Come Play the New Casino Game "Li~Li~ Roulette" On June 10th

 ~June 10th, 2015~


Sonic Collaboration

The Sonic Lobby returns until June 24th, transforming the lobby with statues of the all-star cast. Gold rings are spread throughout the Shopping Area! What will happen after collecting them all?


Sonic Nyau

Sonic Nyau will appear dressed as the titular hedgehog, wielding the Extreme Gear from Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity. Defeat him for a chance at nabbing the [*Extreme Gear ] weapon camo!


New Limited Quest

As part of PSO2's 3rd anniversary celebration, a new limited quest will be added to the game. Taking place in the Darker's Den, this quest will feature an assortment of enemies comprised mostly of Darkers. Previous Nyau variations will appear, with each summoning various enemies upon defeat.


New ★12 weapons in the "Nox" series can drop during the limited quest for lucky players.


Maximum Attack Event

Maximum Attack Banner

The 3rd anniversary Maximum Attack Web Panel Event will be held through July 22nd. During the event, players will be tasked with defeating bosses in a targeted quest for points. The accumulated scores will be updated on the official site periodically. More details on the event can be found in our previous post.


Star Lyla
*スターライラ (Star Lyra)

3rd Anniversary Xie will be present in the lobby until August 5th with new client orders. Clearing her orders will reward players with the Star Lyra weapon camo.


Xie will also open an exchange shop with new ★13 weapons to collect! Players can obtain Gold / Silver / and Bronze WEAPONS Badges within the limited quest to trade in for various items at her shop.


Casino Game: Li~Li Roulette

An exciting new game is coming to the Casino! In Li~Li Roulette, players must try to guess which space the spinning wheel will stop on. Place your BET on a certain number, color, or a space with both, and cross your fingers!


Casino Lilipan Suit

Collect those coins for a snazzy new Lillipan Suit available exclusively at the Casino Prize Counter!


Alto Client Order

First-time casino goers can also familiarize themselves with the lobby by clearing Alto's client orders.


Present Gauges

Present gauge

A "Present Gauge" will  appear for certain NPCs in the lobby. This helps to visualize your progress as you raise their friendship ratings.

NPCs will also hand out new presents like "meat" and "fish" rations, which temporarily boost your ATK and max PP.


Transferable Ultimate Buster

Ultimate Buster 5 Slots

It's finally here! Now you can transfer Ultimate Buster onto your favorite weapon for that extra advantage in Ultimate Quests.


Ultimate Buster 100

You'll need to bring five weapons with the Ultimate Buster ability. The transfer is a guaranteed 100% success! However, keep in mind that you won't be able to transfer the ability onto ★13 weapons.


Set Effects Confirmation

Set Effects Window

You can now check whether an item has a "Set Effect" from the Item Menu. Opening this menu lists information about the set effect, and which items are required for its activation.


Quest Counter: Available Item Improvements

Quest Counter Available Items

The [Available Items] section of the Quest Information window will now give priority to weapons of the highest rarity.


More Skill Point Client Orders

Skill Point COs

Class trainer NPCs are receiving new skill point client orders. Gather up some Class Cubes and push your character to the limit!


10x Fun Scratch

10x FUN Scratch

Now you can play the FUN Scratch 10 times in a row in one go! This handy new feature makes repeated scratching less tedious and more FUN!


My Shop Search Improvements

MY Shop Detailed Subcat

Fine-tune your item searches with new My Shop sub-categories! Now it's even easier to search within categories with new settings specifically for Face Paint, Body Paint, Stickers, Voice Tickets, Lobby Actions, and more!


Recycle Shop from the Main Menu

Recycle Shop Main Menu

Avoid the post-Emergency Quest stampede with this new Recycle Shop update! As long as your character is within the ARKS Lobby or Casino, you may now access the Recycle Shop straight from the Main Menu.


Hunter Balance Adjustments

  • Sword and Partisan users will descend slower when Just Guards are performed in the air.

