hachette
    • And the Vortex Series


The [Vortex] Series (Katana, Twin Machine Gun, Rifle)

    • Potential: Has support weapons that attack automatically every 7 seconds.




Late March Update

  • Divide Quest: Adverse Training: Photoner Assault
  • At Step 5 is Luminmech Grav Execour.
  • Grav can execute a gravity field which lowers your altitude.
  • Megalis Glaive and Megalis Rod can drop from Grave.


Megalis Glaive


Players Survey

Update Content Evaluation

  • ▨ Very Good | ▨ Good | ▨ OK | ▨ Bad | ▨ Very Bad | ▨ Don't Know or Didn't Play
    • ★13 Unit Implementation
    • Crimson Castle Crusher (UH)
    • Warship Infiltration Ultimate Quest
    • Free Field Shironia and Kuron (UH)
    • Time Attack Traces of Darkness (UH)
    • Evangelion Collab
    • The 6th Angel EQ
    • Etoile Class
    • Utterly Profound

It seems not many people are interested in playing Ultra Hard Free Field.


Level 90 Main Class Ratio

  • ▨ May 1st ~ May 7th 2019 | ▨ Jan 22nd ~ Jan 28th 2020
  • Hu / Fi / Bo / Ra / Gu / Br / Fo / Te / Su / Hr / Ph / Et


Class Battle Ability Satisfaction Rating

  • ▨ Very Satisfied | ▨ Satisfied | ▨ OK | ▨ Unsatisfied | ▨ Very Unsatisfied
  • Hu / Ra / Fo / Br / Bo / Su / Fi / Gu / Te / Hr / Ph / Et

It seems Force is the most disliked.


Etoile Battle Ability Satisfaction (Deeper Look)

  • Etoile got praise for its high defense, and how easy it is to survive without having to worry too much about HP. They also liked that when using it as a subclass the defense was still good. They thought the Guard Actions of the three weapons were interesting, and that Full Connect and Protect Release were exhilarating.
  • Players were not fond of Overdrive's recast time being too long. They didn't like how the floaty movement makes it difficult to get the right timing. They also felt the travel PAs are sluggish, making it difficult to use.

The development team plans to make adjustments to Overdrive in the future.


TOP 15 Requests for Future Updates

  1. New PAs and Technics
  2. Class Balance Adjustments
  3. Improved Drop Rates
  4. New Emergency Quests
  5. New Class Skills
  6. New Raid Bosses
  7. Story Update
  8. New Successor Class
  9. Improved Premium Bonuses
  10. New Field
  11. More Customized PA/Technics
  12. New Weapons
  13. New Standard Class
  14. New Limited Emergency Quests / Adjustments
  15. Other

Player Requests

  • Add New Defense Quests and UH difficulty
  • Hold something like a Team Vs event.
  • Add Storage exclusively for Costumes / Furnishing
  • Add Something like a Unit Form Pass (like the Weapon Form Pass)
  • Add Cool Male Outfits
  • Add New Kinds of Weapons
  • Add Dark Blast [Persona]
  • Make Past Emergency Quests permanent.




PSO2es New Chips

  • Pandora Extreme (3/4)
  • More [White Day] (3/4)


New Side Stories

  • Twin Agito: "Reason To Kill" (2/26)
  • Twin Orochi: "Undying Orochi" (3/4)
  • More [White Day]: "White Day Miracle" (3/11)


PSO2es Event Info

  • "ARKS Patrol Service" Quest starts 3/4 and ends 3/24
  • 13* Chip "rtfgyuhkl [gyu]" makes a return
  • Various 14* Weapons from PSO2 and Yellow Hunting Stones can drop
  • "The Curse of Agito" Chapter 9 releases 2/19
  • Chapter 10 still pending a release date


PSO2es Event Info

  • New Emergency Quest: "Carnage of The Corrupt Spear" (2/27 – 3/3)
  • Battle against the "Nove Ringhadal"
  • May drop the 14* Launcher "Aletheia Sitio"
  • Tower Quest Event (3/4 – 3/18)
  • 13* Chip "Pandora Extreme" can drop
  • Nightmare Tower can drop the new PSO2es exclusive 14* weapons "Aculd Halube" (Gunslash) and "Aculd Esvia" (Bullet Bow)


~Written By Crypt ~

IDOLA Phantasy Star Saga

IDOLA: Phantasy Star Saga Episode 2

  • New Main Protagonists.
  • You can enter their names and choose their appearance.



