PSO2 Station #32 Recap

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Secret Phrase

  • Say the following phrase in chat to receive prizes!
  • もうすぐ7周年
  • Prizes include an EmpeRappy Mantle and 50 Weapons Badge SP
  • You have until June 5th's Maintenance to complete this task.


Emergency Quest & Boost Poll

  • Wild Easter 2019
  • +250% Rare Drop and EXP Boost
  • +10% Live Boost If Concert Attended
  • May 25th @ 23:00 JST (Quna Concert First)


Pusoni Comic Anime

  • Episodes 13 ~ Episode 16 will be displayed on the in-game monitors.
  • Watch Date: May 31st ~ June 2nd.


Mid June Update

  • AC Scratch: Alternative Selection
  • Muvluv Collaboration
  • Meiya Mitsurugi Costumes and Shiranui & Takemikazuchi Cast Parts.
  • Weapon Camos will also appear.


Mid June Update

  • Gothic style Outfits.
  • Mind Boost, Flying Pose, Fall Over Lobby Actions


Mid June Update

  • Ultra Hard Naberius: Forest, Tundra, and Ruins.
  • New Ultralized Enemies: Banger Bear, Blizzard Banther/Banshee, Golshrayda.
  • New Emergency Trial: Evade the Runaway Visbolt.
    • The enemy gets attacked if you successfully evade the visbolt.
  • Genon Series: Wired Lance, Twin Dagger, Bullet Bow
  • Neo Cabliss: Jet Boots


Mid June Update

  • SG Scratch: Astral Guardian
  • Costume and Parts from Episode 5


Mid June Update

  • SG Scratch: Astral Guardian
  • Mini Costume Request Election's 1st and 2nd Place Costumes.
  • 3rd Place Costumes will be revealed in the future.


Late June Update

  • AC Scratch: Winners Design 6 Side B


Late June Update

  • AC Scratch: Winners Design 6 Side B
  • Accessories, Hairstyles, Lobby Actions


Late June Update

  • Rainy Event 2019
  • Driving Rain Limited Missions (~8/7)
    • Reward: Evo Device / Kitsune Ame
  • In the Driving Rain 2019 EQ
  • Driving Rain 2019 Egg Collection
  • Driving Rain 2019 Weapon Collection
    • Mars Series
  • Special Collection (New Item)
    • Quelle Styx (Jet Boots)
  • Unlock Powerful Potentials With [Ultimate Boosters]


Late May Update

  • Demoire Dominus Gameplay Footage


Q: Are there plans to distribute more Time Stone Chronos or Amphitrite Stone through Titles?

  • There is a title for Amphitrite Stone. It’ll require you to get a certain total amount of Interception Points from the EQ [Armada of Demise].
  • You’ll get points from defeating enemies and destroying Warships.

Q: Will more S4 Supported Weapons be implemented?

  • Yes, but it’s a ★15 Weapon that has yet to be revealed.

Q: Wild Easter 2019 didn’t have N or VH, but what about future Seasonal EQs?

  • The coming Seasonal EQs are planned to be similar.

Q: Leveling relies too much World Engulfed in Flames.

  • There are plans to revise Level Up Quests, more info will be presented in the future.

Q: Are there plans to implement more 8-Player Emergency Quests in the future?

  • There are some plans for both 8 and 12-Player EQs.

Q: Where do you look for feedback? (for Yoshioka).

  • Yoshioka (YSOK) looks at Twitter and Wiki Comments. He may also see some chatter in PSO2’s Public Chat.

Q: Which weapon types are test-played in development? Also, please let me know how many weapons YSOK uses.

  • Every weapon type is used in development. When YSOK is test playing, he often uses Bullet Bow and Dual Blades.

Q: Does the skill ring R/Boost Slayer work on enemies with a Photoner Core?

  • Yes.

PSO2es Update

  • Story Quest Season 3 Chapter 5 (5/29)


PSO2es Update

  • Make chips even more powerful with the "Specialized Chip" System!
  • Through this system you can learn "plugs" which change the ability effect and activation condition of the chip. This raises the chip's stats as well.


