Reminder: Weekly Maintenance

Did you remember PSO2's weekly maintenance on Wednesdays? Because every week whether there's an update or not, PSO2 is going to have maintenance no matter what.

Weekly Maintenance Schedule

If you need to be reminded of the weekly maintenance schedule, check the top of the sidebar on every page.

The September 12th, 2012 maintenance is the first part of the New Power update that adds the new classes and new weapon categories. It will also allow you to play all the main quests on normal difficulty.

When downloading this update, you will need 4.3GB of free space.

AC Scratch Campaign

Anyone who participated in the AC Scratch Campaign where you had to buy 3000 AC worth of AC Scratch to get the Rappy Suit will have to wait until after tonight's maintenance to use the item code that was sent to them through email.



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