IDOLA: Phantasy Star Saga Episode 2

  • Episode 2's New Heroine; Giselle
  • Giselle will utilize a new class called "Striker" which uses Boots!


IDOLA: Phantasy Star Saga Episode 2

  • Stella is back of course with a new look.


IDOLA: Phantasy Star Saga Episode 2

  • New Character: Lockingham
  • The Crown Prince of Canceed and Commander of its Army
  • The Zodiart of Cancer


Episode 2 of IDOLA Phantasy Star Saga

  • Begins April 2020!


IDOLA: Phantasy Star Saga: Settings Material Collection

  • This will contain never before seen concept art of all characters as well art of some of the new characters for Episode 2. The price and release date will be announced at a later time.


Visit Idola Blog For More News


Episode 6 Deluxe Package

  • Sales Date: April 23rd
  • General Edition (PS4. PC): 4,990 Yen / (Switch) 4,490 Yen
  • Limited Edition (PS4, PC): 5,990 Yen / (Switch) 5,490 Yen
  • The Switch version doesn't include a Game Card
  • Item Codes
    • Arks Badge Red (x12)
      • Trade these in for the new Monochrome Series outfits.
    • PSO2 Main Theme Ver 7
    • EP6 Package Poster
    • Et&Ph (Lobby Action)
    • Material Storage 15 Days (x2)
    • Premium Set 15 Days (x2)
    • 1 Million EXP Ticket (x10)
    • EX Tri Boost +200%
    • Grace Special Ability Set
    • Salon Item Set
  • Limited Edition  (In addition to the above item codes)
    • Etoile Class Pin (Physical Item)
    • Illustrated BOX


Puso Ni Comic Vol #3

  • On Sale: March 27th
  • Pre Order: Amazon (2.19)
  • Price: 980 Yen
  • Item Code: Zecht & Mitarashi LA + Puso Ni Comi Memory 3 (x4)
    • You need to purchase the physical copy for the item codes.


Puso ni Comic Vol #3

  • Trade in those Puso Ni Comi Memories for the following items
  • Cost: 1 Puso Comi Memory 3
    • Puso Ni Comic Wall Seal 1, 2, or 3  (each)
  • Cost: 2 Puso Comi Memory 3
    • Zecht, Bokuya, Dolce, or Neko no Kyuu Voice (each)
  • Cost: 3 Puso Comi Memory 3
    • Dolce Hair


PSO2 Anime Drama CD

  • Sales Date: March 26th
  • Price: 2,800 Yen
  • Item Code:
    • CD Package Mat 19
    • Ash Voice
    • Oracle Transmission LA


PSO2 Episode Oracle Soundtrack Vol.1

  • Sales Date: Feb 19th
  • Price: 2,700 Yen
  • Contains 24 Songs.
  • Item Codes:
    • CD Package Mat 18, Theme of ASH, Brave Soldier, P&T!!, plus more songs!


PSO2 Episode Oracle Soundtrack Vol.2

  • Sales Date: April 8th
  • Price: 2,700 Yen



PSO2 Episode Oracle Character Song CD

  • Songs from Ash, Matoi, Afin, Quna, Klariskrays and Double.
  • More details will be revealed in the next stream.


PSO2 Episode Oracle Music

  • You can listen to PSO2 Episode Oracle music on both streaming sites and music download sites, like iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, etc.