Fighter Balance Adjustments

  • Raging Waltz will have reduced PP costs and earlier cancellation timings after its launching attack.
  • Quick March will now have a stun effect when attacking enemies on the ground.
  • Orchestra will have a reduced character stiffness period after the attack hits.
  • The initial attack for Facet Folia will come quicker.
  • Ducking Blow will have reduced PP costs.
  • Flicker Jab will have reduced PP costs.
  • Pendulum Roll will have reduced PP costs and its attack speed buffed.
  • Slide Upper will have adjustments made to the enemy launching effect.
  • Straight Charge will be adjusted so that the player does not fall when the charge attack is done in the air. The PA will receive reduced PP costs as well.
  • Quick Howling's attack will have expanded longitudinal range, and earlier Just Attack timings.
  • Surprise Knuckle will have reduced PP costs, increased attack speed, and adjustments made to the enemy launching effect.
  • Flash Thousand will have:
    • Increased power
    • Reduced PP
    • Wider attack range
    • Earlier Just Attack timing
    • Earlier attack and step cancellation timings
    • An effect that prevents you from being launched or blown away
  • Backhand Smash will receive increased power, reduced PP costs, and a wider attack range.
  • The initial attack for Heartless Impact will come quicker. The PA will also receive earlier step and sway cancellation timings.
  • Knuckles in general will have increased normal attack and step attack speed. In addition, the 3rd normal hit will recover more PP.

Ranger / Gunner Adjustments

  • One Point can now be cancelled with Dive Roll.
  • Aerial Shooting users will descend slower when performing the attack in the air.

Bouncer Adjustments

  • Elemental Burst will have increased power. In addition, it will have increased status inflicting rate up till Skill level 4.

Due to the above changes an all skill tree reset pass will be distributed.

Recycle Shop Contents Update

  • New items called "Recycle Badges" can be used in place of the [AC Scratch Items] requested at the Recycle Shop.
  • Recycle Badges can be obtained by trading in AC Scratch items.
  • Recycle Badges can also be listed in My Shop and traded with other users.


Shining Live Stage (AC Scratch)

Shining Mats

Costumes and hairstyles based on characters from Shining Resonance will appear in this scratch, along with the "Armonics" series of signature weapons.


Sonia Repca
ソニア ・レプカ (Sonia Repca)
Yuma Repca
ユーマ・レプカ (Yuma Repca)
Kirika Repca
キリカ ・レプカ (Kirika Repca)
Rinna Repca
リンナ・レプカ (Rinna Repca)
Marion Repca M
マリオン ・レプカM (Marion Repca M)
Marion Repca F
マリオン ・レプカM (Marion Repca F)
Dragon Wing Bow Kotonokagura
*龍翼弓コトノカグラ (Dragon Wing Bow Kotonokagura)
Dragon Roar Blade Vanderhorn
*龍鳴剣ヴァンデルホーン (Dragon Roar Blade Vanderhorn)
Dragon Spine Tran Rod
*龍尾棍トランロッド (Dragon Spine Tran Rod)
Magical Divine Cannon
*魔動砲ディバインカノン (Magical Divine Cannon)

Voice tickets from each character are also included as part of the collaboration.

  • 女性共通ソニアボイス ║ Sonia Female Voice (Asami Seto)
  • 女性共通キリカボイス ║ Kirika Female Voice (Saori Hayami)
  • 女性共通リンナボイス ║ Rinna Female Voice (Ai Kayano)
  • 女性共通マリオンボイス ║ Marion Female Voice (Miyuki Sawashiro)
  • 男性共通ユーマボイス ║ Yuma Male Voice (Nobunaga Shimazaki)
  • 男性共通マリオンボイス ║ Marion Male Voice (Miyuki Sawashiro)


21 thoughts to “Come Play the New Casino Game "Li~Li~ Roulette" On June 10th”

  1. the recycle badge thing seems pointless.

    given the musical theme of that shining ________ game.
    it's probably "divine canon". the kanji part is prolly some variation of "magic-driven cannon".
    but I'm not a shining ________ fan so I dunno for sure.

  2. Not pointless imo, since they can be sold and saves a lot of space if you buy "cheap" ac fodders for trading stuff.
    Better that cluttering inventory i guess.

  3. Ugh… How can you Sega insult your main character Sonic by changing sh*tty Nyau into him…? xD

    Well, let's cheer yourselves from the upcoming BG theme remix with the new Casino Game! (Am I the only one for who the Sonic Remix is a bad memory from last year? Even if the giant figures where cool and I'm curious about the Rings in the Lobby.)

