Stuff Your PSO2 Storage with Returning Universe and Nova Cosmetics

Three scratches chock-full of previously released items are coming on March 10th, 2021, featuring character cosmetics and more from Universe, Portable, and that one Vita game!

※These items have not been updated to meet the specifications of New Genesis.


Gurhal Memorial Collection (AC Scratch)



Nova Memorial Collection (AC Scratch)



Thaw! Support Item Selection (SG Scratch)

Take a chance at obtaining one of the finest support items that the game has to offer for just 100 Star Gems a pop.


11 thoughts to “Stuff Your PSO2 Storage with Returning Universe and Nova Cosmetics”

    1. Agreed, especially with not completely functional salon, that won't save/load anything..
      also, i am curious how they are going to deal with fact that NGS body and classic body with same settings look completely different, and thus require changing settings each time you change your [Ba] causing you spend Salon Pass/SG(when out of passes)

    2. You can choose to edit body types separately, so you can have a PSO2 body type that's different from your NGS body type without needing to use a Salon Pass.

    3. In addition to not synchronizing the PSO2 and NGS body types, if you don't synchronize Fleshie and Mecha body types, it means you can have up to 8 differently proportioned body types per character (Male and Female PSO2 Fleshie, Male and Female PSO2 Mecha, Male and Female NGS Fleshie, Males and Female NGS Mecha); however, I believe you do have to use a new salon pass to finalize any changes on each individual one.

    4. How much would you bet that Sega will add some of the non-tradable Lobby Actions in as scratch bonuses so people who want them are forced to scratch regardless?

      246「エアボード」and 266「ヴィヴィアンダッシュ」incoming. Maybe others. I guarantee it.

    1. Would it be possible not spreading false information, please ? These costumes have not been UPDATED with NGS functionalities which doesn't mean they are not COMPATIBLE with it.
      Not wanting to buy costumes which don't have NGS options is your choice. But more clever people knowing moving fingers are not an absolutely vital thing may want to do so nontheless.

    2. It is not false information, though. They are not compatible. You have to switch bodies if you want to use them. And of course, having the option to burn money in re-releases of old stuff is nice. But definitely not clever.

  1. I do like these outfits so they have novelty value to me but I noticed they fixed emissive lighting in these previews while also being with the graphical update. Sega likes to give and take with each update though so I wonder if something else will happen.

  2. Generic release before the game becomes funstional again

    Still I hope they release new costumes for the old body type in the updates

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