PSO2 Episode Oracle Blu-Ray & DVD Vol 4

  • Sales Date: Feb 19th
  • Blu-Ray: 7,500 Yen / DVD: 6,500 Yen
  • Item Codes
    • Easy Cluster M & F
    • Easy Thigh Highs M & F
    • Liberty Twin Loop (Hair)
    • 566 Episode Oracle LA
    • Episode Oracle Mat A & B
    • Episode Oracle Vol 4 Poster

35 thoughts to “PSO2 Station! Plus #4 Recap”

    1. Really. None of the Br changes post "we are addressing class balance" at the start of episode statement affected BBow, hell, BBow wasn't even mentioned. Almost every Br player uses katana, so BBow is both never mentioned by the vast majority and Br is considered "decent" in class satisfaction even with a weapon stuck in gimmick role.
      Lack of complex PA is the least of BBow problems.

    2. Bow is gimmick? I can tell you for sure it can be used as often or more often than katana in many situations. Bow is actualy fine as it is but seeing as every other class has a complex, compound and successors have their own bursts… Its just sort of unfair right now.

    3. Kyaa~st you're notorious for having bad takes on Ranged weapons so that alone makes what everyone else is saying more believable.

    4. Just because you disagree with me I am now notorious and my views on different subject don't matter? What a decisive argument!
      p.s. do you even bbow?

    5. @Kyaa
      Bullet bow is easy to use, and you can still do decent damage with charged PA, even without using Banishing Arrow. Since it has no gear, you only need to worry about your PP and Rapid Shoot cooldown. If you can't manage that, you probably aren't fit to use it, much like me and Gu TMG.

      IMO, as with spear, the biggest buff to bullet bow would be to remove that Banishing Arrow/Vol Graptor mechanism, and just buff all PAs altogether.

    6. I agree, BA is definitely the problem as all the nerfs (and lack of damage buffs) AND gameplay are centered around it while some bosses don't even care about 3 seconds or breakable parts, but it's a unique attack which has value other than pure damage (split breaking parts or blowing up armored parts), so if I could make sega my pet company for a day, I'd make it an ability with charges and CD and better multi (and make rapid shot passive instead, rly). It goes against generally no-cooldown attacks design but it is needed for bbow as its way too focused around bani-(double)pen combos.

    7. Yeah, that also baffles me about Rapid Shoot since it has a very low cooldown compared to other classes ability. They could just nerf it a bit and make it permanent passive.

      I am not a fan of Bani-Pene as I find it rather unreliable unless the boss is a hulking giant. I prefer using the simpler Bani-3xMaster or Bani-2xSB-0

  1. “Hero Boost will be initially maxed at the start of the quest.”
    What's the point for it? I mean this hero buff is useless if on eq, wait and teleporting 30 sec already refill half of hero boost, and adding S6 Howling will refill almost max when the quest start

    Could be better if they just buff 60 sec to max hero boost reduce to 50 sec reaching max

    1. Hero doesn't need any initial buffs right now So having Hero boost maxed out from the start is what i would looking for you just need a little bit of precise timing with Counter or Step so you won't have problem with Hero boost reset
      Hero's S6 and Hero Counter both are already fill out the needed part for Hero boost,
      If anything Hero main like me would want is mostly gonna be a Faster Gear fills rate or make Talis PAs last a bit longer or Increased Hits rate for Talis PAs ( Jet Wheel and Wise Hound PAs)
      Switch Weapon every couple seconds is kinda painful for hero right now and–
      Etoile Full-Connect is kinda make Hero time Finish even less Rewarding to use, Or i feels so anyway

    2. Nah, they better remove the damage boost reduction from hero boost so anyone won't complain anymore, its useless in UH anyway. LOL

    3. @Xros:
      Hero Boost fills when you drop off the campship. I used to wait about a minute on the teleporter to get it maxed during my XH Solo PD with Hr.

