PSO2's Character Creator Evolves with The Graphics Engine Update

March 3rd, 2021


Character Creation Overhaul

Experience the evolution of the ultimate character creator with the addition of new features from NGS! Create even more detailed and varied characters with more editable parts and relaxed accessory limits. Race-specific features like pointed ears and horns are unlocked for all to use regardless of their chosen race. The edit menu has been reworked for further accessibility and intuitiveness. Those less skilled at creating unique characters can rely on an updated selection of presets. Some character creation options will only be available when using a costume or face type from New Genesis.


Expanded Graphics Options

Additional options for higher quality graphics will be available in the PC and PS4 versions of the game. Enjoy more beautifully rendered characters, quests, and more.


New Scratch System

The new AC Scratch design makes its debut! An additional visual cue will display when receiving a particularly rare item from the scratch.


PSO 20th Anniversary

The [Endless Nightmare] Limited Quest will be released to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Phantasy Star Online! Up to 12 players can join in and battle to the nostalgic tune of classic PSO songs. The quest is split up into two halves, with either the Forest or Volcanic Caves appearing in the first, and Sub Tunnels or Ruins in the second. Traverse these areas and defeat the bosses lurking deep within while under threat of a time limit. A Dark Falz awaits at the very end of the quest.


Ash, Kireek, and Rico will make guest appearances in the lobby as NPCs! Complete their client orders for partner cards and weapon camos.



Xie will serve as your guide for the event, offering a wide selection of goods in exchange for Weapons Badge 2021. Collect badges via quest drops and client orders to get new camos, the Divine Eyestone Graeae material, and the ★15 Rinzer weapon series. Some cosmetics from past events will also appear in her shop.

A WEB Event will also be held, with Ability Transfer Passes and Bonus Key Tokyo [Rainbow] up for grabs. Various boosts will also take place during the event.



Screenshot Studio

An environment for setting up and taking screenshots will be implemented as a new quest. Nearly any map you can think of from the game's various lobbies and story events will have a dedicated field. The weather can be customized from the Studio Terminal. Party leaders can access the salon from within the quest. A total of 12 players can join a session.


ARKS Ship Fire Swirl 2021

The long-dormant Burning Rangers themed Emergency Quest blazes again, with an added Ultra Hard difficulty! Fires have broken out across the urban sector, threatening the lives of its many denizens. Head out and extinguish the flames while battling mobs of fiery foes. One of three variations of the Burning Hearts theme will play during the quest.


Slice your adversaries asunder in style with the quest's new weapon camo drop.


Eleph Rappy

Elephantine Rappies have finally escaped the long-gone SEA version and are stampeding into PSO2 JP!


Mission Pass – Season 5

Earn your Stars and get an assortment of additional weapon camos and a Dark Empe Rappy themed Mag Evolution Device.



Oracle Renew Collection (AC Scratch)

Updated versions of select starting outfits will be released that support the finger movement and color syncing features of NGS costumes! Put your freed digits to work with new emotes.


※The finger movement of the new lobby actions will only take effect when wearing an NGS costume.


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