PSO2 3rd Anniversary: Maximum Attack [Web Panel Rewards]

Maximum Attack Banner

Challenge Mile Bonuses Revealed

Updated Maximum Attack Schedule

  • Interlocking Web Panel Event: June 10th ~ July 22nd
  • Dark Falz Elder / Loser EQ: July 8th ~ August 5th
  • Darker's Den Limited Quest: June 10th ~ July 8th
  • Gal Grphyon Limited Quest: July 8th ~ August 5th
  • Maximum Attack Reward Period: July 29th ~ August 5th
  • Reward Item Distribution Period: July 29th ~ August 19th
  • ARKS Investigative Report: 6/17 & 7/1 & 7/15 & 7/29

Phantasy Star Online 2 is celebrating its third year in service by holding a Maximum Attack event! Among the festivities is a new limited quest where players can earn points by defeating specific bosses! These points are tallied across PSO2 and PSO2es to unlock prizes listed at the event's official site.

Phantasy Star Online 2 PC and Vita players can rack up points by defeating certain bosses within "Winged Border Breaker" and "A Profound Invasion!"


Scoring System:
Limited Quest (Winged Border Breaker)
Emergency Quest (A Profound Invasion)
Normal: 5 points Hard: 10 points Very Hard: 15 points
Super Hard: 20 points Extra Hard: 35 points  
Qualifying Bosses for (Winged Border Breaker) + (A Profound Invasion)
Gal Gryphon Dark Falz Loser Dark Falz Elder

Both normal and rare counterparts of Gal Gryphon qualifies for the event!

Phantasy Star Online 2es players, on the other hand, can earn points by clearing specific quests tagged for the event. More details can be found at the es Guide!



Maximum Attack Reward List

Panel Reward
#1 +1 Login Stamp: Boost Period
2x FUN: Boost Period
1000 FUN Ticket
#2 [PSO2es]
Revival Meds x3
#3 Evo. Device / Blue Puyo
Casino Coin Pass x3
Casino: Boost Period
#4 [PSO2es]
Rappy Medal x10
#5 20% OFF Recycle Shop
#6 +150% EXP Boost Period
+150% Meseta Boost Period
#7 [PSO2es]
2x Golden Lillipa Chips
#8 Evo. Device / Losher
#9 Free Salon Pass
Color Change Pass
#10 [PSO2es]
+200% Arks Quest EXP Boost
#11 Kasentori Haruka
#12 2x Grind Risk Reduction (+2)
+10% Grind Success
+10% Ability Affixing Success
#13 Energy Huezer
#14 [PSO2]
+100% Tribooster
3 OP Meds
#15 +150% Rare Drop Boost Period
+150% Rare Enemies Boost Period
#16 Grind Success (100%)
#17 +10% Item Grind Success Boost Period
#18 [PSO2es]
Rappy Medal x20
#19 +10% Special Ability Affixing
#20 (8/12 ~ 8/19)
+10% Or More Challenge Mile Bonus

 Players must clear the quest 1+ times to qualify for the prizes arriving on July 29th.


The 20th Panel's Special Bonus

The 20th Panel has a special bonus! The Challenge Mile bonus increases by 10% each time players contribute 1,000,000 points to the score! If we make it to 42,000,000 points, we will succeed in earning a +100% Mile Bonus! Players can expect to see this boost starting August 12th ~ August 19th.


Maximum Attack Contests

  • Item Design Contest Entry Period: May 27th ~ July 15th
  • Character Contest Entry Period: May 27th ~ June 24th
  • Real-Life Merchandise Contest Entry Period: May 27th ~ July 15th
  • Illustration Contest Entry Period: May 27th ~ July 22nd




July Celebration

Gal Gryphon

This July, we're celebrating the 15th anniversary of Phantasy Star Online with a new boss, team room, and outfits designed by guest illustrator Suzuhito Yasuda. Kicking off the update is a fearsome boss battle against the Gal Gryphon in an arena recreated from Phantasy Star Online: Episode 2.


Pioneer 2

Take a trip down memory lane by transforming your team room into [Pioneer 2], the spaceship at the center of operations in Phantasy Star Online.


Suzuhito Yasuda PSO2

Pick up new costumes and weapons camos designed by manga illustrator Suzuhito Yasuda, also known for his work on the Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor series of video games.


Item Design Contest

Maximum Attack Banner

Name Item Design Contest
Contest Divisions

Phantasy Star Online 2 is accepting costumes, accessories, room items, and weapon camos for this year's Item Design Contest! That's right, players may now submit concepts of room items they wish to see implemented! Put your thinking caps on, and submit your entry to any of these four contest divisions.