      Using Talis (with Jet Weel + Wise Hound) fills your gear way faster than sword or TMG. Once your gear is full, there's no stopping you to swap to sword or TMG for a faster, less risk Hero Finish.
      "A little bit precise timing" can be meaningless since the game can screw you over because you're vulnerable before your counter step animation is done ( if you attack immediately, it's all peachy)

    4. @PERSEON
      Well to be honest, It does happen quite often when dodging and still get hit, It's kinda feel like sometime game doesn't register the Invincible frame But it's not really that much of a problem for me,
      But what my problem is, I know how to fills gear faster well i did play hero since 2017 anyway so i should know that BUT an Urge to use Hero time finish when the gear is low is kind of a bit of a b*tch
      While looking around and you will see Etoile probably Executed Full-Connect like 3 Times already… lol
      But Longer duration of Jet wheel and Wise hound PAs are still what preferable for me xD

  2. Complex PA for GU and FI Knuckles, it seems the Knuckles, Bow, and JBs successor class will only remain a dream. As for GU Complex PA, too little, way too late sega.

  3. "It seems Force is the most disliked."
    I got really mad at the last nerf
    I like to main Force, it has the most amount of actions and it looks cool to use
    You are supposed to trade mobility and durability for raw power, most of the bosses 1shot kill you or leave you almost dead
    But for some reason SEGA keeps weaking it, making all the sacrifices meaningless, and even worse leaving it as a useless class because the damage output is not even balanced

    At least SEGA makes surveys, i hope they check what they are doing with their classes and UH quests

    1. I've seen powerful Fo, but they are all heavily T-ATK'd, which is given if their attack is powerful. On the other hand, it's easier to play as full-rod Ph casting Technics. The output is more less same, you have way less skills to activate (nearing zero since Ph Time isn't guaranteed to activate even once), you have way better PP regeneration method, and you have access to another weapons in the event of facing Anga Fhandarge. Only downside is that you need at least 200PP (167 will do, but hey).

      At this point, the only reason to play Fo is to erase your enemy out of existence with Fomelgion.

    2. @Perseonn
      I have a Lightstream Salvaxion affixed a lot of PP recovery and like 100TAtk also my 3 units are affixed each with around 150TAtk, a mag lv 200 with only TAtk
      I now do the less damage, that when Eternal Psycho Drive was a new weapon, I know is not my setup when suddenly my damage becomes low
      I think SEGA kind of restored a little, today everyone does around 150k damage to elder UH, but two weeks ago Elder UH with force was just 20-30k damage per action and a EQ god-mother in XH took us around an hour only myself with etoile and a phantom were doing actual damage everyone was doing 15-20k damage per action with level +85
      In comparison Etoile is doing 200-300k damage per action

      Force its pretty fun, getting that large number per hit is very satisfying, and all the techs make it very versatile, only with Fo i can have several tech setups for the same weapon, and its not overpowered like etoile due to the fragility of the class

    3. >Elder UH
      >20-30k dmg

      You sure you're playing fo right? I consistently deal 145k dmg to elder's weakpoints with just a fully charged gizonde and 200k dmg on the butts of the falz arms.
      I'm using lib rod with +200tatk and we have the same amount of tatk on units and mag

      anyways yeah, I've always enjoyed playing fo even after playing other classes including the new ones and I still come back to playing fo cuz its just so fun and I dont even know why. I also didnt thought that it was bad until I saw the survey here and the other guy's comment. I mean yeah, there's not much difference between a fo and a caster phantom especially when it comes to Ilbarta. Man, I cry every time when a phantom also uses Ilbarta like, dude you have other dmg options at least let this fo have the ilbarta.

      And like the what the other guy said, compound techs are what keeping fo "unique" from other classes since any class can cast techs just not as powerful.

    4. @Ekam
      If you're parsing, parse data isn't 100% valid if you compare it with different MPA. The faster your MPA, the higher your DPS is. Additionally, Elder cannot be your main gauge of DPS since Fi can just wise stance all the battle. The only way to gauge your own damage is to do a complete cycle of your attack on a standing training rockbear.
      For example, as a Su, I gauge the damage I done in 180s, consisting of 2x60s Alter Ego + 2x30s cooldown, thats two standard Su cycle.
      For Fo, I think it's a bit hard since I am not proficient with the class. You can try by using 2x Photon Flare + PP Convert cooldown tho.
      With Ph, you can gauge from first cast to second Lv 2 Marker Explosion.

      Damage per action is also meaningless since Fo is a multi-hit class, but what are you doing with 20-30K per hit? Even my 40 ATK Affix Rod Ph with LS Rod do more than that. I hope that's just a typo.

