Ultimate Quest Lillipa Arrives April 22nd

Ultimate Quest: Lillipa

Ultimate Lillipa Quest

The second Ultimate Quest has arrived, this time taking place in the underground tunnels of planet Lillipa. This quest features many enemies that specialize in Ranged attacks. Players should break past the barrage of attacks to engage the enemies at close range.


Falke Leone & Vlima Leopard, two formidable opponents encountered in this Ultimate Quest. Falke Leone is known for his swift movements and close range attacks. Vlima Leopard however, specializes in high-powered long distance attacks.


Zeta Granz

Zeta Granz, a massive enemy with four gigantic shields. Contrary to its large size, it can perform swift movements with close range attacks. But be forewarned, as Zeta Granz can also unleash long distance attacks.


Ultimate Quest Lillipa Enemies

シノワラピドゥスSinow Rapidus
Sinow Rapidus

In [Corruption Survey: Lillipa], players will face fearsome foes resembling Lillipan Mechs. New Yuga-style aquatic type Darkers will also join in on the action.



New ★13 Weapons

Slave Dual
スレイヴデュアル (Slave Dual)

Ultimate Quest Lillipa opens with a brand new wealth of ★13 weapons. This, “Slave” weapon series, can be obtained from not only the new Ultimate Quest, but also by exchanging [Yurlungur Crystals] at the Pyroxene Exchange Shop. Clearing the quest repeatedly can reward you with a fortune of said crystals.



New ★12 Weapons

Skia Blade
Skia Blade

Players can expect a number of new potential ★12 drops to appear as well.


New Photon Arts and Technics

Tears Grid

Get ready, because on April 22nd, Phantasy Star Online 2 will be adding new photon arts for Gunslashes, Dual Blades, Double Sabers, and Partisans. Be sure to pick up the new compound technic, "Fomelgion," by clearing a specific client order from Klariskrays.

Hover for PA Names



New Skills for Every Class

T Machine Gun Mastery

Here's a partial listing of the new skills for each class! All of these skills are main class only!

Just Guard PP Gain (Hunters)

  • Recovers PP when Just Guarding with Swords, Partisans, and Wired Lances.
  • (Lv 1.) PP Recovery: +10

Limit Break Photon Charge (Fighters)

  • Fully recovers PP after Limit Break ends.

Massive Bullet (Rangers)

  • Prevents the character from being blown away or launched when the character loads a special bullet.

T Machine Gun Mastery (Gunners) (Twin Machine Guns)

  • Increases PP Recovery.
  • Boosts damage when Critical Hits are made.
  • (Lv.1) PP Recovery: + 0.20 || Power: 101%
  • (Lv. 5) PP Recovery: + 1.00 ||  Power: 105%

Talis Fast Throw (Forces)

  • Increased Talis speed.

Wide Support (Techers)

  • Expands Shifta, Anti, Deband, and Resta's range.

Counter Bonus (Bravers)

  • Recovers PP and Boosts Power with Counter and Counter Edge
  • (Lv. 1) Power: 500% || PP Recovery: +5
  • (Lv.1) Edge Power: 110% || Edge PP Recovery: +1

Jet Boots Escape (Bouncer) (Jet Boots)

  • Adds invincibility frames for PA Shift Attacks.
  • (Lv.1) Effect Duration: 0.20 seconds.
  • (Lv. 5) Effect Duration: 0.35 seconds.




Mag Adjustments

mag feding
Easier Mag Raising

Items you feed  to your mag will contribute more to the stat bar.


Mag Level Down
Mag Level Down Device

The Excube Exchange Counter will add a new item that lets you level down a particular stat by 1 level. This device will be available for Mags at level 101+ at a price of 50 EXCubes.


Another Crafting Update

Crafting April

New Weapon Extension crafting recipes will take your weapons to higher levels than ever before.


Ult Crafting

Timed Abilities are up to date, now supporting Lillipa's Ultimate Quest.


UL Lillipa Timed Ability

A big convenience comes in the form of a new feature that lets you desynthesize up to 10 items at a time!


Convenient New Features

Multi Abilities

At long last, players will be able to simultaneously search for multiple special abilities on weapons and units in Player Shops. A maximum of 4 special abilities can be specified, narrowing down the search results to items containing all of those abilities. Additionally, new settings when searching for items of certain rarities will be included.