Weapon Camo Division

  • Any Existing Weapon Category.  (As of May 27th, 2015)

Costume Division (Costume Template)

  • (All Race Unisex)
  • (All Race Male)
  • (All Race Female)

Accessory Division

Room Item Division

  • (Floor Type)
  • (Wall Type)
  • (Ceiling Type

This contest will not be accepting entries for Hairstyles, Head Parts, Body Parts, Arm Parts, and Leg Parts.

Entry Period May 27th ~ July 15th @ 16:00 JST

The nominations and results will be posted at separate times in the future.

Entry Requirements

Submitted entries must have some relevance to Phantasy Star Online 2.

Hairstyles, Head Parts, Arms Parts, Body Parts, and Leg Parts entries do not qualify for this contest.

Weapon Camos should be submitted only for the categories that appear in Phantasy Star Online 2. Designs for weapons outside of these categories will not qualify for the contest.

Submitted works may be slightly modified when implemented as in-game items.

Room Items with special gimmicks or functions will not qualify for the contest.

Entrants must submit unpublished works they’ve created themselves.

Winning entries will be published to the official site, and may include your character's name, or pen name.

The entry must be a JPG file up to 1MB in size.

Contest participants are allowed to submit several entries.

Please fill in all the required entries in the submission form.

Please include a comment about your entry in the submission form.

Entries submitted to places outside of the Official Submission form are not valid for this contest.

Please refrain from posting your works on a blog or social networking site, etc. Your winning entry may be disqualified if they discovered it was posted to the public.


Other Important Information

The copyright of entries submitted to the contest shall belong to Sega, allowing them free use over the contents without any restrictions. The contestant agrees to have their submitted entry sold as AC Scratch items.

Contestants will not be able to make further changes to the submission nor its description after the Entry Period has concluded. Submissions that infringes upon the intellectual property rights of a third party, or violate public policy, will not qualify for the contest.

Full contest details can be viewed at the official Item Design Contest page.


Item Design Categories
Wired Lance
Twin Daggers
Dual Blades
Assault Rifles
Twin Machine Guns
Bullet Bows
Jet Boots
Unisex Costume
Female Costume
Male Costume
Floor Type
Wall Type
Ceiling Type


Contest Submission Form

Press the big green button at the Contest Page to submit your entry.

 Entrant Information

  • Email Address
  • Pen Name

Event Submission Details

  • Event Name: (Already Ticked)
  • Category Selection:
    • Weapon Camo Division
    • Costume Division
    • Accessory Division
    • Room Item Division
  • Category: (Check Chart for Japanese Names)
  • Entry Comment: (Text Entry Form: 200 characters or less)
  • Upload Entry

Press the blue button on the left to submit!



Character Contest

Maximum Attack Banner

The ARKS Museum is accepting submissions for PSO2's Third Anniversary Character Contest! Bring out your inner fashionista and put together a style that will impress everyone in one of the three contest divisions.

Contest Name PSO2 3rd Anniversary ARKS Museum Character Contest
Contest Divisions

Submit a screenshot and a Character Creation file of your character sporting the hottest looks for summer. Submit your entry to any of the three contest divisions to get started! 

Show off your Swimsuits!

  • A style with a swimsuit appeal! Show off a look that captures the essence of summer!

Capture the Oceans! The Mountains! With Blue or Green!

  • A style centered around an ocean and mountains theme. Craft a style with an emphasis on blue or green colors.

Japanese Style Clothing For Summer!

  • A style of Japanese clothing that represents Summer! Good background imagery and interesting poses are desired.
Entry Period May 27th ~ June 24th @ 16:00 JST
Nominees Late July
Winner Announcements Early August
Contest Prizes

The selected nominees will receive these wonderful prizes!

  • Golden Trophy
  • 1000 FUN Ticket
  • Free Salon Pass
  • Grind Success (100%)

Prizes can be retrieved from the Visiphone after a future maintenance.

Character Creation Criteria

You may freely use any hairstyle, costume, or accessory except for the following:

  • Collaborative contents outside of Sega Games.

Please avoid submitting entries that depict collaborative works outside of SEGA Games.