PSO2es Update

  • Flow Razor (6/19)
  • Elder Pain (5/29) (Exchange Shop)
  • Fornis Physis [Bridal] (6/12)


PSO2es Update

  • Girl Who Lost Her Past Matoi [TCG] (6/19)
  • Ohza [TCG] (6/05) (Special Quest)
  • Aristin (5/29) (Tower Quest)
  • Katen Rou (5/29) (Exchange Shop)


PSO2es Update

  • Grand Cross-NT (5/29)
  • Sparkling Fight (6/05)
  • Darf Ferita (6/19)
  • Solid Straight (6/01) (Exchange Shop)
  • Kuscha Nebula (5/29) (Exchange Shop)


PSO2es Weaponoid Stories

  • Seiga Blade (5/29)
  • Arks Gene (5/29)
  • Skull Feschieser (6/05)
  • Eldetross (6/12)
  • Fornis Physis [Bridal] (6/19)


PSO2es Update

  • Brave of Seigaz (Series Quest)
  • Special Quest [PSO2 TCG] (6/05)
    • Ohza [TCG]


PSO2es Update

  • Emergency Quest Ranking Event: Nove Ringadarl (6/20 ~ 6/25)
    • Aletheia Katana
  • Tower Quest Event (5/29 ~ 6/12)
    • A new ★14 : Aculd Beseto?

Attack on Titan x Idola Phantasy Star Saga

  • Eren
  • Mikasa
  • Levy


Attack on Titan x Idola Phantasy Star Saga

  • Eren, Levy, and Mikasa Side Stories
  • Obtain various Soul Symbols


Idola Phantasy Star Saga

  • New Quest: Popona Wonderland (6/18~)
  • Rare Enemy: Ido Rappy


Idola Phantasy Star Saga

  • New Characters: Rogia and Liese


Idola Phantasy Star Saga

  • 5 Million Download Commemoration!
    • 10x Gacha Ticket (x1)
    • 10x Symbol Gacha Ticket (x1)
    • ★4+ Character Gacha Ticket
  • Arena Campaign
    • Play Arena 3 Times for a 10x Gacha Ticket (x1)
  • Hero's Crest Campaign (5/28 ~ 6/11)
    • Play Idola with a PSO2 Linked Account and clear Ch. 1 for 50 Hero's Crest

PSO2 The Card Game Booster Set Vol.2-1

  • Going on Sale June 8th


Pusoni Comic Anime Blu-Ray/DVD

  • General Sales Date: July 17th, 2019
  • Item Codes
    • Arks Jersey M [Ou]
    • Arks Jersey F [Ou]
    • Jersey Sticker
    • Pusoni Comic Memory x12
  • Price: 4,700 Yen (Blu-Ray) & 3,800 Yen (DVD)

29 thoughts to “PSO2 Station #32 Recap”

  1. If anything they should bring weapons/camos and costumes from Idola to the main game.
    That would justify its existence at least.

    1. What are you talking about. Aside from the usual current weebs cliche stuffs, which also exist in PSO2 since EP1, the story is pretty good so far. On the topic of Weapon Camo, i don't think there's anything worth bringing over other than maybe Uly's Neutral A/B Double Saber.

    2. I'm talking about Idola being worthless piece of trash that sega wastes development resources on.
      At least something good could come out of it, if costumes and weapons/camos from there were ported into actual video game called PSO2.

    3. You don't have the right to call it trash if you dont play it tbh, and if you did and dont like it, just dont even bother.

    1. I think Dark Blast Elder is a pretty good Elder Pain costume. Only temporary tho

    1. Your comment made my day!!!! I'm not even sad now that I forgot to complete last daily arks mission XD

  2. Winners Design 6 Side B? Shouldn't there be a Winner Design 6 Side A first or did I miss that AC scratch?

    1. Side A was shown during the last PSO2 Station and is part of this coming week's update.

    2. Need to shoot all the damn rappeys before the update gets out otherwise EVERY SINGLE ONE of them will get that one specific accessory!

  3. In their example they used Ultimate Boosters for Akatsuki
    Blade Release/Break -> True Blade Release/Break

    This makes me think that Rykros Staff, Lavis Cannon and all the other Crest Weapons are going to see even more Action in the future, very exciting.

    1. They didn't say any specifics but from the looks of it the main gimmick of the weapon will remain the same.

    2. >making lavis hog the wand BiS slot even more
      please no. it's already been the thing that obsoletes everything else between it's introduction and the arrival of 15☆ weapons, especially when they gave it the bonus shockwave with heavyhammer. it needs to see the sun set already.

    3. well I suppose if you define "no fun" as "having more than one or two valid weapon choices for a class"…

    4. Stop playing Te/Hu and pick a different subclass then Lavis won't be the only Wand worth considering, even if it gets Ultimate Pot.

  4. >quelle sticks
    I'mma go out on a limb and say that's probably supposed to be Styx, like the river bordering Hades' domain.

  5. I'm glad they release Omega Falz Persona outfit and hair 🙂
    Was waiting for this summer since the day they released Ep5 final chapter 🙂

  6. Wasent there supposed to be luminmechs in ultra hard lilipa? like didnt they show them off? ontop of that they are showing them in ultra hard naberius now, does that mean they are gonna do that again? show us them then remove them?

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