    5. As i said was doing, numbers switched in these weeks
      Now while leveling hunter, Slide End does around 150k damage to weak points

      @Ghost Force
      With Gizonde i was doing like 60-70k to elder arms weak points, to the actual elder best damage i could do on that time was the mentioned with light techs and a light element rod
      Also yeah Force is really fun, i claim its the diversity in what you can do in all occasions and with that it has more animations
      Hmm i don't remember if ilbartas cancel each other or stack if many are using it, phantom does feel like it does a little less damage than force with only techs, but then again if its far away its always useful to cast something, I don't usually use ilbarta as phantom tho

      I quoted per action because, for example ilgrants or gibarta do multiple hits, yet in the end the sum of all those hits does around some somewhat consistent amount of damage
      Like that casting a tech being it foei, zonde, grants or samegid all would count as one action
      and yeah 20-30k it was ridiculous, With elder i was baffled by the numbers and in Deus i saw it on the half transparent numbers that everyone was doing, got curious for the long time it took us to beat it
      I have a leveled photon flare its a nice boost, pp convert i switched it with just the affixes, its safer, works somewhat the same and its permanent~

    6. 150K Slide End is less than my 10ATK (yes, that's TEN per unit) affix Hu. She uses Cleasis Set, Atra Ex Spear, and does about 200K.

      Anyway per-action number is a wrong way to assess PA power. If you use this logic, Hr BnS will be more powerful than Moment Trick. In reality, BnS is just as strong as Hr TMG normals, while Moment Trick is way more powerful. It's okay to compare single action of Grants to another player's Grants, but it's not okay to compare it with Focused Luminous Flare.

      If you like to discuss this, we can probably find a new trick together 🙂 You can poke me on my discord with this name and #7731.

    7. Strange, you can do some setups with Fo, like Fo Et Gizonde or nazonde, dealing insane damage, the biggest problem for me with Fo, is that Et same arts pp save doesnt work with techs, making Et sub unrealiable, unless you have S7 glowing grace, So far Fo isnt strong, but isnt a weak class, but it would be nice to have another realiable sub option, Et is already there, just make it works with techs and it'll be good to go

  4. …not so sure about the name on that sword. レウェベン is like. l/reweben, rather than raven. exactly what that even is or is supposed to be, iunno.

    1. There's no standard pronunciation of "Raven" in Japan, and with extra bit that PSO2 team likes to corrupt words (e.g. Replica to Repca), no one can be sure on what it should be read as.

    2. Well Raven is ラヴェン in the mean time it can also write as ラウェン
      But レウェベン is actually can be read as Re-ve-wen or Re-wave-n or Re-ue-ben or along those lines
      But with L instead of R
      And i did ask my Japanese teammates while writing this so yeah they pretty much say it can be any of those words, So that's kinda proved my point there.

  5. @HUEHUE
    Lol i completely agree on it's almost useless but i don't usually get hit that much anymore
    So i can kinda hold Hero Boost on my own for a while unless the Game or Ping wanna screw me over by not register the Invincibility frames or I step a the right time but Ping delaying the step invincibility frames..
    It's a fun thought but Hero boost that never Decreased probably not a good idea as–
    Etoile Boost is Decrease even more and it's decrease Overtime too, Hell.. even Etoile S6 can't really hold up Etoile Boost good enough, Unless they make it like 2~5 Mins to Maxed out the Hero boost then that would be fair lol

    Also fun thoughts.
    Like– if level 100 or 105 would be a thing i might want some addition skill to Hero boost like
    Hero Boost Bonus or Hero Boost Extra or Hero Boost Plus or whatever they wanna name it
    When Hero boost is Maxed out for 10 seconds
    Further Increased the Hero Boost for 20% but not affect by Hero's Victory of Demonia Series or Hero's S6
    So basically it's 20 more seconds,
    Well it's just a fun thought it's not like this will be a thing…but this would be nice Encouragement for us,
    Hero player so we can try to not taking any damage or just Take less hit from enemies as less as possible.

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