The Newest Emergency Quest Takes The Battle To Space!

~ May 29th, 2019 ~


Armada of Demise

Pilot a new model of A.I.S and intercept a flotilla of Shiva's starships in the [Armada of Demise] Emergency Quest! The cosmic battlefield is split into three Sectors that will be visited sequentially as time progresses.

During Sectors 1 & 2, [Interception Points] can be racked up by wiping out Luminmechs and enemy warships. Your accumulated points will influence the item drops received in Sector 3. Furthermore, the total points earned by all ARKS on the Ship will go towards a reward boost once the quest ends.

Each sector will occur during a particular time period. You can do Sector 1 & 2 repeatedly to rack up points.


Sector 1: Shipwreck Relief

Elude the Photoners' trap and assist ARKS Ships under siege by hostiles.


Sector 1: Arks Ship Rescue

Take to the decks of allied ships and prevent their capture by Photoner forces.


Sector 2: Photoner Ship Assault

Board a Photoner Ship and disable the A.I.S. Disruption devices.


Sector 2: Disrupter Ship Pursuit

Pursue the Enemy Ships with A.I.S. Disruptors and destroy them.


Sector 3: Capital Ship Invasion

Bring the fight to the enemy flagship. Be warned that a large, mysterious signal has been detected in the area.


Sector 3: Battleship Demolition

Operate the A.I.S Vega and decimate the armada's battleships!


Boss: Nemes Ange

A colossal Luminmech boss that exemplifies agility and power. Take heed when its booster output reaches its apex, illustrated by the appearance of wing-like effluence.


Boss: Demoire Dominus

The titanic guardian of the Capital Ship's core. Little else is currently known at this time.


Quest Drops

[Armada of Demise] includes a number of potential new drops, including ★15 Weapons, a ★12 Unit, a Weapon Camo, and S-Class Abilities!

S-Class Abilities
S1 S2 S3
S1: Red Petal Flash S2: Flowing Armor (New) S3: Flowing Courage (New)
S1: Blue Ocean Flash S2: Heavenly Keeper (New)  
S1: Green Leaf Flash S2: Flowing Exhilaration  
S1: Yellow Moon Flash    
S1: White Snow Flash    
S1: Black Shadow Flash    
S1: Wise Skill    
S1: Photon Balance (New)    


Silver and Gold Prize Medals will be rewarded upon completion of the Emergency Quest. These can be spent at an Exchange Shop to get the aforementioned new items and more.

A new set of limited-time ARKS Missions will be available that reward medals as well.


A.I.S. Vega

Introducing the ARKS new secret weapon in the battle against the Photoner threat! The Vega model boasts improved boosters for greater mobility during spatial operations. Additional armaments include Multi-lock Missiles that can hit multiple enemies simultaneously, and a Counter Shield capable of absorbing damage and unleashing a counter attack.


Familiarize yourself with the handling of the A.I.S Vega with a new Training Quest.


General Improvements

Inventory and Storage

Handily check the Player Shop listings of an item from your Item Pack and Storage!


Special Ability Market Check

Pick the number of slots a weapon / unit has when viewing the market value of a Special Ability.



The active number of participants in a quest will be displayed at the top right of the screen.



The Gathering boost values gained from eating Cuisine have been increased.


Expert Matching Changes

The requirements for Expert Matching will change along with this update. You can obtain these titles before the update hits.

New Requirements:

  • Obtain the Title for S-Rank Clearing [Solo Training: Phanatical Phantoms] (under 15 minutes)
  • Obtain the Title for S-Rank Clearing [T: Destroyers of Light] (under 18 minutes)

If you're having trouble clearing the requirements, you may want to try one of the following:

  • Upgrade your equipment
  • Double-check your Skill Trees
  • Double-check your Class Combo
  • Watch videos of other players clearing the quests to improve your strategy
    • 独極訓練:狂想と幻創 (Solo Training: Phanatical Phantoms)
    • T:輝光を砕く母なる神 (T: Destroyers of Light)
    • Use the Japanese names above to search for a bigger variety of players doing the quest, make sure to include your class abbreviation in the search!


Winners Design 6 Side A (AC Scratch)

Take your chance at acquiring an array of risqué regalia designed by fellow PSO2 players!





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