PSO2 + NGS (JP) AC Scratch: Oracle Renew Collection

Oracle Renew Collection
(Until 3.24.2021)



N-サウザンドリム[Ba] | N-Thousand Rim [Ba]
N-サウザンドリム/2[Ba] | N-Thousand Rim /2 [Ba]
N-サウザンドリム/3[Ba] | N-Thousand Rim /3 [Ba]
N-サウザンドリム/4[Ba] | N-Thousand Rim /4 [Ba]



N-ウィオラマギカ[Se] | N-Viola Magica [Se]
N-ウィオラマギカ/2[Se] | N-Viola Magica /2 [Se]
N-ウィオラマギカ/3[Se] | N-Viola Magica /3 [Se]
N-ウィオラマギカ/4[Se] | N-Viola Magica /4 [Se]



N-ウィオラマギカ[In] | N-Viola Magica [In]
N-ウィオラマギカ/2[In] | N-Viola Magica /2 [In]




N-シークイェーガー[Se] | N-Chic Jaeger [Se]
N-シークイェーガー/2[Se] | N-Chic Jaeger /2 [Se]



N-シークイェーガー/B[Se] | N-Chic Jaeger /B [Se]
N-シークイェーガー/B2[Se] | N-Chic Jaeger /B 2 [Se]



N-クローズクォーター[Ba] | N-Close Quarters [Ba]
N-クローズクォーター/2[Ba] | N-Close Quarters /2 [Ba]
N-クローズクォーター/3[Ba] | N-Close Quarters /3 [Ba]
N-クローズクォーター/4[Ba] | N-Close Quarters /4 [Ba]



N-リチュアルクロース[In] | N-Ritual Cross [In]
N-リチュアルクロース/2[In] | N-Ritual Cross /2 [In]


Eyes and Makeup with the icon can only be used with the NGS Face Model.
Body Paints with the can only be used with the NGS Body Model.


Lobby Actions

  • 699「グッドポーズ」 | 699 "Good Pose"
  • 700「「1」ポーズ」 | 700 "One Pose"
  • 704「くつろぐ1」 | 704 "Relax 1"
  • 705「くつろぐ2」 | 705 "Relax 2"
  • 706「小指ポーズ」 | 706 "Pinky Pose"


Scratch Bonus

Play this AC Scratch a specific amount of times for exclusive bonus items!

First Lap
Frequency Rewards
5 times Free Salon Pass
10 times White Day Goods Pack:
Luther Poster
Afin WD Poster
15 times
N-Color Change Pass
20 times
Tri-Boost +200%
25 times Ability Protection (6s or Lower)
30 times Oracle RC Ticket
35 times Bonus Key Tokyo [Rainbow]
45 times
N-Color Change Pass
55 times EX Tri-Boost +200%
60 times Oracle RC Ticket
Second Lap
Frequency Rewards
5 times Free Salon Pass
30 times Oracle RC Ticket

※Collecting all items in the First Lap will enter you into the Second Lap.
※The Second Lap can be repeated ad infinitum.

※All of these items are untradeable.
※Oracle RC Ticket allows you to choose 1 item from this AC Scratch.


FUN Scratch

PSO2 Music Disc

  • 地球-ラスベガス「待機所」 | Earth – Las Vegas "Standby"
  • ギドラン戦「待機所-昼」 |  Ghidoran Battle "Standby – Day"
  • ギドラン戦「待機所-夜」 |  Ghidoran Battle "Standby – Night"
  • 邪竜戦「待機所」 |  Erythron Dragon Battle "Standby"
  • PSO2 イベント「神子の力」 |  PSO2 Event "Maiden's Power"
  • レタルガ戦「待機所」 |  Letharga Battle "Standby"

35 thoughts to “PSO2 + NGS (JP) AC Scratch: Oracle Renew Collection”

    1. 250m+ for lobbyaction
      200m+ for refreshed hair…

      and it seems they made old hair look like shit for solo purpose of making people gacha for new hair :thinking:

    2. @ Arkanpher

      I don't think the old hair looks that bad, actually. A little plastic-y, maybe, but not awful. The new ones, though … they all have this weird motion quiver effect for me. And why is everything two-toned? I wanted one of the styles, but I'm not changing my blue highlights for it (which look awful in hair).

