PSO2: Title Screen, Character Selection Screen, Login Screen Changes

Sakai updated his blog today. There's more changes in store for Phantasy Star Online 2. In the Alpha Test, the title and character creation sequences were only temporary. Now we push ahead to the new changes in store for these areas.

The new PSO2 Title Screen

Well it doesn't look like much of a change but if you notice the background, it's more spacey.

The new Ship Selection screen with blurred ship names
and a wireframe model representing the ship.


The character selection screen!

First you'll see a prologue movie, then switch to the screen to create your character. The background gives it more of a SciFi game feel. Afterwards the tutorial and story begins.

The closed beta test news starts by the end of the month. There's going to be a 2nd Media Briefing which will show what new things are in store for the Beta Test. This test plans to have 100,000 players!


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