Summer Vacation! 12 Hour Let's Play Stream

Members and guests from the various PSO2 Stations and ARKS Lives will be hosting a 12 hour Let's Play stream! Participants can earn Star Gems based on a formula using points earned by the entire PSO2 community.


Stream Information

~ Nico Nico ~


Campaign Qualifications

Event Period August 26th @ 18:00 ~ August 27th @ 06:00 JST
Event Qualifications

During the event period, clear any of the following:

  • Buster Quest
  • Advance Quest: Volcanic Caverns
  • Advance Quest: Coast
  • Advance Quest: Shironia
Reward Distribution After September 13th's Maintenance

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Star Gem Formula

Points(Boss Defeated) + Viewers(# of Livestream)÷ 10,000


Star Gem Prize

260 Star Gems


Point Scoring

Players earn points collectively each time they defeat qualifying bosses.

Buster Quests
+60 Points (All Grades Counted)
Advance Quest
Very Hard
Advance Quest
Super Hard
+4 Points +8 Points

View Point Tally


Qualifying Bosses

Buster Quest: Devil Castle Battle
Devil Castle – Lanzer Valace Devil Castle – Ghastle Dohr
Advance Quest: Volcanic Caverns
Caterdra'nsa Caterdraal Vol Dragon Falz Angel
Burn Draal Persona Apprentice Doppleganger  
Advance Quest: Coast
Org Blan Org Keratos Bal Rodos
Nove Maillidarl Persona Apprentice Doppleganger
Decol Malluda Bal Dominus Falz Angel
Advance Quest: Shironia
Anjhadu-lili Yog'jhadu-lilis Gigur Gunne-gam
Gunne Ginna-gam Persona Doppleganger Apprentice
Falz Angel Gal Gryphon Gryphon Gels




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