Camera Cursor PSo2

Primarily aimed towards Gamepad users, a new option will allow PC players to prevent the mouse from moving the camera.


Symbol Arts 500 Zoom

The zoom options when editing Symbol Art will be expanded with a new 500% setting. This will allow for smaller and more precise shape placement.


The Party Maker PSO2

We're having a party and you're invited! The Party Maker allows players to recruit for party members right in the middle of the field. Accessing this device reveals the party's status, its goals, and the class levels of the person who dropped it. You can access this new feature by selecting it from the Quick Menu.


Players Welcome

On the party creation screen, there's a new option to checkmark, that tells players they are welcome to join the party. Players will take priority in joining, even when it's filled with NPC partner characters.


Party Sorting

Searching for parties at the Quest Counter is going to get a little easier. With this update, the party listing can be sorted by their room number.


Team Room Invitation

There are new options at the Team Counter that allow non-Team Members to enter the Team Room! Team Rooms are locked by default, so it's up to you to turn off the entry restrictions.


Team Point Adjustments

The number of team points gained when clearing a quest with fellow team members will be increased to 50. Furthermore, the costs of upgrading a team to level 2 and acquiring a team room will be reduced.


Balance Adjustments

Hunter Balance Adjustments

  • Fury Gear Boost has been adjusted so that its effect is active during Guard Stance. The name of the effect will change from [Fury Gear Boost] to [Hunter Gear Boost].
  • Rising Edge, Nova Strike, and Guilty Break will have shortened charge times.
  • Ignite Parrying will receive a power buff and reduced PP costs.
  • Ignite Parrying has been altered so that the attack following the Just Guard comes quicker.
  • Ignite Parrying can now be cancelled when guarding at the final slash attack.
  • Ride Slasher will have shortened charging times with the Gear Gauge at the first stage.

Fighter Balance Adjustments

  • Extended the length of time it's possible to Just Guard with the [Double Saber Wind Parrying] skill.
  • Changed Facet Folia and Scar Fugue, so that JA timings can occur even when their attacks haven't hit the target.
  • Changed Tornado Dance, Scissor Edge, Rumbling Moon, Illusion Rave, Fake Capture, Surprise Dunk, Deadly Archer, Deadly Circle, and Chaos Riser, so that they now can be canceled through shift actions.

Techer Balance Adjustments

  • Increased [Reverser Field's] range and reduced the recast times.

Braver Balance Adjustments

  • Increased the max hit number for [Katana Combat] and boosted its power.
  • Made adjustments to the skill tree to make it easier to learn [Snatch Step.]
  • Increased [Counter Edge's] range.
  • Boosted how high the gear fills when the slash attack for [Counter Edge] hits enemies.

Bouncer Adjustments

  • Increased [Critical Field] and [Elemental Restorate PP Field's] range.
  • Adjusted the cancellation timing with evasive actions for [Gran Wave, Moment Gale, and Strike Gust].

Due to the above changes, an All Skill Tree reset pass will be distributed.


Quest Adjustments

  • Increased the 12 drop rate for the quest clear crystal in Mining Base 1 and 2.

Enemy Adjustments

  • [Ga Wonda, Gu Wonda, Sil Dinian and Sil Sadinian] shields will no longer repel attacks. However,  you'll still deal no damage when attacking their shields.

Mr. Umblla Adjustments

  • Made it easier for Mr. Umblla to attack the player.
  • Reduced the duration of the emergency trial from start to finish.
  • Relaxed the success conditions for Mr. Umblla's Emergency Trial.
  • The Emergency Trial will not fail if you attack Mr. Umblla.
  • Players who are attacked by Mr. Umblla will acquire the effect of a +100% Rare Drop Boost.
  • Relaxed the damage dealt by Mr. Umblla.


Warring Chronicles (AC Scratch)

Just in time for the Children's Day celebrations, a new scratch arrives including Japanese style costumes! Casual hooded outfits [Milett Colparka] and [Olett Gilparka], as well as feline accessories will also appear.


Dawnlight Armor
曙光具足 (Dawnlight Armor)
Dawnlight Attire
曙光彩衣 (Dawnlight Colorful Attire)
Kunkou Rakuka
クンコウラクカ (Kunkou Rakuka)
ミレットコルパーカ (Milett Colparka)
オレットギルパーカ (Olett Gilparka)



45 thoughts to “Ultimate Quest Lillipa Arrives April 22nd”

    1. If we assume that cmode is only played for the sake of 13* light based rewards, then it will stay "obsolete" even if they would add extra stages.