    1. do you play this game for nothing but lolis and waifus ? do you do any research on past pso games? this is what pisses me off about most people who play pso2 they have no clue what a darkfalz is or who nyau is supposed to be nyau is a cat like creature that was in your party in one of the original phantasy star rpgs (final fantasy like ones predating pso. I bet half the people are looking at gal gryphon and just saying "oh look another dragon" iam sick of the waifu/collab fest this is turning into I want phantasy star :/ iam a hardcore fan and phantasy star online ep 1 and 2 realy helped me through a bad part in my life…I had realy hoped this would be great…but… my heart is being broken.

    2. Hey now, it's ok!
      If people want to play it for their lady characters then it's ok!!
      But as a Fan it's no good to get angry at others with how much they don't know! If you are a hardcore fan by all means a little "did you know" would be awesome to us who want to know!

      I can admit I have never played the original Phantasy Star Games. I started off playing PSO on the Gamecube. I adored it!
      I can say I don't know anything about the games before PSO, but the fact that I have a chance to see different elements from the old games pop into the current ones gives me a greater understanding about this franchise!

      Sorry if this is TL;DR
      But please don't be that fan with an elitist attitude.

      Everyone here is a fan, just enjoy with other fans ok?

    3. Uuuum… Were you talking for me? Of course I played the first games of the series in Master System and Mega Drive. Of course I played PSO and more. The reason why I hate Nyau? You told it, he was a Party member in the very first episode and was a great character but Nyau is stupid, coward and can't fight without asking help when he's beaten. So for me it's a shame for the original Myau, in fact..

      Anyway, still I'm a little bored to see so few people have played the origins of the series, and even think it have existed too. ("What? There was something before PSO? Oh?" >< That's boring but as long as they really enjoy PSO2 if nice anyway.) But uh, Final Fantasy-like, well not really because PS and FF have a lot of difference (Except if "RPG" means "FF" for you… But they only have two or three days of difference with their release date.)

      Anyway, sorry if I understand bad what you wanted to say. I may look a little tough in my words but it's not my intention. (I certainly may have some "Burning love" with these series that sometimes make me go too fast.)

    4. Nyau ≠ Myau. They just look similar. Hell you can even get a statue of Myau for your room.

    5. Really? I've never had one.

      Anyway I know that but well… They are the same kind of creatures. Don't want to spoil AKANE but if you played PS IV, there are a lot of "Myau children" somewhere in a hidden cave so I feel like if maybe Sega have thought of that when they "created" Nyau. It's quite rare but they sometimes do references to the main series (I say "main" because not sure that Online, Universe and others were here now without those four games).

    6. PSO2 was actually my first Phantasy Star game, but there's something about the throwbacks to old games that feel magical, and I feel like it's something of a disservice if I don't understand them. I've done a lot of research into the series since I started playing, and even if I don't have any memories of those games, I feel like I can properly appreciate them now. I even bought Phantasy Star IV (not that I've finished it, unforgiving my ass). So don't feel bad or unappreciated or anything.

    7. Ah PS IV was so great… Still, my favourite one was PS II. Hard game but lot of feelings and a great adventure. Try it someday if you can 😉

    8. I might! I like giving the classics a whirl, even if they were before my time.

    9. I too. So good luck with this one too, it's pretty hard, ingame as to buy it with a correct price (Depending on where you live but it can go high prices. Well, it's also possible to find it in PS Store and others services like that, or Sega compilations too.)

    10. I do remember a cat being in the party on the very 1st phantasy star, AND far as july update, GAL GRYPHON, talk about soo much HYPE BRO!!! I love kickin his ass back in the day on the GC version, from normal to Ultimate (had some help on that final difficulty, lol) Maybe a lot of them didn't play old pso ep1 &2 or the 1st ps, but im glad to see some blast from the past events and monster. 🙂 hell even the 1st stage have the old forest music in it. 😀 I think most do or don't know that or any of the newbies, hell, they will found out, or they might know and troll, to be funny xD

  4. As someone who has spent hours upon hours playing Sonic Riders Zero Gravity, something about the camo being called "Extreme Gear" as opposed to "Blue Star" irks me.

  5. I apologise for being so blunt Iam just venting realy its mainly my opinions and iam scared that sega will destroy the game I suppose I shouldn't be so upset considering gal gryphon is being added so again iam sorry :/

    1. Don't worry, sorry too, maybe I told a little too much. I think I understand what you mean, somehow I sometimes feel the same when I see tons of "loli" don't even taller that the counters try to save the universe. But well… Everyone have its way to enjoy the game. As long as it works, it's fine.

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