Swimsuit PMs, Bruce Dungeon S, and Level 130 Cap, Maydi Clothing

Starting March 14th, the new cute swimsuit PMs, GH-461 and GH-465, will be added to the game. Remember Bruce Dungeon, the Party Mission at Dagora's Guardian Branch? Well a new S rank will be added allowing you to obtain Bruce's partner card. Not that we really need him fighting with us… Also there will be a party recruitment room.


However I believe everyone is more excited for the Level 130 Cap.
Now go play before our population on the PC/PS2 dwindles even more!

Bruce Dungeon has a Party Recruitment Mission to make it easier to find parties. By selecting the counter, you can now join a party before hand, then start the mission. This should do away with people shouting "Looking for Group" messages… hopefully. Now remember its been a very very long time since everyone has done Bruce Dungeon, so please don't expect everyone to be perfect.


The New PM: GH-465
Brings Cute and Creepy at the same time!


Goshkaira Clothing Set:
Can't Get Any Uglier than this!

Maydi Clothing Set:
Now You Can Look Just like Your Favourite PM

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