      Lobby actions aren't that bad either, I sniped one of the newer ones for 50. You just have to be fast.

  1. This is soo stupid and underwhelming. I was looking forward to NGS and tried to look past through the stupid paid moving fingers and default costumes rendering remastering of old clothes a dream or behind a paywall. Then this update is just wow, I couldn't just trust SEGA enough to make NGS good now. First of all, the costumes are tickets. You can't resell them, even the regular non-layered costume (Se); so, I'd assume it'll just go downhill and they'll probably introduce subscription-based/timed/rental outfit. Second, the character creation is broken. It's literally not ready to be released, you can't even save/load character creation data like, that's like one of the most important features. You could argue that implementing this stuff on a 10-year-old game is difficult but, dude, it can be way better than this. Forgive my autistic rambling but dammit, I'm just taken aback.

    1. Seriously? Are there some here who really think NGS is a complete game in its own right? you should rather consider it as an early access shit, you are going to wait a long time before you have a drinkable thing that lasts more than a week.

    2. To be honest, PSO2 has already come a long way. While it's a shame they aren't thinking forward and using what they already know, it seems like it's just going to go down the exact same path PSO2 took originally. The character creator/salon wasn't as good as it was before this update on release, either. This is coming from someone who played back in the OBT. It doesn't mean my opinion matters more, so much as it means yeah, it seems about the same as when PSO2 originally came out.

    3. Dude you will get your moving fingers lol every costume going forward is going to have them and there is going to be default costumes in ngs

    1. By equipping the NGS outfit. It swaps to the ngs model when equipped. For face you just swap to the ngs face variant by using the drop down and selecting ngs and then changing to it.

  2. Any tips with new graphic settings?
    I used to run this on mid-settings and could go for hours without problems
    Now tried this on kinda low settings and my computer heats-up really fast!

    1. Besides the fact it's eating up my RAM like a youtube livestream without clearing up some space over time until it crashes I didnt see heavy Gpu-cpu usage etc. it's weird tbh. I recognized almost 10°C more but it's reasonable. more resources, more burden on the Hardware.

    2. It's really badly optimized and honestly doesn't really improve the image of the game aside from adding light pink lighting everywhere and darkening characters in a way shadows do not work like.

    3. The only good thing is the TAA and maximum texture res but it's really not optimized well.

    4. Anyone who reads these and has this issue, check your max framerate. Don't go to Unlimited, it will throw your PC for a loop.

  3. Eitherway, I'm seriously disappointed that they did not bring back 100 model integrity option (it's still at 50 as if we're stuck with 2005 graphics cards) which makes no sense.

  4. Just a heads-up about the translation: the update broke the Tweaker's translation plug-ins due to the game being updated from 32-bit to 64-bit; while they work on fixing them, they released a manual patch (like the good old days) on their discord.

    1. There is a section in the discord called "jp-patch" where Aida has been posting updated versions of the manual patch.

  5. Guys make all player effects invisible option since it is really unoptimized for pso2's durable as glass engine.

  6. The new models and faces are trash, hot putrid trash, instead of an improvement this feels worse than regression
    Is beyond me how SEGA pretends to have a working full game based on this

    Such a shame in innumerable ways, we had a rushed ending and no content for what it felt like forever
    All just to wait for trash

  7. I'm having the same problem too with the game no longer responding. Came here to see if anyone had this problem and if so, what did they do to correct the problem.

  8. I just updated my PSO2 to NGS
    And to my surprise its not working
    shure i see GG splash screen but then pso2 process dissappear from task manager
    any solutions

  9. Hope sega does something to the bulge on the female model… along with extra long thumbs and nonadjustable hip bones.

  10. On the NGS cloths when you put it on. Does anybody notice butt bounce effect when using a LA like dance 47? To me it seems their is butt bouncing effect.

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