    2. Which does absolutely nothing because it would make existing set "obsolete" (as in, second best) anyway, and will be either overridden by the next set due to the same flawed logic, or make any other content "irrelevant".
      New content is not being added only for the sake of power creep and grinding, its provided to offer variety to the playing process.
      More faults hide in arguable inferiority of Ideal set. There are also expendable rewards, including lambda grinders. The whole mode itself allows to play the game in a different way, with people across ships, disregarding the level and gear difference.

      Its not going to go obsolete anytime soon. In your place I would worry more about dead ult naberius, because that one is actually not going anywhere.

    3. yeah, tell that to the min-maxers who want OP-always feel in their equipment.
      hopefully, we get some content where one's atk-power isnt the highest priority.

    4. nah. C-Mode is independent of everything. it's distilled eSports that people can run no-matter what level they are.

      Worst case is the Shared Ship will ensure that between all 10 ships the 12 people still wanting to run C-mode can find each other.

      On the flipside, Slave's Reverse-Blackheart potential might be too difficult for some players to bother to maintain; and the flat bonus needs to be better than Blackheart's just to be relevant on a 13* weapon. Ares will probably remain the top 13* for some time I think, and if Ultimate Lilipa just degenerates into another anga-hunt meta, C-Mode will still be there for all those who are frustrated by that (I just want to find the Punisher rifle dangit it's so cool-looking ;A; )

      on that note, they need to add a stone-weapon series to ultimate nab because that is the real victim of this update.

  1. Amazing update, my body is ready.
    To bad the new skill tree ability Wide Support for techer doesnt affect zondeel

    1. So I guess it will only fail if he misses and time runs out. This is nice, no more other players controlling what the MPA does. Now they should do the same to the Lilipan held hostage by a Glinas.

    2. From what I saw in the playthrought, they tried to kill the Lillipan held hostage by Ult Gilnas, but it didn't work, it looks like only the ennemies are able to destroy that shit.

    3. wish they'd fix the non-UQ version of that interrupt like that. I've lost count of how many lilipans I've accidentally blown up because of misjudged AoE.

  2. By gods 50 excubes for -1 mag skill point? a bit excessive imo, beter than nothing for correcting screw ups but if someone put 10 or more dex…

    1. I have 23 dex on a mag because the person who introduced me told me I should put some dex on it since I'd need it to use some equipment later on. Being a wide-eyed noob who was awed by my friend's max level characters and 11* gear, I simply accepted what I was told. By the time I found out that it was bad, it was already too late for me.

      On the one hand, at least now I can fix that mistake. On the other hand…. 1,150 Excubes for a nub that's basically playing solo (the aforementioned person who introduced me also seems to have abandoned me and I have no team plus lack knowledge of any Japanese whatsoever) is not going to be a fun time. At all.

    2. I have 35 dex on mine and im happy with it. Made it easier to equip Saikis at early levels.

    3. i got lv 90 on my MAG. still satisfied with my build now, but i need to reduce it by 30-50 lv i guess. must stock up a lot of excube

    4. it's obnoxious and stupid, but you know it's just to keep the encouragement to buy more mags for people who've been around since you actually needed defenses on your mag to equip certain units. which is cute and all, except for the case of peasants who can't afford AC.

      even granting that you can get 50+ cubes out of an XH magatsu session, it's excessive. 25 cubes should be plenty.

    1. Extra attack when PP is over 50%, like an opposite of black heart. No idea about the amount of attack.

  3. So this new 13s set of weapons wil be just crap or its just my feeling of it? the fact that those weapons are both way drop and pyroxene items doesnt look too cool to me.

    1. Looks to be alright for certain classes. Bouncer's photon blade fever can benefit from it. The potentials are the reverse of Black Heart, gives attack boosts when you're over 50% PP.

    2. drops = variable slots/ele/grind
      exchange = standardized slots/ele and no grind

      imo there's more work in exchange shops, for those who arent blessed by RNGeesus

    1. not everyone has been around long enough to know better. and you can politely inform people without getting so steamed about it.