Character Creation Data

Please submit the Character Creation data along with your contest entry. This can be performed by saving the data through the Beauty Salon. You may retrieve your character creation data from the following directory:

[My Documents] > [SEGA] > [Phantasy Star Online 2]


Screenshot Criteria
  • Submit 1 screenshot for the contest itself.
  • Submit another screenshot displaying your Player ID.
Screenshot Requirements

Screenshot #1 Requirements

  • You may take a screenshot in any location.
  • You must NOT depict any mags or weapons in your screenshot.
  • You must NOT depict any Units in your screenshot.
  • You must NOT depict other players, NPCs, or enemies in the screenshot.
  • You must NOT depict any Symbol Arts in the screenshot, including the ones shown on the Symbol Art Projector, or Monitor, etc.
  • The screenshot must be taken in landscape orientation and allow us to understand the full body fashion choices for your character.
  • The screenshot must NOT display the User Interface.
  • The screenshot can be taken using the [Camera Selection] function in the Quick Menu, or through the [Digi Ichi] room item.
  • You can use facial expressions and lobby actions within the screenshot.
  • You must NOT depict any speech bubbles, cut-in chats, manga chat symbols, or Symbol Arts within the screenshot.


Screenshot #2 Requirements

  • Your screenshot MUST include your Player ID above your character.
  • Your character MUST be facing the camera, full body in view.
  • The screenshot MUST be taken in a place where one can clearly identify the Player ID.
  • Your screenshot MUST have the User Interface ON.
Submission Criteria

The submitted entry must be an unpublished work created by the player themselves.

The screenshots must be a JPG file up to 1MB in size.

Image processing functions like cropping/trimming should not be performed.

The Character Creation Data must depict the current state of the submitted screenshot.

Please refrain from posting the image to the public like on social networking sites and blogs.

Before You Submit

Submission Reminder

  • Character Creation Data saved in the state the character appears in the screenshot.
  • 1 Screenshot intended for the contest.
  • 1 Screenshot with the [Player ID] overhead.


Other Important Information

  • Entries submitted to places outside the official Contest Entry Form do not qualify.
  • Participants may submit one entry per contest division, giving them a maximum of three entries for the contest.
  • If several entries are submitted to the same contest category, only the last work submitted will count for that category.
  • Entries may not be submitted from the Playstation Vita.
  • Entries published to the official site may include the character's name, the title of the entry, and its description. The description may also be edited under SEGA's discretion.
  • Entries that are against public policy, or that violate copyrights outside of Phantasy Star Online 2 may not qualify for the contest.
  • The copyrights of the entries submitted to the contest will belong to SEGA.
  • Entries may be published to other forms of media, including magazines and such.
  • There may be cases where entries could be deemed unsuitable and removed from publication even after they were posted.

You can check out the rest of the contest rules at the official contest page.


Random Entries in Previous Contests


Example Screenshot contest 3

Screenshot Tips

  • You can press the 「+」 「-」 「/」 「*」 keys to change the zoom and height.
  • You can use the Quick Menu's Camera Selection menu to set up the camera at various angles.
  • Try turning [Blur] off in the Options to take clearer screenshots.
  • You can turn off the interface in screenshots in the Options Menu.
  • In the Chat Window, you can set a command to change your facial expression without the cut-in chat window.
    • Example: /ci2 1 nw s30
    • nw = no window
    • s = number of seconds


Contest Submission Form

Press the big green button at the Contest Page to submit your entry.

 Entrant Information

  • SEGA ID (Already Filled)
  • Email Address
  • Player ID (Numeral)
  • Character Name

Event Submission Details

  • Event Name: (Already Ticked)
  • Category Selection:
    • Swimsuit Division
    • Blue or Green Division
    • Japanese Styles Clothing in Summer Division
  • Entry Title
  • Entry Comment: (Text Entry Form: 200 characters or less)
  • Upload Forms
    • Character Creation Data
    • Contest Screenshot
    • Player ID Screenshot

Press the blue button on the left to submit!

30 thoughts to “PSO2 3rd Anniversary: Maximum Attack [Web Panel Rewards]”

  1. If you look closer at that Costume presentation, the yellow-blue one in the middle appears to HAVE NO PANTIES AT ALL. (Unless it is some "G-string from the chest downwards"-body suit thing.)
    These customs won't be sold under 50 oder 100 Million Meseta.

    1. Are you sure, I can make out a white or blue panties on her. I like how Suzuhito Yasuda's been revealing more leg on his character designs.

  2. I was hoping to see PSO1 costumes? wtf are these shit things they are throwing at me? why should I give a fuck about more whore costumes?

    1. frankly, why would SEGA give a fuck about your PSO1 costumes when those "whore costumes" you speak of brings in more money?

    2. You should go back a few months and watch the first announcement trailer. They ARE bringing back the standard outfits from PSO1 as well.

  3. Last obscene costume was added somewhere before March.
    PSO costumes come in July, altogether with Hunewearl getup that is nothing to write home about, if we speak about chastity.
    Is everything okay guys?

  4. Actually, wish sega added a "imput number of X" or "scratch all your fun" or even "trade all your rares for cubes" options, 1, 10, or fk u seems too rigid, and even if inventory fulls up they can send it to your storage or ask you to keep/discard stuff, the excube one has no excuses however.

