Tread Through the Wastelands in Buster Quest's Newest Field

~ September 6th ~

New Buster Quest Field

The Buster Quest campaign advances towards a new field. Characterized by its depauperate terrain, the Wastelands presents several new enemies that appear on [Grade 3] and [Advanced].


Devil Castle ・ Misil Ghasud

Field sightings confirm the presence of yet another Devil Castle. Initial analysis reveals the structure can strengthen its nearby allies and has the power to launch missiles from its back.


Resta Golem

Reports indicate the appearance of a creature constituted by vegetation. This hostile must be taken down swiftly, due to its ability to restore extensive amounts of health to demons in close proximity.


Omega Salamander

This amphibious demon appears to ignite itself. Keep your distance, lest you be caught in the blaze. Take heed of its fiery breath attack as well. Wait for the flames to dissipate from its skin, then strike!


Wolf Foie

A conflagrant wolf whose bodily flames can scorch any hapless individuals who wander too close.


Cleasis Series Upgrade

Hand over your old Cleasis weapons and convert them into the Schvelle series! In order to upgrade, you'll need a Cleasis weapon and several Schvelle Boosters.


EP5 Chapter 2: Part 1

Harriet's ascent to the throne restores stability to Kingdom Cuent. Still, reports indicate that a Devil Castle has surfaced along the border with the Verunian Empire. A lone young woman by the name of Melfonseana confronts the castle. Our protagonist sets off for the empire at her behest, wherein they encounter Gettemhult amidst combat.

Emperor Schlegger Verun and his brother Elmir rule the barren land of Verunian, whose people suffer under poverty.


Melfonseana (CV: Maaya Sakamoto)
Gettemhult (CV: Nobuo Tobita)
Schlegger (CV: Banjō Ginga)
Elmir (CV: Showtaro Morikubo)


Otsukimi Lobby

The Otsukimi Lobby makes its yearly return, plunging the Shop Area into endless night. Feel the cool breeze of autumn and bounce off clouds beneath the moonlit sky.


Regiment of the Wicked 2017

Investigate the strange happenings of Kuron in the seasonal [Regiment of the Wicked 2017] Emergency Quest! Esca Darkers will join the fray this time around, along with the demoness herself, Phaleg.


Marketable ★13 Weapons

バレットクナイ | Bullet Kunai

Marketable ★13 weapons make their debut, starting with the TMG [Bullet Kunai]. More weapons will support this feature in future seasonal content.


[Bullet Kunai], along with other seasonal weapons released in the future, can be sold in My Shop.


Regiment 2017 Collection

Consider picking up one of the new Regiment 2017 Collection sheets before embarking on the Emergency Quest. Included is a new Fornis series Katana and Launcher, as well as ★13 Redran and Popple pet eggs.


Otsukimi Bingo 2017

Subdue enemies featured in the seasonal quest and clear Yamigarasu's client orders to complete the Otsukimi Bingo card! Star Gems, FUN Tickets, and more await players up to the task.


Battle Arena Expansion

Password Matches in Battle Arena are getting a new ruleset that falls in line with the ARKS Battle Tournament. This ruleset pits four players against four and disables the activation of Emblem Fevers.


Material Storage

You can now transfer items from other storage boxes into the Material Storage. In addition, you can trade in items directly from the Material Storage to obtain products from certain shops.

The Material Storage will also support the feature of turning in items required for Client Orders.


Other Features

Other Additions and Features

  • T: Magisterial Onslaught will now be available from the Treasure Shop.
  • Players can be reported directly in the game.
  • Added a chat command that lets you blacklist a person who whispered to you.


Yamigarasu NPC

Yamigarasu of PSO2es will swoop into the Shop Area for a limited time. Clearing her client orders will reward you with her partner card and two kinds of exchange items. The [Dusk Crow Feather] and [Turbulent Crow Feather] items can be traded in at her Exchange Shop for the photon recolorable ★13 [Yamigarasu-NT] Katana, among other things.


Yamigarasu will have a chance of appearing in Emergency Trials during any Free Field quests, as well as the Regiment of the Wicked 2017 EQ.


Attract Crow (AC Scratch)

Strap on the feathered fashion of fan favorite PSO2es Weaponoid, Yamigarasu. Analyze and strategize in new Chinese style military garments and lead your allies to victory!


ヤミガラスレプカ[Ou・Ba] | Yamigarasu Repca
虎咆闘刃鎧[Ou・Ba・In] | Furor Aegis
彩絹天翔装[Ou・Ba・In] | Divine Raiment
ルツの正礼装[Ba] | Lutz Formalwear
セパレートチャイナ[Ba] | Split China
進化デバイス/ヤミガラス | Evo Device / Yamigarasu

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