Tales of Zestiria Costumes Are Coming to PSO2

~ April 8th, 2015 ~


A Wild Easter

Reward ItemEaster Xie 2015Pink Candy Panja

The Easter Event returns for another year, delivering a brand new Easter Bingo Card and Emergency Quest. Xie returns to the ARKS Lobby, now dressed in whimsical Easter attire. Numerous rewards await players who clear both the bingo and her client orders.


Wild Easter 2Wild Easter 2bRabbit Blade

Wild Easter 2 is somewhat different from its previous incarnation. There's a new map layout this time, with Darkers, Mechs, and now Oceanids appearing along the way. Not only will the quest have new ★11 drops, but previously released ★12 drops as well.


Zestiria Collection (AC Scratch)

スレイ・レプカM (Sorey Repca M)
スレイ・レプカM (Sorey Repca M)

Dress up as the main characters of Tales of Zestiria with new weapon camos, hairstyles, and accessories available in this dream collaboration scratch.


ライラ・レプカ (Lailah Repca)
ライラ・レプカ (Lailah Repca)
デゼル・レプカM (Dezel Repca M)
デゼル・レプカM (Dezel Repca M)
ロゼ・レプカ (Rose Repca)
ロゼ・レプカ (Rose Repca)
儀礼剣 (Ceremonial Sword)
*儀礼剣 (Ceremonial Sword)
ロゼの二刀短剣 (Rose's Twin Daggers)
*ロゼの二刀短剣 (Rose's Twin Daggers)
ペンデュラム (Pendulum)
*ペンデュラム (Pendulum)
Chelsea Repca
チェルシー・レプカ (Chelsea Repca)
ネオヒューガ・レプカ (Neo Hyuga Repca)
ネオヒューガ・レプカ (Neo Hyuga Repca)


Upcoming Broadcasts

(1) PSO2 Live Broadcast #30 –ARKS Caravan Sendai City–

(1) PSO2 Live Broadcast Topics

  • Information about PSO2's April update.
  • Details about PSO2es' large scale update
  • Live Playthrough of Lillipa's Ultimate Quest
  • Info about the collaboration with prototype model designer Misaki Asai.


(2) Let's Play PSO2! (Presented by Intel® Club Extreme)

(2) Let's Play PSO2! Topics

  • Watch Voice Actors and Let's Players take on the latest quests.
  • Ichitaro Ai, Mitsuhiro Ichiki, Shuichi Tatsunami, Hiryu, with Misuzu as MC.
  • Real-life presents for the viewers.

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  1. eh. chelsea repca's the best part of this scratch. maybe those shields I presume are funscratch due to the lack of "AC content" disclaimer when they're being shown.

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