PlayStation Vita Ice Silver Phantasy Star Online 2 Bundle and Vita Launch FAQ

Today Sony announced the Japanese PlayStation Vita 3G and WiFi models will be reduced to 19,980 Yen. In addition, Sony will be releasing a new PlayStation Vita Ice Silver Wi-Fi model that comes bundled with Phantasy Star Online 2.

Vita PSO2 Ice Silver Bundle

JP: PlayStation Vita Ice Silver Details

  • Title: PlayStation®Vita Ice Silver WiFi Model
  • Model Number: PCHJ-10007
  • Release Date: February 28th, 2013
  • Price: 19,980 Yen

PlayStation Vita Ice Silver Contents

  • (1) Playstation Vita WiFi Model
  • (1) Phantasy Star Online 2
  • (1) 1000 AC Ticket
  • (1) Power Cord
  • (1) AC Adapter
  • (1) AR Play Card Set

The item codes contained within the Special Package version are not included in the Ice Silver bundle.

As we prepare for the launch of PSO2 Vita, here's a quick FAQ on several things you need to know.

How much space does the game take up? Which Memory Card should I buy?

At launch, the Vita version is approximately 3.2GBs. In addition, you will also have to download a 1.2 GB update. In anticipation of future updates, Sakai recommends purchasing an 8GB or higher memory card if you are planning to download the entire game. If you purchase the special package version, you can choose to play with the 4GB memory card, but this is not recommended.

Where do you purchase Arks Cash? Can I use PlayStation Store Points?

It will be exactly like purchasing Arks Cash on the PC. You'll have to open up your browser and login to the SEGA ID Management page.

  • You can not use the PSN (SEN ID) Wallet to purchase Arks Cash.
  • You can not use the PlayStation Network Card/Ticket to purchase Arks Cash.

They will be making preparations to purchase ARKS Cash through Japanese cellphone carriers, which is of no benefit to us international players. This should be coming along sometime in the Spring.

When are we getting those items for participating in the Closed Beta Test?

Players who qualify will receive their item codes on February 27th, 2013. These will be sent to the email address registered to your SEGA ID, not your PSN/SEN ID. (That is unless you used the same email address for both accounts.)

What about Item Codes and Product Codes?

Item codes that are bundled within magazines (we'll get to that in a future post), the special package version, or Vita models, must be entered within the game at the VisiPhone. Product Codes are a separate entity and can only be used at the PlayStation Store.

What Can I get in the Special Package Version?

You can choose 2 out of 8 default Phantasy Star Portable 2 outfits.

In order to purchase these costumes you will receive Eight Yellow Arks Badges アークスバッヂ黄. Each costume costs four badges which only enables you to purchase two out of the 8 costumes. Since cast parts are separated — Head, Arm, Body, and Leg — each of these will cost one badge.

  • One Costume =  Yellow Arks Badge アークスバッヂ黄  x4
  • One Cast Part = Yellow Arks Badge アークスバッヂ黄  x1


These are all-class weapons that can be equipped at level 1. 

Other Stuff

  • A Clarita Mag
  • You can change the ARKS logo stickers to the Little Wing Logo
  • Two BGM Discs of the Phantasy Star Portable Opening and Ending themes
  • 30 Day Premium Set
  • 1000 FUN ticket

You can use these item codes on the PC version too!

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