    2. It reminds them that they will receive one, albeit in small, black letters. Just shows that they didn't even thoroughly read the article. Just saying.

    3. yeah sorry, after looking a second time, I see it now in small tiny font underneath the balance changes. >_>

  4. on subject of mags and resets, its not end of world if u have dex on your mag lol…. theres sucha small impact if you go all s/t/ ratk. none of my chars have pure mags, andd most of my chars out dmg ppl that DO lol. i say most bc two of them are still in SH level haha :3 but for perfectionists, the level down is nice i guess. you REALLY gotta want that ONE stat point. after paying 50 cube for 1 point of atk, your truly going to see how little it actually affects your dmg output. thats pro bly why its 50 and not a reasonably low number… this type of stuff is only for mega-elitests who care more about what other ppl think, rather than enjoying game as they should! another funny thing is dex ,is actually helpful… its nice to have low damage variance. but i wont bother forcing ppl to understand that lol. if you reallllllly want thoseextra stat points, just affix your units or wep a tiny bit better.. maybe get a nice XQ unit set ( still best set bonus in game, and def too..not sure why ppl love gigur units so much lols.) ofc im a player that doesnt care for PP bonuses,so its all up to your playstyle really 🙂 im more upset that after wasting so many spheres on food devices and mestea too, that mags are gonna gain more levels from same stuff.. i want my mags to get that lost exp lol! wheres my retroactive levels lol xD

    1. DEX means jack for crit so why would you have anything other than a pure stat mag for something like a Fighter.

  5. in terms of set bonus…yea they are better. sakai adds same atk as any 10* unit set (+60 to all) all sakai is adding above that is pp. allllllllllll xq units add 90 atk to all. literally no other unit, not even magu ints add that much atk _-_. so i re-iterate, whats the big deal with sakai units?? that ice resistance coming in handy at all? lmao. but im guessing your also one of those ppl that think only a rare gigur drop the 11* units too,right? lol. everyone entitled to they own opinion,but when it comes to atk,xq are still best set bonus, sorry.

    1. Saiki set is in top set because of balance.
      – 80 DEX: If you used a crafted weapon, this 80 dex very helpful. If not then never mind.
      – Set bonus: pure 25 PP, so you can craft it with HP or PP. Easy 300HP/25PP or 55P for a set (not affix yet).
      – Attack bonus: compare to all sets, 60 atk not bad for a "3 units set" (Magatsu set +70atk, XQ set +90atk)
      – Free to use weapons you like

    2. i love how you imply myself as one of those ppl, however you my friend, you sound like someone who got a really hard time getting the saikis, well yeah im guessing too here


    3. Most people i know, including myself think that the saiki units and magatsu units are better than the 11* units. Even before those units came around people thought that of the 10* units that give +60/60 attack and +10pp thought better than the 11* XQ units.
      Lets compare set bonuses: XQ units give +90 all attack;
      saiki units give +60 all attack, +80 dex AND the notorious +25pp,;
      brisa units give +70 all attack, +50 dex, +5pp +80hp (you dont see an hp bonus like that on set bonuses) and +9 dark, lightning, ice resist
      While it is true that the XQ units are the best at giving the most attack from a set bonus, most people find the +30 more attack(vs saiki) or +20 more attack(vs brisa) insignificant. With XQ units all you get are attack bonuses thats it. With saiki and brisa however you get good attack bonuses, a handful of dex(for those using crafted weps), easy pp(saiki), easy hp(brisa), and easy attr resists(brisa).
      Conclusion: Unless ur fighting mobs with high defense, im talking 2000 def, that +30 attack from XQ units WILL NOT DO MUCH.
      If you want as much attack as possible, go for it but i strongly believe you get a lot more from saiki units and brisa units than XQ units. more attack =/= better units

    4. All XQ units have to offer is the 30 extra atk, what else? Nothing. In almost every other way, saiki is better. Not to mention, gwanman 2 piece set gives +90 r-atk and still free to use whatever other unit you want. There are way more better options. XQ units are by far not the best set.

  6. P.S. I think people should know that there are 2 types of magatsu units now, one is the 3 piece brisa set the other the one piece magatsu set. Ik habit makes us call the brisa set the magatsu set but lets specify which set we're talking about re magatsu so people dont get confused.
    P.S.S. I didn't expect to type this much over one person's post. this is my 3nd time posting on bumped EVER.

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