PSO2's ARKS Unity Festival 2014! [Details]

ARKS United

The ARKS Unity Festival is a web event to commemorate the 1 year anniversary of PSO2 Vita! This post will mainly focus on the activities during the event. The Panel Rewards post focuses on the rewards schedule and panel unlocking

ARKS Unity Festival begins January 22nd and lasts until March 5th, 2014.

New Bingo Card

ARKS Bingo Card

In conjunction with the ARKS Unity Festival 2014 event comes a new bingo card. Win prizes by covering each square of the card by defeating enemies and completing client orders.


Interlocking Web Panel Event

During the festivities, everyone's BINGO scores are tallied collectively and used to unlock panels on the ARKS Unity Festival website. Work together to win prizes like the weapon camos designed by the winners of last year's ARKS Grand Prix. The prizes unlocked will be distributed after March 12th for a limited time.


ARKS Unity Festival Fun Shop and Client Orders


Xie is back, and not only is she handing out client orders, but is also the proprietress of the ARKS Unity Festival FUN Shop. This shop is available for a limited time and will include some accessories from the Item Design contest.


Toro and Kuro Client Orders (Vita Only)

Chrome Dragon Helm

Toro and Kuro have been updated with new client orders. If you complete them, you can receive prizes like the Chrome Dragon or the Kyouto Sensei helms. Please note that some of the new client orders will only be available for a limited time.

New Limited Quest

Sea Demons

The ARKS Unity Festival will introduce a new limited quest set mainly on the beach! The Atrocious Ocean quest pits you against an array of Bird and Aquatic Darkers, Oceanids, Mechs, and Naberius natives. In addition, there's a high chance for Chrome Dragon or Haze Draal to appear.


Toro Kuro Trials

NPCs like Toro and Kuro or Quna can also appear within Emergency Trials.


Arks Ship Fire Swirl Returns

ARKS Ship Fire Swirl

Get those crafted Rescue Guns to experience the Super Hard version of Arks Ship Fire Swirl. This emergency quest is available for a limited time.


Winners Design Reception AC Scratch

Gilnatch lamp

The winners of the Item Design Contest will have their designs featured in this upcoming scratch! In addition, you can dress up in Oni inspired outfits.


Sexy Ogre

セクシーオウガ Sexy Ogre


Wild Ogre

ワイルドオウガ Wild Ogre



*イクリプス Eclipse
Sword Camo


E Calceolaria

E カルセオラリア Engage Calceolaria
(All Race Female Costume)


Cutey Flower

キューティーフラワー Cutie Flower


Magika Fleurir

*マギカ・フルーリア Magika Fluerir



カルラアスセティック Calrassetic



*エレクティフィニス Electifinis
Twin Machine Gun Camo


With that all squared away, we'll continue our work on the crafting guide.

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