Unlimited Blade Works Materializes in Phantasy Star Online 2

~May 13th, 2015~


In The Driving Rain 3

Venture forth again into the rainy depths of the forest with the third iteration of In The Driving Rain. The natives of Naberius, Darkers, and bosses Nepto Cassadora and Rheo Madullard await players braving this limited time Emergency Quest. Mr. Umblla can also appear, granting a +100% Rare Drop Boost to players smacked by his cane.


Rainy Bingo 2015

(Rainy) Xie will return for a limited time with a new selection of client orders and rewards. Clear the Rainy 2015 Bingo for prizes such as boosters and an umbrella themed Partisan weapon camo.


Imitate Phantasm (AC Scratch)

シーナリーパスUBW (Scenery Pass UBW)

Fans of the Fate/stay night [Unlimited Blade Works] Anime will be delighted by the new cosplay opportunities included with this collaboration scratch. Suit up as Emiya Shirou in his Homurahara Academy Uniform, or stay casual with the civilian costumes of Saber and Gilgamesh.


騎士王の礼装 (King of Knights Formal Wear)
Homurahara Academy
穂群原学園男子制服 (Men's Homurahara Academy Uniform)
穂群原学園女子制服 ( Women's Homurahara Academy Uniform)
穂群原学園女子制服 (Women's Homurahara Academy Uniform)
Rin Homuhara Academy Uniform
穂群原学園女子制服B (Women's Homurahara Academy Uniform B)
King of Heroes CW
英雄王の私服 (King of Heroes Civilian Wear)
騎士王の (King of Knights Civilian Wear)
騎士王の私服 (King of Knights Civilian Wear)
Kanshou and Bakuya Overedge
*干将・莫耶OE (Kanshou and Bakuya Overedge)
ゲイ・ボルグ (Gae Bolg)
*ゲイ・ボルグ (Gae Bolg)
狂戦士の斧剣 (Berserker's Axe-Sword)
*狂戦士の斧剣 (Berserker's Axe-Sword)
FateUBWポスターA (Fate UBW Poster A)
Fate/UBWポスターA (Fate/UBW Poster A)
Fate UBW Postb
Fate/UBWポスターB (Fate/UBW Poster B)
Kanshou DB
*干将・莫耶 (Kanshou and Bakuya)

The *Kanshou and Bakuya camo released in a previous scratch will re-appear with support for Twin Daggers and Dual Blades! This will apply to the previously released version as well when the update hits on May 13th.


Golden Week Revival Scratch

Golden Week Scratch 2015

The Golden Week Limited AC Scratch will arrive on May 1st @ 0:00 JST through May 13th. Highly popular items from past scratches will appear, giving players another shot at acquiring them.

The [GW Accessory Selection 2015] includes hairstyles, accessories, voice tickets, and lobby actions such as the vastly sought after Dance 20.

The [Mystery Bag G 2015] will contain costume, accessory, and Mag device bundles, as well as special ability affixers and attribute changers.


 Famitsu Magazine Mascot

Evo Device Necky

Inside the May 7th / 14th / 21st combined issue of Weekly Famitsu, is an item code with Famitsu's mascot as a Mag! This item code is available in the Weekly Famitsu that hit store shelves April 23rd.

Famitsu Issue


(Weekly Famitsu May 7/14/21 Issue

(1x Evo Device / Necky)

(1x Half Doll)

(5x Casino Coin Passes)



Upcoming Broadcast

  • ARKS Cadet  ~Graduation Special~
  • Broadcasting Live on Nico Nico!
  • Begins April 29th @ 19:00 JST



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