    1. "all" would only be useful once you figured out which square had the shop passes for that character during that scratch rotation. though possibly not even then depending on how many tries it would take to figure that out in the first place; you might have so little left that burning 1k at a time would do the job just fine.

      complete agreement about the excube/weapons-to-spheres thing though. if they can fix the "break down items" thing to be as many as you have up to a threshold, there's no reason for those exchanges to not be that way as well.

  5. What is that golden message that just appeared it said "10" Then had a bunch of japanese after that?

  6. You sure that mag isn't something more like Loosher? Because you know… Dark Falz Loser? Herp.

    1. Can't edit comments, but now I'm thinking…
      Are our translators Chinese or something? Literally ANY time there's a name in katakana that has "sh" in it that isn't obviously a loanword, "xi" is used for the translation. Xion and Xiao are fine since they were officially named that by Sega in the ED credits, but… really? Xie? Louxia? Did it not occur to anyone that her name might just be Shii? Or even Sea? Or even simply C? And I already addressed Louxia in my previous post. It just bothers the shit out of me.

    2. No one cares and no one is impressed. Stop trying to show off. Or, you can ask to join the Tweaker team and help translate with all of your "knowledge"…

    3. Whoa, calm the fuck down.
      Dude's got a point, AIDA's team has been consistently doing this. Who says he's trying to impress anyone? Seems like you're antagonizing him for nothing more than pent up frustration at something else.

    4. Whoa, calm the fuck down.
      Dude’s got a point,

      If he's so bothered by the translation then he shouldn't even use the Tweaker in the first place. He didn't even contact the translators to attempt to fix it and ranted here which accomplishes nothing at all.

      And why are you replying to a 3 week old post? You're exaggerating NHISSO's reaction when A NON E-MOOSE's rant is a whole lot more negative.

    5. Oh for god's sake. Everyone is always acting like anyone who says anything negative, even when responding to negativity, are being over the top and/or are freaking out.

      My point was that instead of coming here to complain, ask to join the tweaker team if you think you are a Japanese language expert. As far as me poking a little fun at the OP for trying to show off; I wouldn't have said it if his post wasn't so snooty and pretentious. Couldn't just offer up his corrections, had to act high and mighty.

      How bored are we for being back on this 3 week old post? 😛


    6. Not as bored as me, reading these arguments that I had nothing to do with and trying to figure out who's who from the proxy-chat just to pass the time until the game is back up. I'm guessing that A-NON E-MOOSE is Bobby from gchat.

    7. it probably did occur to them that there could be other ways to spell her name, but japanese transliteration is not a straightforward process. most likely, the translators figured since there were already official named characters with chinese-style names, they could do the same for the names of other characters.

      at the end of the day, it's the choice of the translators for how those names will be spelled.

      if you want a real answer, you could contact AIDA's team directly or even ask AIDA herself in-game.

    8. I don't know what a Louxia is (if it's an item name, then that is done by a team different than the core patch with which I am familiar), but I can comment on the others. Xion was named such because she was a weird mysterious character, and we thought it conveyed that better than "Shion" did. Xiao was named to follow suit. They may also have been named that way internally, I forget.

      Xie…should probably be "Sea" as in "seasonal." At the time she first appeared, the game had seen only one other limited time event, which was headed up by a different unique NPC. We believed that Xie would be a one-timer as well, so we did not make the connection. Given the lack of information, Xie seemed a more interesting name than Sea. By the time it became clear that she would be the recurring seasonal NPC for all events, the name Xie had already stuck, and everyone was calling her that, so we decided against changing it.

      And now you know the rest of the story.

      Oh, and if this is about the DF [Dentist] mag, I'd personally go with "Loosier." Rhymes with "hoosier."

    9. Chill pill brutha. I don't know who does the names but it ain't AIDA's team. It's the tweaker team people i think. They don't talk to the story translators. So don't throw em all under the bus.

  7. Ill admit theres alot of flaws with some english names, but try to keep in mind that jp to english is seldom 100% accurate. That term transliteration, means to take a literal translation to w\e language your translating to.
    The most important thing to remember is those translations are meant for your english-speaking brain. They arent going to make perfect sense to those that actually can speak Japanese.
    On another note, the Npcs in gate lobby and shop area were named after astral bodies, which id why her name aint Sea. Sea is what u get from google translate….something thate wildly innaccurate. Her name is Xie. Get over it or play in vanilla like i do.

    1. and since you're the grand sage who thinks they know everything, can you tell us which astral body is named "xie"?
      or even better, which one is named "dudu" ?


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